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  1. A little late, but for the Dragons of the Nightmare Sayana will be taking: Handwraps of Delusional Power - Cloth - These wraps radiate a shadowy energy. Wearing them makes you feel powerful. Like you could take on the world. These gloves instill a sense of confidence. - Once per three days you can supercharge your next spell to severely increase the damage of the spell. Wearing these handwraps cause your personality to take up an egotistical tone.
  2. Sorkar


    What's Arkanford's opinion on Warlocks?
  3. This happens the week before finals... Ouch! Maybe if I get some downtime between studies I'll try and join a few.
  4. Because you can’t seem to grasp what I was trying to say, you continued to derail the topic. So yeah, I was getting worked up and to prevent myself from becoming any angrier I blocked you to put an end to it. I dont care how childish I look. I’m not going to argument with another child.
  5. Oh right, while you were ban evading. No, believe me I made an effort. It worked for a week, of Horde RP happening. However, people eventually stopped wanting to role play and it’s discouraging when you try for 3 days straight and nobody takes a bite. Yeah, I know I don’t have dedication. But it’s a motivation killer when you wait and ask, and ask, and nobody wants to. Also, it doesn’t help that the people I did do Horde RP with, somewhat regularly, stopped coming online. I really don’t want a plot written out for me. I want to develop my characters and have them grow. But that can’t happen if all I’m doing is sitting in a tavern drinking ale. I want events. I’m not saying the DM team is lazy by any means, but for months you had to reserve a spot for an event. Usually those events I can’t make due to it’s time, or it wouldn’t make sense for my character to be there. So, spontaneous events when?
  6. What? I never said anything about other players disliking it? The topic is about RP drought and I offered my personal opinion on it. I never said the player base hated tavern RP, but, since that’s the only RP I am able to get, I’ve grown to dislike it. this whole topic has been about why the player has an RP drought. I’ve given my answers, never said I was speaking for the community (yet I’m being targeted like I am).
  7. You and I are getting different RP scenarios then. I have, in the last 3 months of trying to RP, have only been inside of a tavern.
  8. Balian, you started targeting me, lmao. You wanted an answer on why people no longer RP’d and I delivered. You got salty and when I asked if you wanted more in depth explanation, you began with, “let’s see where your Discord / mall sitting has to offer” Every post you’ve made since I made my first comment has been targeting me. and sure, let’s take it to discord. I want to play. Edit: When I get to a computer I will send my wall of text to respond to your posts that I am unable to comment fully upon at the moment.
  9. Idiot is not my exact words, I believe I said “lacking mental capabilities” or something along those lines. It’s the internet my guy, you don’t need to act tough like in prison. You asked for my opinion, I offered one, and now you’re being salty about it. Don’t try to act innocent. If you want to continue this further, I’ll answer you post fully when I get the time.
  10. Just because you’re older does not necessarily mean I can’t call you a kid, I’m referring to your mental level, at least at the current moment. You’re taking this a lot more seriously than I thought, but then again it’s you, so I should’ve seen it coming. Nonetheless, I play a variety of characters, each one different. I don’t put in my TRP who I am, often, so I doubt you’d recognize me. There are other social interactions to be had other than tavern RP, yes, but it’s the most common because of its simplicity to set up. Also, simply because you’ve created RP for a few doesn’t mean you’ve created it for all. What I mean by that is that it’s not interesting enough for me to invest my time into it.
  11. Lol, my mall sitting and discord? Clearly you don’t know who I play then, nor do I want you to really know now. Discord is just a medium I use to communicate with others and shitpost, I hardly see how that is relevant to RP, mate. I’d also like to see how much your ban evading has to offer. But, as requested I will go more in depth. If you haven’t noticed, usually the same areas are consistently used for RP, such as Goldshire or STV. Well they are nice places, roleplaying in the same area over and over again gets boring, especially when it’s your typical “sitting in a tavern and talking.” Nothing ever really happens anymore, no spontaneous events, nobody wanting to leave the inn. In addition, if you do find a new location there’s a high chance of RPing with the same characters. While to some this enjoyable, and allows for easier character development, RPing with the same characters (especially meme-tier) gets boring fast. I want diversity and unique events, not kill X mob to get to Y boss and then head to mall after an event. Not to mention WoD content is horrendously un-engaging. Edit: And School is almost over for me, so my hands are also tied with the huge load of assisgnments I have and the final exams I need to study for. Hope that helps, kid. ;)
  12. Do you want me to go more in depth?
  13. It’s honesty, young Balian. I at least didn’t name characters.