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  1. yeah they also kicked me from the staff chat for saying 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEE' which was pretty pog, and they had a crush on a british kid who stole my alias anyways, hope ur ready to waste another decade buddy
  2. A mystical tome that is capable of documenting the heroes deeds through its connection to an estranged spirit of a skeletal novelist that can often be seen skulking around, in and out of combat situations. Details may involve decadent and exaggerated proclamations. This will be updated as chapters conclude.
  3. Nature has been pulling your ears to the ground, screaming in way of rumbling earth disturbed by conflict, and the world consuming rend newly carved into the earth; wildlife had long since been showing signs of a shift. An inkling weaved into their very creation that there was something sinister plaguing the corners of their eyes, driving them to ravage desperately for nourishment through the thickets of Kalimdor, and brutalize travelers on a whim of suspicion that once, would have only afforded a skittering display of fear, but is now engulfed by a brutal sense of survival. The most primal and dangerous of instincts, washing over the areas surrounding Felwood with a rushing urgency - and word from the Kaldorei made its merits all the more imperative. But war had taken its toll, the Legion had thinned the very reality around its heroes, and some force of nature was intent to exploit what could only be described as Azeroth's most languid hour. Nature called, and no one had been listening. Until now. With the surfacing of an order that has spent its recent years in a state of recovery, as well as acquisition; The Arkanford. Ever persistent in their strives for knowledge despite the carnage that such a path had laid previously, they've achieved their findings through the most mundane of wizardly practices. An Arkanian hoveled into every landscape imaginable until one unlucky individual was privy to the calling that nature itself had been crying out, choked out by forces unknown. Tate, the unlikely scholar was the one to suffer its call and share a harrowing example of the fate it knew was dawning on the horizon; The Legion's heart of fel fire was not yet dormant, and the call that would be made for all was that it was time to once again stand in its path. Any notices found would be signed very precipitously; "Strategos". Offering gold, and other riches found during the expedition to those brave enough to accompany. The Cart: (.t Ratchet) This section will keep track of the whereabouts of the party, and will be updated as they move: The party would find itself called to the arid coast of the Barrens in the bustling, questionably natured yet aptly named port of Ratchet. Directions leading them far up the hill to an abode the Arkanford is temporarily renting for an excessive rate, outside parked being the signature marked Cart. Seeming as any other Stagecoach of Gilneas, it served simultaneously as the mobile base of operations for their order. Its doors are open for anyone to enter and use its facilities. Ky'ell's Favor(?) ??????????? Scheduled Time: TBD The beginning of this heroes journey towards the heart of Felwood, dry and danger ridden hills loom just a ways up the road. Given the questionably diverse nature and make up of the band it seemed they would need to find a way forward that didn’t involve the Horde patrolled roads, or watch towers. Plenty of information was abuzz in the port, but this locale was no stranger to the effective nature of brute force; decisions are scattered every which way as the party gathers themselves and their wits for any tribulations ahead. OOC Information & Comments: The first thing I feel like I should mention: I'm not 100% ready to begin this yet, there's some details for the story I want to work out, and I'd like for this not to soak up too much attention from the already ongoing campaigns that we've the pleasure of having right now. But things are starting IC, the Arkanford and a small band of mercenaries will be setting up a meeting place in Ratchet that I'd like to serve as a place for RP to start. Given enough attention it could easily act as a prologue into everything, cause I do plan on DMing and keeping things lively there while I get the rest of it set up, and other projects get their chance to shine. As soon as I set a date I'll bump the post at least a week prior. Secondly, and the final note of the post for now: I used to be able to handle nurturing a narrative with about 15-20 people, but I've seen how that pans out lately and I'd rather not sully the story I have in mind with a chaotic mob. Each event will probably be capped around 7-10 players at max that way everyone present can be impactful. Worry not though, the events listed here are just the main storyline, there will be plenty of side quests and things of that nature that don't necessarily need to be named here. And will welcome chaos, probably. See you soon, friends.
  4. Yeah nothing here was about if it did or didn't exist, it was a question of "what do we do with it?"
  5. I just kind of figured why the hell not, here's a stubble patch. Credits to Alexa from RPH/Epsilon, wherever their wayward spirit might be. Here's a preview. Here's a download link. thanks for coming see u next time
  6. I think I get you - it's good to keep an eye on the workload, I just don't want people getting too focused on the future. What's right in front of us should be priority, with everything still being on the mend. Or that's my two cents, but I'm not the cute ones so I'll trust the creative team one way or another.
