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  1. *GOSSIP FROM THE MORNING OF 4/23* It would seem the Sin'dorei left in a hurry in the middle of the evening last night. Its captain and crew hurriedly prepared the sails and turned her about, sailing out of the harbor with no regard for the tides. It is said that the Magisters onboard made their own wind as the vessel was steered about and picked up speed, sailing away in a rush.
  2. Stop derailing my thread. NOW YOU'RE BOTH MUTED. Anyone else wanna be a hero?
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You're muted. Anyone else want to join the discussion?
  4. Paragon is the Dark Souls of Private WoW RP Servers. Discuss.
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    My next character

    Lonny and Malfeburger, please.
  6. This picture makes me cringe because he's putting RIFLED BULLETS into a MATCHLOCK MUSKET. Also 1) Rogue 2) Shadow Priest 3) Blademaster
  7. Whisper me in-game or PM me on the forums.
  8. Thanks, I thought I would use the template we're given for operations we write up at my school ( I go to military college). It is. Thanks again for the mortar, it's been of great use. Also, these forces aren't asociated with the Sin'dorei government, it's a privately funded force.
  9. OPERATION ORDER OPERATION RED HARVEST ORIENTATION The Iron Myrmidons have received orders to take the long way back to base and kill as many humans as they can on the way. The Myrmidon scouting corps discovered a small farming village named Greenwheat Village nestled right by the north pass of the Arathi Highlands, and command has issued the orders to prepare for an assault. The Iron Myrmidons, now ready to march to battle, will overtake the village and leave with as few casualties as possible. Time of Operation: Sunday, 6 September, 1200 Server Time Weather Considerations: Fair. Little to no clouds. SITUATION Enemy Forces: Composition Disposition and Strength The enemy is believed to be composed of simple farmers and a light, untrained squad-sized militia. Capabilities and Limitations: The enemy does not have the ability to attack. The enemy has the ability to defend up to a squad-sized element, if they do so they will fortify the homes and conduct geurilla style warfare. The enemy does not have the ability to delay. The enemy has the ability to reinforce up to a platoon sized element; if they do so, they draw from nearby Alliance camps. The enemy has the ability to withdraw. If they do so, they will flee the village quickly. Enemies most likely course of action: The enemy will attempt to fight back but end up fleeing at the overwhelmingly large force they face. It's possible some may send for help from the nearby Alliance encampments. Friendly Forces Infantry (25x) Archers (15x) Magi (10x) Agents (5x) Healers (5x) Mortar (1x) MISSION On Order, the Iron Myrmidons will encircle the village as quietly as possible and then proceed to assault. Tasks: Infantry will assault the village by moving under command of their platoon leaders to overrun the enemy and kill as many as possible. Auxiliary will assault the hostile forces attempting to flee and keep watch for any enemy reinforcements. Mortar Team will barrage hostile homes. Execution Commanders Intent: To kill all the inhabitants and leave in as fast a time as possible. Enemies Key Strength: Possible reinforcements. Enemies Key Weakness: They are likely untrained and untested farmers. Exploitation plan: Create chaos and fear so that the enemy will lose heart and be easier to pick off. End State: The village is cleared of hostiles and all Myrmidon forces have exited the area and formed up safely within the mountain pass. Starting Location: The mountain pass between The Hinterlands and The Arathi Highlands. Scheme of Maneuver: Friendly forces will move in loose-formation within squads and position themselves in various locations surrounding the village prior to assault. Rules of Engagement: All hostile forces are KoS. Alliance civilians are KoS. At no time will the rules of engagement keep you from defending yourself. Hostile officers are KoS. ADMIN & LOGISTICS Casualties will be treated by first aid, then the healing corps. COMMAND & SIGNAL A. Command: Location of Command: Command will be located past the tree-line just north of the village. Succession of Command: Dalari Sin’diel Jellaen Sunstrike B. Signal Messages will be delivered by runners between units. END OPERATIONS ORDER Forward Commander Dalari Sin’diel Commander, Iron Myrmidons 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment. ---- OOC Information: This event is for members of the Iron Myrmidons. RSVP here if you will be attending. The event will be at 1200 on Sunday the 6th. If you wish to join before the event, contact myself or Bradley for more details. No, Greenwheat Village is not a village that actually exists. I made it up for the event as there is such a thing as a non-lore village.
  10. Brb joining as Dalari.
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    This post made my morning. Cold is my spirit animal.