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  1. Minescence

    Romeoean Stuff

    looks pretty neat
  2. Necklace of Purity and Fetish of the Sand Reaver as Alaana's last rewards.
  3. Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash for Alaana
  4. Lydrae went off with the sword and a broken foot.
  5. I wish that monday event was a hour earlier <.<
  6. If the third part is on Monday at 2:30 PM I won't be able to attend.
  7. Minescence

    Celes's Art

    I just feel it could have a few more kilos on it..
  8. Minescence

    Celes's Art

    That panda is waaaay too thin for a panda.
  9. I'd probably join with Silera or Alevea. (Tentative ; Depends on time) But I will join all if the time is perfect.
  10. I'm probably join on sum.. character like.. Kanaria.. If my life lets me join it.
  11. Minescence


    What time is it on Wednesday?