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  1. Below are a list of now public ship locations you can teleport to if you want to RP on a ship in the open seas. Horde Ship - .t HordeShip Pirate Ship - .t PirateShip Alliance Ship - .t AllyShip Blood Elf Ship - .t BEShip
  2. It also just makes more sense for them to have been around beforehand. The entire idea around Spell-Breakers is that they understand Arcane so deeply that they can dismantle and bend it to their will. Their knowledge is known to have come from secrets that are possibly the most well-kept in Sin'dorei society. It wouldn't make sense for the techniques to suddenly be developed once the Sunwell was destroyed. It's possible that the ORDER was only made afterwards, meaning the techniques and the idea of a Spell-Breaker was still around, but in a different form. It just doesn't make sense to me that they just popped into existence afterwards, assuming everyone already knew the secrets by then so they could recruit from the populace. Perhaps they were still around beforehand, but not organized in the same order -- though it's never stated that he just established the order, it just appeared as something that can be used.
  3. I'm not going to treat that as canon because it's a tweet, whereas we have an entire precursor game that says otherwise. If someone wants to debate me, I'd be ok with that, but I'm not going to change my stance on lore based on something said in 7 words on twitter. Thank you for the submission and interest, however. I want to clarify that I don't mean to come off as angry, as that's not what I am. I'm just standing firm in what I wrote.
  4. please download this so you can see my characters glaive thank you
  5. hey how do i get to facebook?

  6. I didn't say I wasn't going to put it in the guide, I rather meant that I personally don't think it should be on Paragon. Thank you for clarifying, though, and I will edit the guide to reflect that.
  7. Hopefully finished, now in the Guides section.
  8. If you've got anything to dispute, any questions, or any additions, feel free to comment or PM me. Section One - Background 1) Class background No one quite knows the origin of the Spell-Breakers (in part due to Blizzard's attention being elsewhere), but it is assumed that they originated thousands of years ago with the Quel'dorei. They are believed to be the pinnacle of the Quel'dorei's (and now Sin'dorei's) magical knowledge, as their knowledge of the inner workings of Arcane are a very closely-guarded secret. The Spell-Breaker Order, however, was only an active organization until Kael'thas and the Burning Legion invaded the Isle of Quel'danas, their home base, and killed almost all of them. For years the order would be defunct, the few surviving Spell-Breakers either choosing to continue their traditions separately, or finding jobs elsewhere in Sin'dorei society (this is where your character comes in, as that's what player-character Spell-Breakers do). Until Lor'themar ordered the revitalization of the Spell-Breakers during the Mists of Pandaria expansion, no new Spell-Breakers were officially trained unless in an unofficial capacity by one of the surviving members of the order. 2) Character backgrounds A player who chooses to make a Spell-Breaker character can go about doing so in many ways, but there are a few pieces of lore that almost certainly need to be included in your history. The first is the character's Spell-Breaker training (it may seem obvious but some people think it can just be inferred that it was in there somewhere). You obviously don't need to know all of the details of the training, as we don't even know most of it by reading the lore, but some semblance of understanding of the class and its abilities/training should be included in your history. The second event is the corruption/destruction of the Sunwell. As with every Thalassian character (Quel'dorei or Sin'dorei), this needs to be included. Though your Spell-Breaker does not necessarily need to be a Sin'dorei (see Seeker's character Rah'Thelion, you need to come up with where they were during this cataclysmic event in Thalassian history, and how they were effected. If your character is a Quel'dorei, they need to show their will-power and restraint in abstaining from Fel, and how they split off from Kael'thas before everything went crazy. If your character is a Sin'dorei, you can show how they struggled with the decision (or drank Fel willingly), but mention how it played into their job as a Spell-Breaker and how they helped their people through the difficult time. Section Two - Common (Or Uncommon) Misconceptions 1) Magic immunity Spell-Breakers are not immune to any form of magic, arcane or otherwise. But Castus, the Warcraft RPG -- Spell-Breakers are not immune to any form of magic. But Castus, this unit description in Warcraft 3 -- Spell-Breakers are not immune to any form of magic. But wait, what about certain -- Spell-Breakers are not immune to any form of magic. What if I -- No. 2) That they eat mages I'm not quite sure where this thought originated, but I have actually been asked this a couple of times so I thought I would address it. No, Spell-Breakers do not consume the lifeforce of a mage by 'Spell-Breaking them' (whatever that is). They are also not cannibals, though a Troll ear every now and then can be good for the heart. 