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  1. Sindoh rally the troops and have everyone postpone all their events until BfA hits
  2. Daniel Williams for Cordana my man.
  3. This is a shitpost free community
  4. 1. Warrior 2. Paladin 3. Hunter And all the variants that full under those categories.
  5. I thought paragon was a shitpost free zone ? Mom saw to that !
  6. :thinking: why didn't you just ask a friend somewhere else?
  7. What is this? It's fine but dont spoil your dog. Much like a small kid.
  8. HEy, this was pretty great, I don't have anything new to add. Romeo and Nomit hit it head on.
  9. Player Name: I T S Y A B O I Character Name: Daniel Williams Character Race: Human Character Class: Fighter (Warrior)
  10. Darius, Fizz, Nami . (Lowkey Jinx too cause I'm trying out adc.)