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  1. Fingers crossed some of these will be US friendly.
  2. Kira


    I'd be so happy to bring Akirie back around for this!
  3. I agree with that, and I think that's definitely a place that can be improved on. By, maybe perhaps, making RP out of the situation. As shitty as the player may find that- but then it would still be better than a retcon.
  4. I feel that if staff/admins approve it and it's claimed in the proper way (ie event requests) and have a story and motive as to why and how the character would've obtained it, it shouldnt be an issue. I asked Raz and a couple of other staff members for approval of my idea for my "artifact" before even submitting the event request and with the green light i was able to continue through parts of an event that were befitting to the story, and thus claimed it as my own with potential to expand later on down the road. I really don't see what is hard about this. It's kind of the staff's business to police the use and the quality of how something like that is being used, and if they don't think you're being responsible, they have every right to revoke it or revoke your character (based on the magnitude of the situation). If you feel it was not rightful or 'biased' you can always make an appeal for it. The staff team isn't a hive mind, they all have their own ideas and opinions individually.
  5. Want. Pass that joint, Raz.
  6. Hi! My friends and I noticed this in retail today and thought it would be neat to share to those who may not have noticed it.
  7. and now, Akirie has an "artifact". Just did an event request to broaden my char's knowledge with a weapon I earned from an event and now it has a special ability.
  8. When I work morning on saturdays and i miss my main races event :(
  9. i mean, what if it has to do with the level of spirit the elemental has or if its greater/lesser? I kinda gauge from the fact that shaman, who are able to commune with the elementals using the force of spirit, are able to summon elementals for aid means that the shaman are actually summoning the assistance of elementals versus saying "youre my bitch get over here". Reason I say this is because decay, which is the opposite of spirit, is used in order to -force- the elements to the shaman's will rather than gracefully use the force of spirit to commune to the elements and summon them to their aid. Mages do not have that connection to the force of spirit (afaik) and Elementalists use the arcane in order to force the elementals to their will. This means that the mage would have to create an elemental using their method of conjuration or otherwise in order to create the water elemental. It is also stated in one of those links i posted in previous comments that these elementals, conjured by mages, can later be freed to roam the world on their free will. What happens after that? Not sure, but I would like to think they would simply return to a body of water or maybe begin to feed off of the spirit in the world to shape itself. Mages prefer the use of water elementals because of their docile nature- and even arcane elementals are visible too. Fire elementals make sense for not being summoned all of the time by mages because of their volatile nature, making them harder to work with. (This is noted in one of the links I posted btw) But I don't doubt that other elementals can be summoned, but I think that they would need to be summoned/conjured in the same manner as the water elemental if done by a mage. Example: Fire from a camp fire or any source of open flame (Conjured flame?) Edit: Uh btw, just wanna throw that out there that im not suggesting there is -one- way to do it. I assume you could still use rituals or other means too.
  10. tbh i just googled it because i was bored and lonely
  11. Agreed with Syth. Also, I found this in one of those books you read for the Higher Learning achievement! and another thing