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  1. Sure. Ro'jin could use some more artifacts.
  2. Malevi

    Proving your worth

    Ahaa. It just seems dumb when the Horde is a bit of an underdog already. But oh well! I'm no Orc expert.
  3. Malevi

    Proving your worth

    Hm. Why would Garrosh arrange a massive slaughter of his own people? It makes little sense to me. He might be a dumb, rash brute, but I think he still cares for his people. "Only the strongest may dwell in Orgrimmar." Sure. But that doesn't mean death to them. It just means exile if anything. Dunno. It would make more sense if the losers were indeed banished from Orgrimmar or something. This just seems very out of character for him. Or is it part of his descent into madness? If that's the case I would love to see some opposition of this from NPCs or other Horde leaders even, questioning the decision as well.