3) That they are celibate to arcane This is a controversial one, but it's now a part of the server so it needs to be in here: Spell-Breakers do not abstain from the use or consumption of Arcane. This was a piece of the Warcraft RPG that had been adopted on the server for a long time and, until the server no longer accepted the RPG as a source (it never really did for most things anyway), this idea was profligated by any person playing or interacting with Spell-Breakers (myself included). While Spell-Breakers do have an extremely in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Arcane magic, they do not simply make it disappear or control it without using it themselves. In short, you can use spells and stuff now. 4) That they can affect non-Arcane forms of magic (druidism, the Light, anything that isn't Arcane) Spell-Breakers are only knowledgeable against Arcane magic. Think Dalaran, if you want an example. For examples of something a Spell-Breaker cannot control with his/her abilities, think of a Druid. Section Three - Actual Abilities 1) Spellshield The Spell-Breaker spins his/her glaive to create a sort of anti-spell barrier around him/herself. Depending on the skill of the Spell-Breaker, the shield could either dissipate the attack or reflect it, though it would be extremely difficult to control where the spell was deflected to and could possibly harm the Spell-Breaker or allies. 2) Spellsteal Depending on how powerful the Spell-Breaker is, they can attempt to not just control or destroy a hostile spell, but steal it and use it back on them during the fight. You don't get to keep the spell for use later and it's pretty much only got one use until you forget it, so use it quickly and wisely. That's basically what this is, not much else to it. 3) De-constructing spells Spell-Breakers are not simply accomplished with Arcane, they understand it so deeply that they can see the way a spell works and disassemble it as it is/after it is cast. Again, your ability to do this is all based on the strength, experience, and accomplishments of your character. 4) Feedback This one is a fun one, as the more powerful your arcane opponent is, the better off you are. While it's based on your own ability as well, Feedback allows the Spell-Breaker to drain the targeted mage's mana while simultaneously causing immense physical pain, to be felt in their very core. The more mana that the mage has, the more you can drain and so with each hit (or if they let you stand there next to them and lay hands on them) they will feel more empty and agonized. 5) Dispel magic The ability to dispel/break arcane enchantments, illusions and whatnot. Simple as that. 6) Control spell Just like it sounds, your Spell-Breaker can control a targeted spell. Someone casts a fireball at you? You can change its course. An illusion is being cast? Change what it looks like. 7) Sense magic Pretty self-explanatory and obvious but it should still be here, Spell-Breakers can sense the active or passive use of arcane and other magical auras. Some very experienced ones may even be able to discern between other types of magical auras, such as Fel and voodoo. Section Four - Weapons and Armor 1) Glaives The Spell-Breaker glaive is a powerful, enchanted weapon that the character would have trained with and spent nearly every moment with from the beginning of their Spell-Breaker training. The Spell-Breaker glaive can have many different enchantments and powers depending on what you do with your Spell-Breaker, but the standard glaives have the ability to boomerang back to your character when thrown, are extremely sharp, and can deflect offensive magic when used properly (see Spellshield) 2) Shields The standard Spell-Breaker shield that everyone sees is a tower-shield. Not much is known about the enchantments on it, but you are allowed to have it in many varying sizes depending on your character what they would logically carry. 3) Non-conventional tactics Because this is Paragon and people like to get creative (myself included), most of the Spell-Breakers on the server are an unconventional blend of tactics and proficiencies that are not normally attributed to Spell-Breakers. For example, my own Spell-Breaker Dalari ( is both a Spell-Breaker, and an Agent of Silvermoon (a rogue). Though this application is old and some of the lore in it is no longer valid (as we aren't relying on the RPG anymore), it still stands as an example of something different that you can do with your Spell-Breaker, in addition to showing a background that may be varied from the standard just a Spell-Breaker story. Section Five - Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei In case you glossed over the history, both of these are a viable option. Section Six - Summary of What NOT To Do 1) Say that you are magic immune Spell-Breakers are not immune to magic in any form. 2) Stupidly sacrifice your character for the sake of RP In case you glossed over the history, Spell-Breakers are a class that does not have many members. As such, the surviving Spell-Breakers are probably both a) good at surviving and b) not going to throw their lives away just because. Do not attend an event that you don't think your character would be at just for the sake of being able to pay them. This is a valuable character, and getting them killed just because you saw there was RP in Elwynn that afternoon shows that you don't have an understanding of where this character would logically be.
