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    Don't think there is one considering the, slayer of incompetent minions ect ect ect is long af
  2. Makeris


    Grand Duke : ^)?
  3. I've found just doing it Friday/Saturday night works perfectly fine tbh. Does anyone here actually (Including myself) do anything weekend nights? And before you answer the rhetorical question, the last two events I had held at like 7-9 PM EST had almost 2 fullraid groups.
  4. Name of Character (Full): Sir Alek Hamilton Name of Character (Ingame) Hamilton Affiliation: House Stahlbrad, Alliance Number of Troops/Type: 50 Knights of the Order of Citrine Raven (Will be reduced to whatever the maximum number allowed is.) Force Placement: Hidden onboard the S.S Tiber
  5. Okay last one I swear, thank you. Stahlbrad Legionnaire <House Stahlbrad> Displayid: (Char name): Stahlfoot Helmet: 1142213 Shoulder: 1142215 Chest: 10146323 Guild Tabard: <Stahlbrad Dead Legion Gloves: 6142218 Belt: 7142217 Pants: 8142214 Boot: 9142210 Weapon: 3138940 Shield: 1139379
  6. Edit to already existing custom NPC: Name: Stahlbrad Knight <House Stahlbrad> Faction: Alliance Items : Head ( 1159178 ) Shoulder (1142215) Back ( 1153561 ) Chest ( 2153329 ) Tabard ( 69209 ) <House Hamilton> guild colors ect. Glove (6142218) Belt (7142217) Legs ( 8153332) Boot ( 9142210) Weapon (7141050)
  7. ((inb4 forum RP, its a letter for everyone to see)) Lord Stahlbrad from his position alongside his men in Westfall, PENS a letter of support and encouragement to the people of Redridge. Copies of such a letter would be distributed throughout the Kingdom, most particular in Redridge. "I would like to first and foremost think the Church of the Holy light for sanctifying this very ground we stand. The construction and repair of this beautiful and sacred place of worship could not be possible without you." He coughed gently, "People of Lakeshire, I know that these times have been trying, I know they have forced us to endure to the very last fiber of our being, but I assure you that with faith comes perseverance. If you believe, you will survive. If you believe, Redridge will survive, if believe, we -ALL- survive. There is no more powerful of a force than that of belief. It encourages others into action, throws heroes into the fray, and for those who can not fight?- It will fill you with the courage to endure the hardship. This charge may have been burned to his very foundation, yet you - The people still remain. As long as there are the faithful, the faith will survive. We exist to protect a palace, and it is that balance like Redridge we must protect!"
  8. Now if we made every important lore event to this scale, I think we could make Paragon great again.
  9. It's looking like the time for the event is going to be 6pm Server, AKA 7pm EST
  10. tfw more people actually involved voted for saturday
  11. This. I waited an entire summer for this event, lmao. oh well
  12. I know it's selfish, but I would very much like to be made happy in this regard.
  13. It can't be Friday from 3-7, otherwise no-go, but I would really prefer to attend something I helped start.