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  1. Shelved due to no builders pretty much. Its an open idea however for anyone who wanna work on this idea though.
  2. Be well Alune Hope to see you back one day!
  3. Blurgi


    Rune knights are a thing again yes, under runesworn. There is also the Class Guide under character applications which showcase some of the other rpg thingies brought back
  4. Blurgi

    Queue intro music

    I think I recall you, though don't believe we ever did some roles. Hope you will enjoy your stay, and welcome back.
  5. Seems like a decent system The only thing to point out is the gold amount since that could vary heavily upon the context of the mission, but that is perhaps better to "give as reward" on Mercenary Player events.
  6. I like the Idea of Suramar remaining neutral, yet aiding the Horde in a similar vain as to how Ratchet aids the Horde. Imo, the only singular race of either faction that is banned from entering Suramar would be the Kaldorei for the actions of their leaders, whilst they would keep an exceptionally close connection to the Sindorei since the Shaldorei and the Sindorei are so similar. In terms of how they aid the horde? Simple, they'll work by trading with different races etc, but most of the information they get. They will relay back to the Horde through the Sin'dorei, and will aid them in fights too, as mentioned above. Suramar will be "neutral", but will have a more horde favoured pose. Most "high class" alliance personal could be expected being shadowed or watched.
  7. Blurgi

    Leaving the DM Team

    Afraid this thread will be locked. All it does atm is go around in circles, and fuel anger from all sides. Be good to each other, lessons have been learned and now we look to the future of how it will go.
  8. Blurgi

    Leaving the DM Team

    Just lightly commenting. I am sad to see you go Cagi, and I hope you will be well. On the Topic of why I couldn't take up the position, currently dealing with IRL and trying to figure out how my next few months / year will look, along with thoughts of stepping down as well, to be a dm again. Though with these new changes I believe I will stick to the Mod Team and try to help work this through. I believe none of us should be standing on pedestals or be above each other, and instead work together in order to make paragon a better roleplaying enviroment. There are definitely lessons to be learned from this discussion and lessons that will be taken up.
  9. Our interests change all the time, so worry not Sif. You are always welcome to be around.
  10. Poor Garrosh. In any case, kinda what I feared they'd say.
  11. Duke Egon Keiramont: Finished construction of a second Mage Guild Tower (To train more Stormwind Mages) and finished construction for a new home for Wildhammers near the mountains and hills of his keep for additional training of Alliance Gryphons, and a place to raise them. (OOCly constructed and finished, but ICly they haven't been built and won't be built unless a Builder or another person really wants to expand on his stuff.) Velona Bay: Seeking out to the seas on her new ship, seeking to find a new place to build a Harbour for the Steamwheedle Cartel. Still seeking allies to help her in this endeavour.
  12. It saddens me to hear this, and I hope you will have a better time, where ever you go Blaine. Please be well.
  13. Hello there Viari hope you are doing well. Most folk are online during the event times as usual but some rpes happen in Redridge lately if I recall. We are currently on Argus like sage said. Kind Regards Skohtea