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    I wont tell if you dont tell
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    Idk man the girls from my town that joined are pretty hot but pretty sure they all went airforce or navy
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    Are you running low on girl scout cookies?
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    That seems like a cheap way out
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    Hmm maybe I'll work on those after completing the [Recruited New Members] achievement. I was told the [Free the Blacklist] challenge can't competed until I complete [Trashed Morale Principles] which is a really hard one.
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    Clean up off-topic

    Wanna know how to fix Paragon? Come and RP ;) I am available now if you'd like to RP Vykax.
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    Maybe bring this to feedback and suggestions ;)
  8. tfw people complain about an issue that they can easily solve by logging in
  9. Jake

    Greenwall Industries

    Greenwall Industries "The world is evolving.. We are no longer primitive people that are living in huts. We have harnessed the power of arcane, the energy of the elements. We have taken the metal from within Azeroth to shape it to the wildest designs of our mind. There is no horizon or destination, there is just the future. It is our job to shape it to our desires.. Tell me, what is Azeroth's future?" -Raiet Gray, Chief Engineer of Greenwall Industries Greenwall Industries is a business organization started by Kerin Greenwall. They have based themselves from within Stormwind, their impact reaching many but centralized around the less fortunate of the Kingdom. The organization has been famed for their mechanical inventions and innovations with the arcane arts, their most prized service being that of limb replacement. Even their own, Kerin Greenwall and Raiet Gray publicly sporting their mechanical limbs. Stormwind Mage Guild's own Tayu Lamiaceae heading the magical arts department of Greenwall. While being a political figure, often speaking for the poor, Greenwall is seen maintaining a confident and healthy business appearance. While aligning themselves with the Alliance they are also seen conversing with the horde as they maintain an embassy in Azshara. Their reputation seems to know no limits, as they promise not only quality but also fairness. They pride themselves on their fair work policies, all of their employees being paid fairly and having "Union like" benefits. IC Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Limb Replacement- Greenwall is infamous for helping amputees by replacing their missing limbs with machines. They have even been known to augment them to have abilities; such as strength, spellcasting, agility, or the misc. tool. Mechanics- They often sell mechanical goods; such as gyrocopters, mechanohogs, steam tank engines (usage varies), and others (Such as mechanical NPCS (look at mechanical pets introduced in Legion). Most services offered in this regard are expensive and requires an OOC application. These services are usually not offered to horde players in order to not be accused of aiding the Horde. Arcane Arts- While not as prominent in terms of business, Greenwall Industries also offers a variety of magical services. This includes enchantments, inscriptions, and alchemy. Blacksmithing- Greenwall also promotes their blacksmithing abilities as they offer weapons, armor, and just random blacksmithing needs. Tinkering- Perhaps one of their more advertised services is their tinkering! This ranges from anything to a little clockwork toy to a mechanical sword to a pair of heat sensing goggles! Players are invited to find their limits. Education- This is a fairly new yet heavily promoted service, Greenwall Industry has opened it's doors in terms of educating. Headed by Raiet Gray, the business is looking for young and talented minds, or not so talented, and offering to teach them anything from making your average health potion to building your own steam engine! Military- Greenwall has also expanded it's horizons into foreign lands to help the Alliance, their most recent, and only presence, being in Draenor. This expedition is looking up as the world continues to progress into new adventures. They also offer protection services to Nobles, or wealthy customers. OOC Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We didn't have a guild post up here? I was a bit surprised and I figured better late than never. I am looking to bolster Greenwall ranks, accepting new and old characters. We do work with the Alliance and Horde, though if Horde your RP with us may be limited as it is not nearly as frequent. If your character seems like it would fit in anything listed above, hit me up! As of currently, a lot of RP is centered around Port de Montarville (Westfall) as Greenwall is looking to open a new metal manufacturing plant! We are also presently doing some exploration in the world, looking for healthy deposits of varying metals and places that the boundaries of elemental planes seem thin (Mostly places connected to Skywall). Not as prominent but will be soon is the search for military/merc characters as they will undergo a large expansion during Legion.
