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  1. Name: Wyntir Caslin Age: 39 Race: Human Profession: Mercenary Image: Voice: Deadpool Soundtrack: Additional Information: May be an undead. May be. Name: Lohaen Elundel Age: 156 Race: Quel'dorei Profession: Warmage Image: As he appears ingame Voice: Snow (FFXIII-2) Soundtrack:
  2. My skype has been bitch slapping me all day. EIther it hates me, or my computer is in a very complicated relationship with Skype.
  3. I'm up for it if you'll have me. XD
  4. DJ Disrupt

    IRL Pic Thread

    ...... *Gives Dunerat special reward*
  5. It definitely is going to come back to bite us in the ass.
  6. Best event ever. People need to do things like this more often during lore type events. XD