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  1. Ohmy. I'd hope to manage to attend this. Very interested.
  2. If there's ghost/wraith/spectre/ Mogu, you can make a fleshy undead Mogu, I'd say. There's an obvious difference, sure, but if the spirit can be turned undead, I don't see why the body can't be turned undead, in simple logic terms.
  3. Funny question. I gave it a few minutes of thought: Mogu: I don't see why. Pretty sure there are Mogu spirits in Pandaria. Saurok: Same as Mogu, can't see why. Jinyu: Once again, don't see why. Tol'vir: Actually unsure on this one. I'd be willing to say 'yes'. Pygmy: Yeah. Naga: Why not. EDIT: There exists at least one case of this happening. Dryads: I actually think no in this case. Being Cenarius's daughters and all. Ogron: Why not. Arakkoa: Why not. Hozen: Why not. Virmen: .. Why not.
  4. is... is that xii? probably, idk. looks like a total fag to me.
  5. Since I joined your first event, I'll hopefully manage to hop into this as well. Time to bash some orc skulls.
  6. Made my day tbh. Don't sadly have much to add to the topic - I think it's fine as it is, and if something should be done, It should be to make sure things like troop upkeep are accounted for at all times. Which I'm pretty sure is already being done. I think. I don't know. I HOPE.
  7. It's probably something along the lines of a pyramid scheme mixed with a cult that might not have the intention of getting a singular person completely rich and swimming in gold while getting more people to pay for something that might be overpriced. Seriously speaking, it's that. And don't take the tiers for face-value. I'm not expecting anyone to pay 1.000.000 gold for anything. Don't take my word for it, though. All in all, though, this guild page is an advertising pamphlet. Found in Booty Bay mainly. For now. Targeting everyone and anyone looking for a miracle cure into all their problems. What can you be expecting RP-wise? Why, becoming a healthy user of Thinkologyâ„¢ of course! And probably not someone with no money in their pockets or at a worst case scenario, member of a cult that's only reason for existence is to make a profit.
  8. I'd say the post answers that if you read with enough attention. But since you asked - A religion. Sort of. A business. Sort of. A single-goblin handled non-non-profit organization that works to heal individuals from their ''BAD-Energy'' and guarantee a better life. But you most certainly need to buy the Beginner's Guide for further information!
  9. OOC-wise, this was a great stupid idea I had. Contact me on a PM if you got some interest and the like.
  10. Church of Thinkology Have you ever felt like life is just kickin' you in the head, and you're getting no pay out of it? Have you felt like problems just keep pilin' up, and you're about to explode in the head like a barrel o' gunpowder? You got all types of sadness, lots of other mental issue thingies, and you're finding no way to solve it? Friends got the same problems, Holy Light n' stuff isn't just cutting it, and issues in your life - in the world - keep you down, all the time?! Are you sick of feeling like that? Sick of havin' all types of thingies and such keeping you down?!! DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER! Thinkologyâ„¢ is here to help! Developed with an extensive study into the .. Cosmos thing and all that, and the mind of numerous different creatures, especially Murlocs, I have unlocked the SECRETS that no one has ever told ye'! Secrets that will set you free from your bad thoughts and all negativity emotion juices. Don't believe me? Then come along and test out my methods! For a very cheap, very good price, with an almost guaranteed results for everyone! Horde, Alliance, Gnome, Dragon! Everyone! But wait. Who am I, you ask! Why should you trust me? .. Well! You should! I am Donix Fuseblast, the creator of Thinkologyâ„¢ and I promise to make your life better! The Church of Thinkology is a non-non profit organization that I've created - Employing for now myself, but! Everyone whom wishes to help to make the uh, world, Azeroth, whatever, a better place should join up, pay up for the first courses into Thinkologyâ„¢ and start working on becoming a more healthy, better person! It might seem costly, but you got my Fuseblast Wordâ„¢ that all costs go to expenses the Church provides - like, uh, salary! For me! And all types of tech-devices-things I need to give YOU a better service! - But what are ye' gettin' from the Church? What are we (me) offerin' ye? Unlike everyone else workin' on providing types of faiths, like that uh, church of Light thing, or these cults of demons and Twilight, or these types of sciences and brain-tinkers and all, I've discovered the true reason for all the bad in the world! Yes, you've heard it first from Donix Fuseblast: The true, terrible reason for sufferin' going around, for you having all those horrible issues, bad salary, all that .. It is due to .. BAD-ENERGY BAD-energyâ„¢(Brain Autopilot Disturbance) is the reason for everything not-good that has happened to everyone in the world. You've