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  1. Ahem... This looks good, I hope I will be able to participate.
  2. Scottie. I’m here to confess my love for you.


    I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, some days after your death in what was the most bizarre case of a duck drowning a human being. I say the most bizarre case because, as we all know, you’re danish. Danes have, on average, enough upper body strength to wrestle three ducks into submission, but I know not why or how, this duck managed to not only gain the upper hand but also utterly annihilate you.


    The question that burns at the forefront of all of our minds is why, Scottie? Why did you allow this duck to defeat you? Was there anything we could’ve done to stop it? A pit forms at the very bottom of my stomach, a coagulate of despair and regret; misgivings and false hopes... It is a black tar which, with every passing moment, climbs ever closer to my broken, yearning heart until it has fully enveloped it. I wish, Scottie, that I understood. I wish that I had said all of this before, so that you could read this and see that I cared.


    That I wanted you to defeat that duck.


    That I loved you.


    But now you’re gone, and I’m cursed to live on in a world of ‘what ifs’ and ‘I should’ve’, a world without you. A world that churns on, not knowing what it’s missing. I’ll miss you Scottie... And I’ll never love anyone quite as much as I loved you.


    if it’s any consolation, I’ve killed the duck that murdered you. It’s hung up on my mantle, alongside the picture of our spring break 2014, you know the one of course! Where the sun is shining off of your sweat-laden muscles, making them glisten in just the right way? It was a nice one. Anyway, I’ll leave you alone.


    With love, Sprockamite

    1. Skohtea


      I have several questions but I think it is best to leave them unanswered.


      This is however quite hilarious.

  3. Skohtea


    Now this is exciting.
  4. Afraid to say I will be unable to run this, and will therefore move this to not cause confusion. I apologize to any who were looking forward to this re-run, but I believe the event happened far too long ago now, and I have more interest in running... Other kinds of events.
  5. When I figure out a Time that works for me.
  6. This is the Rerun of Maw of Souls, after Oni's. This will have no limited slots but the followers players cannot gain any rewards: Akkrim, Azumak, Baltux, Beverly, Cephirian, Duskcloak, Luonia, Tari, Terin, Tiana. (Alvia for Helya) (Duskcloak for the first two bosses) Ymiron, the Fallen King - TBA Server Time Harbaron - TBA Server Time Helya- TBA Server Time
  7. Attack on Montarville Late in the Afternoon, the Earldom of Montarville was brutally Invaded by Undead forces. As the Attack began, Cultist infiltrators let loose several Ghouls, along with taking over the Earl's own ship. The Victoria, which began to fire upon the Cannon lines on the Harbour. Ghouls were loose in the streets with Cultists and Necromancers, whilst the Harbour itself was invaded by Ship, reports say that the ships were able to be destroyed but not before having let loose most of their undead Cargo, including two Liches whom appeared to be the Leaders of this Invasion. Many innocents and Soldiers were injured in the Attack, as the whole town has been Evacuated by the aid of several adventurers, mercenaries and the Alliance Finest. It sparks a grave day, as reports say that Forsaken Banners have been risen upon the Walls. Most of the Refugees from Montarville have sought shelter in Sentinel Hill, along with their Earl. A House of Nobles Meeting has been rumoured to have been set up after this terrible invasion. Battle-Report Montarville have taken a great hit, having lost the Town to the Forsaken forces. A large portion of the Civilian population were killed in the attacks, but most of it were able to escape. Most of the cannons and Harbour walls were utterly destroyed in the battle from magic, explosions and more. The Victoria was able to defeat it's infiltrators and re-take the ship, but with too few men left they sailed away in a hasty Retreat towards Stormwind. The Undead have lost two of their ships, which now lay on the bottom of the Harbour, The last ship is severely damaged. The Church in Montarville has been desecrated, the Light does not feel at home here. Those Civilians and Guards who were unable to escape have either been turned to Zombies and Ghouls, or were lucky enough to be utterly decimated in the different attacks in the battle, be these from Magic or conventional Fire or Explosions.
  8. @Seiryoku Will announce the time next week.
  9. Hello there. I will re-run this event in one week. 31th, which is a Friday. It will follow a similar reward scheme as Oni's but the characters that join's Oni's are unable to recieve rewards of the one I will be running.
  10. Crap gonna miss the one today.
  11. Skohtea

    The Lusty Lion

    The Lusty Lion ~Gentleman's Establishment~ New Management has come to the Lusty Lion, under Velona Bay. The C.E.O of the Vel-Tec Company, in collaboration with Greenwall Industries. With the New Management and after certain events, the Lusty Lion, a Gentlemans club (.t lustylion) will put in new rules. All spells and magic of any kind inside of the Establishment is banned, anyone found casting or using magic will be asked asked to leave the premise, if further magic is used said person will be banned from entrance. Anyone who wishes to enter the Establishment are to deliver all weapons on their person. Some people may be expected to undergo a full body inspection. The Guards have all been refitted with new equipment, to help them do their job better. Anyone who wishes to buy large quantities of Alcohol, no matter status will be asked to find a different Supplier. Additional Note: The Lusty Lion is seeking a new Bartender. (.t lustylion)