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  1. gonna sign up for Cordana on Cal.
  2. So’themar will also invest and take a seal.
  3. and that's when you realize your life on paragon was actually just a game, and you're still at blips and chitz. wake up sheeple.
  4. Or any other potentially good ideas we can come up with for invasions. We own the streets, you know.
  5. It is a Legion focused expansion, there's no way around a large amount of demon centered events. Legion offers a lot more than that alone, though, what with the Nightmare, all the vrykul storylines, Azsuna is pretty demon-free for awhile too. There's a lot to explore with Legion, but the Pre-Patch is absolutely going to be 100% demons 100% of the time. I don't necessarily think it'll get boring, though. I believe Legion will do just fine in entertaining any characters, and if we follow the plan Jordy's laid out I think we're due for some good storylines to lead us in. Let's be hopeful, team.
  6. basically anything that’s not a draenei is okay.
  7. Be Rad

    Redridge Rumble

    what you must ask yourself is can you quell the vermintide?
  8. The few times people didn't take kindly to my tenure as Staff it didn't leave much of a long lasting weight on me. I left staff for my own personal reasons. The community can be pretty unforgiving, though, if not to yourself directly then toward eachother. One person hates another, or an entire group hates another group- most of the time both sides expect the staff to do something to the other group, and often get shit for not doing it. I feel like all the anger that runs through Paragon these days is pretty toxic, and you won't get the full view of it until you're staff. Once you do, it's pretty bad.
  9. I can't say I felt fulfilled- I could have, and should have done more with my time as Staff. I left staff for my own personal reasons, I had some issues within the community itself and I needed time to see them resolved. I suppose that's also a large reason as to my low attendance on Paragon even after I'd considered coming back for a time. Being a staff member, to me, was a lot of fun- it allowed me to view Paragon in a light I never had before. I didn't see staff in the same way a lot of those before me had, and I'd willingly do it again, If I ever find myself here again (long enough to warrant going for it again). At the end of the day, I think being in a staff position shows you a lot about the community, and I think it allows you to get closer to the community as a whole. But, it has its workload, and its problems. The Staff Team is run effectively, and it calls for attention, and a lot of it- sure enough the position can get exhausting after seeing the bottom of what the community can offer at times. Being a staff member opens your eyes to a lot of cans of worms you don't want any part of, and it's those situations that truly can tear down a staff member. I learned not to expect a lot near the end, which was pretty disheartening. I feel that being a staff member just wears down on you after awhile, for most people- I wouldn't say it's an underappreciated role, though. It's, to me, what you begin to see and get smacked in the middle of as a staff member that can wear you down and make you lose motivation for the role, or for the server itself. Overall I'd say being staff is a good time, but I feel like most people are gonna reach their fill of it after awhile. Be it a month, a year, or a Smeghead lifetime.