heard it first from me, and you won't hear it twice! It is due to the disturbance caused by BAD-Energy in your mind in the uh, coallexis oppulixus, that creates a dark energy cloud of 103% that, negates the effects of, um, melliaxus nexus, which in turn creates GOOD-Energy. Do you want to have some GOOD-energy flow within you again? Do you want to get all that BAD-energy out of your system? Don't look any further, don't go asking for help anywhere else, only Donix Fuseblast can help you out! Joining up to Thinkology? No need to think twice, ladies and gentlemen! Join now, and do the perhaps best decision you've ever done in your life! By joining into the Church of Thinkology, you are not only helping out yourself - But with your help, the miracle which Thinkology offers can be spread to the entire world! Ain't that good sounding? I know, right?! Best deal EVER! To make sure that the miracle treatments that the Church of Thinkology can provide to EVERYONE - We're asking for everyone wishing to take part to pay up a bit of coin. WORRY not! With our modest and well-designed pricing plan, you'll only be paying little for the first courses, and a bit more for the longer courses! All done in your journey to cleanse your body and mind completely from BAD-energies! Every course below the above course is a MUST HAVE. No skipping courses! Check down below for our prices, and read further below for more! And remember, this advertisement pamphlet is completely FREE! Additionally, to help with your time within the Church of Thinkology, consider buying one of these products to further your knowledge in removing the BAD-energies, and enjoying your life with all the GOOD-energies flourishing your mind! Note, all products are to be purchased from the Church headquarters in Booty Bay. No refunds or product exchanging. No customer satisfactory guarantee. No quality guarantee. No safety guarantee. No guarantee of a guarantee for anything you might be looking for: At the current time, the Church of Thinkology does not have a proper 'church' to operate within - As such, people coming to seek out the super cheap and super effective work of Donix Fuseblast and his Thinkologyâ„¢ should seek him out in Booty Bay's lower levels! So, get moving, and bring your wallet! A discount goes for the first ten whom buy all three first courses, and remember to attend loyally! Note: Discount does not apply to groups, families, or rich individuals.
  11. You might want to try and edit the formatting a little bit. The heavy use of purple - though i'm no one to talk with my eye-killing white - for example might be a bit too much. Not to mention the red at the beginning. And the text kind of feels like it is just smashed together, and there isn't enough spaces between them. Other than that, though, simply making it more 'pleasant for the eye' and presentable could be worth your time. Adding a few pictures, perhaps, and as a suggestion, using a set of colors for each part of a text. Purple for titles, grey for further information. As an example.. Could be turned into something like this, for example: General Information We will accept all the Horde races, organizing them where they better fit inside the Academy. We will not accept fel magic wielders such as warlocks and other classes aligned with such magic. We can accept one death knight to occupy the Instructor post, but only. The Arcanists will be magis, and we will try to occupy this post with blood elven magi, if possible. The Apothecaries will be Forsaken, but we will not work with the New Plague. As for the other ranks, they can be occupied with any other of the races cited above. The initial members will try to have a meeting with the authorities of Undercity for further approval and to gain permission to construct the academy in Tirisfal Glades, maybe in Silverpine. Just a suggestion, though, and by no means should you take my small criticism of the formatting / style of the page to be an attack onto you or your idea. It is a personal opinion, but I feel seeing someone having spent a while working on a guild page, other than the text within it, shows a lot of dedication and a creative mind regarding the project. But aye - good luck with the guild, nonetheless.
  12. Alright, people! Firstly, all spots have been taken, meaning the entire crew has been gathered. Secondly, and most importantly - I'll start planning on the first event. I'd be > more than happy < If people posted their suggestions on when we'll hold the event, and I'll try to find a perfect time for everyone. I'll also be privately talking to you all. However - My own times are rather limited, now that i'm working again, and as such: I'll be able to DM on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  13. Extremely biased support, since I already play a character part of all this. Hope to see this idea grow.
  14. The event chain concluded - A few days ago - Now, I'll be sorting out rewards and writing a post about the aftermath. If everyone whom participated would state the name of their character, and how many events/days they took part in, I'd appreciate.