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  1. Damn it no big reward for Mart.
  2. Knight Dorne of the Ebon Blade would want to take part fighting the Legion as it was one of the reason he kicked the bucket. He might be an undead right now, but his tactician and strategist skill is still undoubted. Why he should be taken as a commander? The man has fought in Northrend as a corporal, having a squad of hardened soldiers, using hit and run tactics on the frontlines. During the Cataclysm he was promoted to a sergeant and tasked with cleaning up the Plaguelands with some 15 man squad. His experience is undoubted, tactics unorthodox but always wielding fruit. Edit: Mart died so scratch that Edit2: Mart just got undied so count me in if there are places.
  3. Niiiiceeee, sounds fun, and I'm surely taking part this year!
  4. Martellus grabs himself a pair of the Trampling Warboots!
  5. I wonder if we're going to be able to join it at some point, would be cool, even if it's like Lightforged Draenei and Draenei only, with the exception of Alleria and Turalyon.
  6. Cheers Mighty, was all good, I loved it and the feels at the end. Cheers
  7. 2 handed Truesilver sword for the Lighthouse!
  8. Came up with a new character and I kinda want to progress him into some drug lord/baron/Pablo Escobar/whatever, anyhow, why I'm asking for the schooling, I'm trying to use it as a "faster"/more sensible method of coming up with new kind of drugs (Have such a thread in "Contact Staff" already) with him being an Alchemy student, that's why I made that thread to clear that up AKA "can I roll with him being an Alchemy student or no" kind of thread
  9. Well, fair enough, but say alchemy would be a thing right? Like studying alchemy away from University/College/Whatever
  10. Just wondering how the schooling system works like in WoW, Alliance side mostly, is it resembling real world one? Perhaps a real medieval one? Pros and Cons of a character being a student. Would characters have to pay, is it tax funded ETC ETC ETC. Where would such structures be, Stormwind perhaps, Ironforge?
  11. Looks nice if your character has a torch or so , the light is just spot on <3
  12. To be honest it's a good idea taking in account that Menethil is one of the main RP hubs as of now, tis full every night....
  13. Nice thoughts both of you, I got the same opinion myself, we should see more of this IC, not ERP only, it would add to the whole core of it. And it would make characters really close, hell perhaps even players