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  1. So all the people who i see during rp turning into things randomly or being dragons and other stuff is allowed but we cant do this? Where its private and doesnt affect anyone? Yet any random noob in real open rp is allowed to ruin it by mary sueing an destoyin lore? My bad. Just delete this thread then an we can all go back to mall sitting and ERP that paragon is known for
  2. (Work in progress) Plot- The celebration of the downfall of Deathwing is short-lived and tragedy falls that makes the world shattering seem like just the beginning, now the true cataclysm begins... The Forsaken have developed a new strand of the Plague named Vial 1-11, one that they hope will strengthen their race as a whole. The corpses rise with more strength, more resilience, and a resistance to most forms of magic. However, the strand of Plague was stolen by unknown people with unknown reasons.... A few days later, bombs went off all across Azeroth, spreading a plague across the land, few places untouched by the virus caused by the explosions. The explosions alone killed a vast amount of the world's population, only to bring them back to life as undead machines of war with no intellect but the basic of instincts.... hunger. The Returned also seem to be able to sense magic, be it arcane, natural, Light, or dark it attracts the fiends like moths to a flame. The explosions caused an airborne strand of a smaller scale, infecting those who still live with the virus to lay dormant until they perish by any means necessary. Survivors who are also bit, scratched, or get infected blood into their own become ill swiftly and soon die from the sickness to be returned to life as another mindless death hungering zombie. The remainder of the living on Azeroth must fight for their lives against overwhelming odds. Live together or die alone. Petty faction wars means nothing in the face of total extinction. Will you live long enough to find a cure? Or are we all simply living to die another day as we look for a desolate bastion to call home. Info- Alternate Realitty RP - Lore is largely changed from the Retail Lore. Clearly. All members will create a new character upon joining, no prior RP sessions outside of guild to influence anything in guild. We plan on larger events and smaller ones, the Infected will be under control of a Council member who are able to act as Dungeon Master's within the guild. Rules- 1. Common RP rules exist... (no god mode, no meta gaming, so on so forth) 2. Not everyone in guild is required to follow the group, Loners and so on are allowed to carry on their own RP as long as it fits into the story provided and the Council are ok with any plot you make within your own tale. 3. Those who wish to join in on the RP shall make a new character and join the guild, we will refrain from RPing with those outside the guild so we are sure that there is no outside influence from non guild events. Members- Council- Lulu Helguard Naira The Story So Far-