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  1. Kira

    Queue intro music

    Hey! It's really good to see your name around again. We should catch up!
  2. Bestie! I am so happy you joined us! <3
  3. Akirie Starfall Akirie has been spending most of her time in Suramar, attending various study groups and gatherings related to the arcane arts. Nasira Desertrose Nasira is adventuring the Eastern kingdoms, getting acclimated to what life is like outside of the deserts.
  4. I wish you were still a mod because of stuff like this. You're the bes Denning
  5. Fingers crossed some of these will be US friendly.
  6. @Syth we have hands. We can type on google docs or write notes or get a program to do transcripts? There's work arounds though
  7. Welcome! Can't wait to Rp with you!
  8. Kira


    I'd be so happy to bring Akirie back around for this!
  9. Kira

    See ya

    I feel all of this. And then there's issues of people who want to progress but can't because the already strong people keep getting everything... I second what Snax said. Take care, either way, though.
  10. I agree. At this point, there is a lot more information on them and it's now a playable class in-game. I don't think there should be a need for an application with the exception of one who might have a promotion or something.
  11. Kira

    Mrs. Akirie Bloodsun

    Done by Celes on 7/28/19 Akirie and Zae'thas Bloodsun
  12. Kira


    For the 1000th time, but older and much more stoned. I'm looking to collaborate and bring some new characters into the fray for the sake of a fresh start. I am not set on any ideas just yet so if there's something you're looking for, shoot some ideas at me.