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    We welcome you to our humble abode! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. A little late, but for the Dragons of the Nightmare Sayana will be taking: Handwraps of Delusional Power - Cloth - These wraps radiate a shadowy energy. Wearing them makes you feel powerful. Like you could take on the world. These gloves instill a sense of confidence. - Once per three days you can supercharge your next spell to severely increase the damage of the spell. Wearing these handwraps cause your personality to take up an egotistical tone.
  3. Sorkar


    What's Arkanford's opinion on Warlocks?
  4. Blizzard always has a tendency to rewrite new lore and completely ignore/retcon what they had. However, for me I actually like the BfA one. I have yet to play through the Alliance campaign on retail, but from the in game lore I’ve gathered on Horde, and minor readings outside, I prefer it more than previous lore.
  5. This happens the week before finals... Ouch! Maybe if I get some downtime between studies I'll try and join a few.
  6. Hey! When will Selrai and Kiasyl have -

  7. Welcome back, brother


  8. Why are you so lewd!

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    Guide To Shamanism

    So, my totems can be anything I want, right? Like a nipple ring?
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    Even More Visuals

    Well, screen shots would take up a large portion of the post itself. But, I could add descriptions later.