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  1. Upon returning to the Army after the death of his son, Sergeant Major James Griffith II was, once again, station in Duskwood. With the help of Argent Crusader Rolan Davies and his men, built a small outpost at Beggar's Haunt and reinforced its defenses. While initially the Crown sole representation in the province during this trying time, with the arrival of Commander Bradley, Griffith has fallen under his direct command. The Ashemane pack, long standing allies to Darkshire, has also answered the call, providing intel to the gathered forces. Kagat'ar himself is called away, leaving his Worgen under Griffith's command.
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    Someone should probably add it to this list in the character applications sub forum then. Had no idea there was any similarity between the rpg Rune Knight and the Runesworn at all.
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    Oh? I looked through the classes and races list under character applications to see what all has been added and I did not see it. I'll check again, but if I'm not able to find it (I'll add an edit if I do), would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Ps. Nice to see you're still here! Edit: Okay I looked up Rune Knight, and after going as far back as my Rune Knight application from 2016, I have not been able to find anything about Rune Knights being accepted on Paragon again :(
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    Sup nerds! Some of you might remember me from our Rp, or even just my posts and comments on the forums throughout the years. I've been a member since 2014, and my characters have can be found in my signature below, most notably Griffith, who garnered a nice reputation during my time. I also lead the Vrykul clan based in the Wetlands for some time before it was handed over to another player after my departure from the server. I've been considering getting back into Paragon again, though before I do so I would like to hear a bit about what's been going on as of late. For example, if I was to resume Griffith, a Sergeant Major of the Stormwind Infantry Corps, what characters would be reasonable for me to at least know by reputation? A quick run-down of the current characters I would likely resume: Lord James Griffith II: A Lesser Noble in Elwynn Forest, and Sergeant Major of the Stormwind Infantry Corps. A STORMWINDIAN Worgan (not to be confused with Gilnean), Griffith owns and runs a farm north of Azura Tower with his wife and parents. They produce apples that they sell to fruit vendors and breweries throughout the kingdom. He lead the investigation into the Redridge Slasher, aided in uncovering, and subsequently eliminating, a bandit organization known as the Red Dawn in Duskwood and Westfall, and most notably, aided in the defense of Redridge during the Demonic Invasion several years ago (those who were present, and those might have had reason to hear about it might recall a VERY large, very furious Worgen literally rip a Terroguard in half and hacking a Doomguard to death with it's own sword, before jumping onto the back of an Annihilan aka Pit Lord). Kelsandr Starblade: Kelsandr, a Queldo'ri, hasn't achieved much in the same way as Griffith, but he does own and operate a neutral tavern in Winterspring. Kagat'ar Moonwalker: Character background can be found by clicking on his name in my signature, so I will keep brief. Kagat'ar leads the Ashmane Pack in Dusckwood as it's alpha from within Grey Manor. The Ashmane are known throughout the province to be allies with the Night's Watch, having come to their aid on many occasions, as well as aiding Darkshire with ridding a threat that had risen from the nearby cemetery (was an event from years ago that I cant recall too much from, but it was this event that saw the Ashmane become allies with the Night's Watch, which was overseen by the DM). OOC: Kagat'ar was created in 2014 and had already been approved for Rune Knight by the time the class was removed from the server, so any references to Rune Knights and their abilities/requirements within his background are considered retconned, so please refrain from bringing them up. I simply have not gotten around to removing them. Vorakk Bonemaw: Vorakk is an old Orc with a long history (which I apparently never uploaded to his profile) fighting for the Horde. He fought in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wars, as well as against the Lich King's forces in Northrend. Since that time he has traveled the world, making new friends, allies, and enemies. Most recently he was part of the Red Valley Renegades, though that did not last long (OOC I left the server, but IC he doesn't like to stay in one place for too long). He is a highly skilled warrior, his closest friend as of now is his wyvern Skytalon, and is an excellent shot with a rifle. He's also a huge fan of motorcycles, and even had his own for some time.
  5. Run. Run away and never return. JK welcome
  6. Thanks bud! I plan on having an event for Griffith (I decided to scrap my new concept and work it into Griffith). Just need to find a good day where I don't work a good 25 hours xD
  7. So I know I posted a few months ago saying I was back 'half-way', but now I am back all the way! I FINALLY got myself a new laptop. Instead of my 8 year old potato, I at last have something that can handle even basic things like turning on.. For those of you that know me: Expect me on from time to time (I work a lot so I still don't have too much time to get on). I MIGHT be returning with Griffith, though I have not yet fully decided. Working on a new concept at the moment so I shall see where this one takes me. Looking forward to getting back into RP with my peeps, and getting to know some of the newer members of the community. Also looking forward to making Starwind Tavern a thing again.
  8. What aspects of adding color and all that are you finding difficult, and what program are you using? I use Photoshop. If I need a specific color, like a skin tone, I just search Google for some good ones that match what I'm looking for. The rest would just be trial and error to see what looks best. Shading would be the same, just keep trying until you find something that looks good.
  9. Would you mind if I gave it a go?
  10. I really like this one. Have you considered taking them into Photoshop and giving it a whirl? I'm curious to see what these might look like with some color and proper shading!
  11. Here is a very realistic reference of James Griffith II as seen on my potato.
  12. Time to post some more stuff I've been working on. Photo of Imperius from Diablo that I edited. Werewolf photo I edited. Reference photo for Kagat'ar. Le Mark of J3loodT4lon lol Another edit. I colored this by hand using rayons, then applied like 5 filters.. Friend painted this on a canvas, then I took a photo and edited it. Did this one myself, not counting the photos of the sun and moon I used from Google. This is my baby <3 I drew the landmasses by hand on sketch paper, then took photos of them with my phone. I worked my magic in Photoshop and this is what came out.
  13. The Griffith Post I created this one myself in HeroMachine 3, then photoshopped it. Someone is making this one for me. Got a colored one around here somewhere.. Here we go. She's almost finished with it.
  14. Oh ye, bout to post some more! FM-218 'KING'. Made in HeroMachine 3. Took it into photoshop and played around with filters. FM-217 'KNIGHT'. Same as KING. RS-723 'OPPRESSOR'. Same as KING. Kathos. Same as the others. Added shading. Shadow Demon. I'm sure y'all can guess lol
  15. Titanfall pilot desynchronizing