  9. Whisper me in-game or PM me on the forums.
  10. Thanks, I thought I would use the template we're given for operations we write up at my school ( I go to military college). It is. Thanks again for the mortar, it's been of great use. Also, these forces aren't asociated with the Sin'dorei government, it's a privately funded force.
  11. OPERATION ORDER OPERATION RED HARVEST ORIENTATION The Iron Myrmidons have received orders to take the long way back to base and kill as many humans as they can on the way. The Myrmidon scouting corps discovered a small farming village named Greenwheat Village nestled right by the north pass of the Arathi Highlands, and command has issued the orders to prepare for an assault. The Iron Myrmidons, now ready to march to battle, will overtake the village and leave with as few casualties as possible. Time of Operation: Sunday, 6 September, 1200 Server Time Weather Considerations: Fair. Little to no clouds. SITUATION Enemy Forces: Composition Disposition and Strength The enemy is believed to be composed of simple farmers and a light, untrained squad-sized militia. Capabilities and Limitations: The enemy does not have the ability to attack. The enemy has the ability to defend up to a squad-sized element, if they do so they will fortify the homes and conduct geurilla style warfare. The enemy does not have the ability to delay. The enemy has the ability to reinforce up to a platoon sized element; if they do so, they draw from nearby Alliance camps. The enemy has the ability to withdraw. If they do so, they will flee the village quickly. Enemies most likely course of action: The enemy will attempt to fight back but end up fleeing at the overwhelmingly large force they face. It's possible some may send for help from the nearby Alliance encampments. Friendly Forces Infantry (25x) Archers (15x) Magi (10x) Agents (5x) Healers (5x) Mortar (1x) MISSION On Order, the Iron Myrmidons will encircle the village as quietly as possible and then proceed to assault. Tasks: Infantry will assault the village by moving under command of their platoon leaders to overrun the enemy and kill as many as possible. Auxiliary will assault the hostile forces attempting to flee and keep watch for any enemy reinforcements. Mortar Team will barrage hostile homes. Execution Commanders Intent: To kill all the inhabitants and leave in as fast a time as possible. Enemies Key Strength: Possible reinforcements. Enemies Key Weakness: They are likely untrained and untested farmers. Exploitation plan: Create chaos and fear so that the enemy will lose heart and be easier to pick off. End State: The village is cleared of hostiles and all Myrmidon forces have exited the area and formed up safely within the mountain pass. Starting Location: The mountain pass between The Hinterlands and The Arathi Highlands. Scheme of Maneuver: Friendly forces will move in loose-formation within squads and position themselves in various locations surrounding the village prior to assault. Rules of Engagement: All hostile forces are KoS. Alliance civilians are KoS. At no time will the rules of engagement keep you from defending yourself. Hostile officers are KoS. ADMIN & LOGISTICS Casualties will be treated by first aid, then the healing corps. COMMAND & SIGNAL A. Command: Location of Command: Command will be located past the tree-line just north of the village. Succession of Command: Dalari Sin'diel Jellaen Sunstrike B. Signal Messages will be delivered by runners between units. END OPERATIONS ORDER Forward Commander Dalari Sin'diel Commander, Iron Myrmidons 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment. ---- OOC Information: This event is for members of the Iron Myrmidons. RSVP here if you will be attending. The event will be at 1200 on Sunday the 6th. If you wish to join before the event, contact myself or Bradley for more details. No, Greenwheat Village is not a village that actually exists. I made it up for the event as there is such a thing as a non-lore village.
  12. I'd rather it be friday so I can attend, but you've already got it set. Have fun!
  13. Thanks for a great first leg of the event. You were a superstar under the pressure of constant crashes, Crystal Maiden.
  14. Castus

    Tol Barad

    Please make this later. I have ideas I want to present but I can't make that time. I'm asking only two and a half hours later so... 6:30 PM GMT. Either change it or give me the Skype of someone who will fill in for me so I can tell them my idea. -------- EDIT: Resolved