  10. Look at Calico responded in such an accurate way! Really though, you just about summed up all of my thoughts for a response on this but may I add.... I don't think we need to go from adherence to friendly. I think we just gotta find a weaker adhesive, maybe like a good elmers glue, instead of the gorilla we use now.
  11. You really want to bring numbers in? Okay, lets say there is 10 people online, guaranteed least 4 of them are sitting in mall doing nothing. And please stop with this whole "i can cater to the community better as a player" bullshit. Fun fact, DMs are players. There is no excuse for you leaving the DM team other than the fact you didn't want to actually do something. A DM is just a player, if you aren't DMing you are a player so I do not see how that is relevant to your argument. I've never seen you, yourself, start RP. You usually have someone else start it for you then hop in, become center of attention, and take credit. As for Khans hype man? Honestly man where is this coming from? I swear you are either blind or have zero social skills to deduce shit. Khan and I do not like each other, in fact we rarely agree on things. Even recently the only reason we've been good is because we've learned how to communicate with each other. But go on with that non-argument. As for that screenshot? Yea I suppose that was a little dramatic so sue me. Though a little advice, be confident in what you have to say. I personally don't care what of my PMs are shown, you should be the same if you mean what you say. And hide behind Khan? If I am hiding behind Khan it's because I want to stab him. Also I would like a list of this drama I am involved in, please. Only drama I remember is with Khan, and currently you. And us not making an effort? lol... LOL. God this is the second time I've said this in a week but go read Paradigm Shift. That's an example of what Khan has done. Joker is constantly helping players and giving constructive feedback and supplying idea. And I? Go look at how the staff are being voted for, granted that is not the idea I had but it is in correlation with something Joker (maybe it was Watsiro?), either way it is similar to the idea brought up. As for the Legion thing, you definitely aren't up-to-date because as Data has said on multiple occasions lately it is something largely discussed currently. As for your idea that I am mad about our conversation IG last night, I really could not care less. Now, I would like to get this thread back on topic because this has degenerated into you having an issue with me and the other applicants. As you've been told, several times mind you, take it to the appropriate thread. To @Data Core @Vykax and @Celarc. Celarc brings up the point I was trying to convey. Seeing such zany and wacky combinations often help get creative juices flowing. On the other hand I can understand where Data is coming from not wanting people to be confused or feel restricted. That's why I suggest having it on a separate link and make sure it's clear it is not restricted to that list. The apps that were put through were great and invited competition. What I mean by that is, it made other people want to show the community their ideas too. It promoted forum activity, and it involves IG so typically correlated to an IG increase too that way people could play their new creations. Least that is how I am viewing, but I really don't want this to be a Pro-RPG post because I find most the RPG either confusing or contradicting. There is only a few things in it which I actually like. phlogiston
  12. My voice is always calm, you should pay attention to what I say. I prefer not to sugar coat things, leaves room for misinterpretation. You must be blind, Discord is more active than IG as of right now and while it's been calm these last three days it gets hectic. And the forums? lol come back to me when we have a controversial post or a petition going on. Just leave it? We have a bystander in our mists. Are you telling me if you see someone getting bullied you just watch? That's a bit sadistic. May I remind you, you told me to fuck off after your entire basis of argument fell apart. The drama I am involved with? You mean things involving the server? Yea, I guess I do like to be involved with things pertinent to this server. If you haven't noticed, rarely am I in drama that doesn't involve the server. Especially since Khan and I have gotten an understanding and I became his #hypeman. Take initiative? You expect every single player to be some pinnacle of creativity? Get out. You say that yet you can't even do the same, like that event involving a sunstone you're constantly on about. Now frankly everything you put between my next quote is you being emotionally compromised in this argument, so Im opting to ignore it. I can't do anything but assuming you truly were an inattentive DM. There's a thread started by either Smeg or Watsiro dedicated to determining how to go about Legion. I believe we organized a meeting to discuss it. This is just you being arrogant, not all of us have the luxury of sitting around doing nothing all day.