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  1. Ohmy. I'd hope to manage to attend this. Very interested.
  2. is... is that xii? probably, idk. looks like a total fag to me.
  3. Since I joined your first event, I'll hopefully manage to hop into this as well. Time to bash some orc skulls.
  4. actually kinda on the server, huh.

  5. not really on the server, rip

  6. Back-ish on the server. Kinda. Ish.

  7. Taking a break from Paragon - Forum stalking from time to time. I

  8. Alright, people! Firstly, all spots have been taken, meaning the entire crew has been gathered. Secondly, and most importantly - I'll start planning on the first event. I'd be > more than happy < If people posted their suggestions on when we'll hold the event, and I'll try to find a perfect time for everyone. I'll also be privately talking to you all. However - My own times are rather limited, now that i'm working again, and as such: I'll be able to DM on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  9. The event chain concluded - A few days ago - Now, I'll be sorting out rewards and writing a post about the aftermath. If everyone whom participated would state the name of their character, and how many events/days they took part in, I'd appreciate.
  10. Now that i'm no longer down with the sickness, I'll be working on holding this event on the intended day - However, later time. 2PM server time, on Saturday.
  11. Firstly, both The Tank and Mastermind have been chosen. Apologies to everyone who didn't get picked for the positions - I gave it a lot of thought, and ultimately had to decide at some point. Secondly, Sula will remain in the position of The Rogue. Thirdly, with both of those things said - Only 'The Scout' position is currently free. After I've wrapped up 'Three Days of War' - I'll be proceeding with this event. Be patient, thank you! - If someone decides that they do not wish to attend the event, do say now. While it may become difficult, considering time zones, the event chain is meant to be a 'group' thing. To translate, It'll be for the same group - The crew - With hopefully no one dropping out mid-way. I'll try to fit my own schedule with everyone's, so that we may have the whole Crew attend. Might mean I need to either wake up early or go to sleep extra late. Hopefully not, though. We'll see! I thank you everyone for their interest in the event chain. I've been planning it for quite some time, but finally managed to get the motivation back into doing it. I hope, and will try, to make it a blast!
  12. Those whom have applied for a role which hasn't been taken - Apologies for the wait. I'll choose who will get to join today.
  13. Sorry everyone, but I have a bit of a fever, and lack the energy to hold the event. Will be moving it for the next weekend, unfortunately
  14. Basically means someone is going to get little sleep and someone will need to get up earlier than usual. As for who've applied, there'a currently more than once person after same spot(s). I'll take some time to decide whom I pick! Thread updated, Demolisher is now chosen. Edit: Infiltrator as well. Edit: All spots except for the Scout have applicants i'm picking through. If you want to have a secure bet in joining, we could use the Scout! However, If you wish to try and apply for the other, vacant spots and think you have a character for it, won't stop you.