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  1. Hot thread. I'm pretty interested, and will see if I can choose a character who'll be good for this!
  2. The time is moved to 11AM server time. I'll update the post.
  3. The Crusade allows Alliance members who won't throw nasty violent tantrums at the Horde members involved, knowing fully well the unlikelihood of this.
  4. Great! I'll see what I can do and check with the others.
  5. I'm afraid I cannot make it too late as one of the participants who requested the event is on GMT+2. Their time is essentially 8 hours ahead of West Coast time, making 10AM server time into 6PM and so on, so forth. I won't be able to move the event to afternoon time for West Coasters. The best I can probably do is 11AM server time, which is 7PM GMT+2. Edit: Will do, k621.
  6. You're welcome to come! But your profile says you live in America: Does 8AM realm time suit you?
  7. Introduction Fellow Crusaders and whomever else this may concern, Usually hearsay of ghost stories and necromancers and mysterious disappearances are about as credible as that one story about Uther and the golden horse. However, things are very different when you're on duty in the Eastern Plaguelands. One of our own, Lotheolan Sunfury, has tipped off the Sin'dorei to the presence of a Necromancer in... Hearthport? Sheatheport? It doesn't matter. Either way, Master Shaehan Bloodrose and Captain Airen Bloodreaver of Silvermoon are recruiting assistance in order to investigate the old abandoned town. If you've ever worked in the Eastern Plaguelands before, you'll know "investigate" tends to involve less magnifying glass and more hammer and shield. Whether you're with the Horde, with the Crusade or sincerely capable of fighting alongside both, we welcome your aid. -- The Argent Crusade Event Information Reports abound of mysterious traveller disappearances in the area around a town in the Eastern Plaguelands. Now that the rumours of a Necromancer's presence have been confirmed, it's up to the Sin'dorei and the Argent Crusade to send it running. This event is primarily military and will involve lots of combat. Your risk of character death depends on your competence and teamwork. Style: This event is primarily a military event. Strategists, keen warriors and tactical support alike are welcome. Who?: Anyone Horde or Argent Crusade is welcome, with special exceptions made for members of other factions who genuinely want to help the cause and are not troubled by the presence of Blood Elves and/or other Horde members. When?: This event will be on Sunday 12th July at 11AM Realm Time. Please let me know by reply if you'd be interested in joining or changing the time slot. How many?: This event has eight player slots. Presently occupied are: 8/8 Lotheolan Sunfury Shaehan Bloodrose Airen Bloodreaver Celen Bloodreaver Gustav/Koromo (may be unable to make it) Don/Harija/Kraine (Kepora) Khardam Tobias Silverthorn's Spellbreaker Person Maybe Not on this list? Doesn't mean you can't join! Turn up Sunday and if someone else can't make it, you get their slot.
  8. Part 3 Finale Complete! A special thanks to Tobias, Synadyre, Magistrix Anri'zael, Farstrider Celen, Zalmea and Xyz'rath for uncovering the dark conspiracy that transpired deep within the Tomb of Daos. The Reliquary cannot overstate its shame for the treachery of Magisterial candidate Zaenethas Starseeker, whom had been manipulating them all along as he worked towards his dastardly goals of reviving Daos. The Advisor even managed to coax the bold adventurers into doing battle with him as a tribute to the seven heroes' fight 1000 years ago, which then served as the catalyst to summon the evil spirit of the ancient madman himself. The group bested Daos' resurrected form in an epic struggle with severe injuries and a large number of near-death experiences. The Reliquary thanked each participant and sent out 1 gold, with several of the heroes taking home the enchanted weapons of the Original Seven themselves. Now and at long last, the spirits of the Tomb of Daos have been laid to rest once more. ~FIN~
  9. Sorry you couldn't attend, Castus. You were missed after the first part!
  10. She's more than welcome! Edit: The event will be happening tomorrow, Monday 6th July at 1PM. I apologise for all the moves and the inconvenience.
  11. Due to a low server population on Friday, part 3 has been rescheduled for Wednesday 8th July at 1PM server time. I'd appreciate any feedback if this doesn't suit!
  12. Part 2 Complete! A special thanks to Arcanist Sothe'mar, Archmage Zahariel, Farstrider Celen, Arcanist Ithiltaen, Magistrix Anri'zael Emberlight and Tokegora for attending. The group made their way past the first gate and disposed of a towering Arcane Guardian through keenly strategic combat. Exploring the tomb, they found the burial site of Cadis Highbringer - cunning spellmaster of the Heroic Seven. His staff was delivered to the Reliquary. Deeper within the catacombs, the party encountered a graveyard filled with disturbed and restless spirits. They found and defeated the group of Necromancers responsible, but Magistrix Anri'zael found mysterious evidence of their plans to summon the seven heroes who originally defeated Daos. What conspiracies transpire within the Tomb of Daos? Part 3 is scheduled for Friday 3rd July at 1PM Server Time. Let me know if this causes issues for you. All are welcome to join, regardless of participation in previous parts.
  13. Sure! We're open to anyone who wants to join (with characters that make sense) and each part has 7 player slots.
  14. Due to the server undergoing approximately ten crashes in a row, Tomb of Daos Part 2 has been migrated to Monday the 22nd June at 1PM server/realm time. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  15. Apologies for another delay, but something small and unexpected has come up. The event will be starting at 1.30PM server time - 30 minutes later than previously anticipated. Thank you for your patience.