  7. I feel like I should point out this is roleplay - it's only overcomplication if people aren't enjoying it, or following the narrative. Something I feel like we've had a problem with when it comes to events lately - there's very few events that I feel even offer a window into the NPCs introduced. Or the place in the world that we're hunkering down in. Which I think creates this vacuum that robs people of their investment. We need more in these events, we need complexity, and character - liveliness in general to settle us in. I think I get what you mean by trying not to make a habit of it always being the PCs that are influencing the stories we're partaking in, but the idea I had in mind doesn't really do that. It'd just give the PCs a front row seat to this new era of Suramar. Whatever that entails is up to the Creative Team. Weren't we supposed to be using this downtime to indulge our own storylines?
  8. I'd say this is more of a 'lack of practice' issue, though - naturally Paragon isn't going to have a lot to go off of when it comes to these sort of things, because we've been in an environment where things like this were "maybe possible", yet audibly discouraged. It's gonna take some adjustment, but we have to try first. Big agree on everything though, defaulting to the 'player agency' argument is gonna be unhealthy in the long run because it puts the ball entirely in their court. Which is kind of why I was saying we should toy with the idea of a Council of NPCs that DM's could build up as their own characters, that we on Paragon can come closer with and accept. Less focus on combat, more focus on creating a narrative within the city that's both a solid bridge from the players to the new hierarchy and will give us an idea of what their purpose is, why they do it, etc - and supports the neutrality of the city (because Oni is right Suramar absolutely shouldn't be barred, it's an exceptional city). It's good that you see it that way - the DM's are also being given an incredible freedom with all the new changes, and I'd love to see that used before we go about creating another loosely malleable situation that will depend more than likely on nothing more than attendance rates. This is also fair, my suggestion is entirely in the name of fun. We don't really have to lift much of a finger if we don't want to.
  9. this is too often our solution, though i agree with the player endeavor part. The only idea I have that comes to mind is essentially changing Suramar to operate much like Dalaran does - with a council, so Thalryssa's endeavors can remain entirely her own, while the city itself operates as normal. Honestly the whole idea that this city that has isolated itself for so long would suddenly make the decision to abandon that independence (especially for something as splintered, and unreliable as the Horde), is definitely more nonsensical than this suggestion. That's honestly just Blizzard's complete disconnect with their own narrative at play. Idk y'all, kill two birds with one stone: make it run by a council, then create events surrounding each member (since I'm sure they'll all dictate different functions, or areas of the city which could offer a variety of content for people to partake in). Focus on building them as characters rather than just rousing more conflict. Could also be a really cool way to explore and expand on Suramar tbh
  10. nah buddy, i've seen pretty much everything i need to. i've seen logs, i've been here for years on years on years- i did pick a side as soon as this was posted, because consistently you find yourself in the wrong. consistently, you exist only to flaunt what little power you think you have and use it over other people to either hinder or completely stop things you just don't like. which is a trend that people hoped would change over the years, with maturity and all that- but it hasn't. so i'm led to the conclusion that it never will. normally i try and reason with people, tass, i really do. the only thing i want for people here is to start acting like a community for once but with you that bridge can never really come to pass, so yeah. mind's made up. if you and data can't step aside and evaluate things over an eight year span, i have no reason to believe that anything i say will actually reach you. those avenues have also been exhausted, multiple times. don't try and use that argument like it hasn't been done before, it's your fault for never listening. as for Data, the only thing I can really question is why he cares to begin with? He spends, at most, an hour on the server every ten months but also likes to stick his fingers in when he can, or when he sees something he doesn't like- god only knows why he doesn't, because it never affects him and it never will. He likes to claim he has no stakes, but consistently digs them into the dirt. Pick a side, that's all we're asking. Take a page out of Raz's book, who actually can claim he doesn't have anymore stakes in our business. also lmao, if there's other sides of this coin, why didn't you just show them instead of choking up a mouthful of recycled garbage? we'll all wait.
  11. somehow that's worse than the worst reply i could've dreamed of coming from you if you believe data core has nothing to contribute you are genuinely delusional and didn't actually read the thread. but it's okay, i didn't expect you guys to learn anything anyways, you are mostly incapable of it