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  1. Baltux? Will be weird being on the 'good' side of this for once.
  2. I'm keeping Bloodsurge, no one can stop me.
  3. Slavo

    one almond

    that's a walnut
  4. Emile Varro, aka Rifle Randy was a good boy, he went to the Church of Holy Light every sunday. He's an innocent man.
  5. Slavo

    Return from jigoku

    Wait Marti where are you from?
  6. Sprockamite, I wish to admit everything, ever since that fateful christmas morning...I could never forget your words to me. "Sindoh, never forget, women and relationships may be temporary, but you know what is eternal? The new mobile game taking the world by storm! Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 has just been released and will change everything. Just look at the level of detail of these characters! If you use the code 'Embrysian' you can start with 50,000 silver and join the Special Launch Tournament, and you better hurry because it's getting big fast! You can play for totally free with the link below on your smartphone." And those are words I live by.


    I love you, Sprockamite. Please come back to us.


  7. Slavo

    My departure.

    Nah it was used, with something Oni said, the heart was studied for a should baltux die ability, technically it is gone now.
  8. Slavo

    My departure.

    Didn't Clovis give the Heart to Baltux as part of a deal?
  9. So, as tired as this is, I suppose that It should be said. As of late I have not logged on more than for but an hour or so per week, and with my uni schedule and a few massive IRL issues and duties, I figure this is deserved. I'll likely not be online for all too much if at all, should anyone want to RP yall still have my discord, and ill still be in the official one, but yeah, I'll see you on the other side folks.
  10. Slavo


    Right I'm for the most part back..sought out some professional help which I'll be attending to bi weekly, but hey, at least somethign's being done. Thanks for the concerns to those who DM'd me in various ways, love yall.
  11. Slavo


    Im going on a hiatus. Idk when ill be back, cya folks.
  12. Slavo

    Call for aid!

    REWARDS: The Reins of the Ice Mammoth..and the Mammoth itself : For aiding the cause of the Sons of Hodir one of the lucky adventurers was granted ownership of an Ice Mammoth, trained in servitude as a mount. It is a good companion to have, given it's immense carry potential. Received by Taelus. Frost worg pup : Having lost her own companion Sylvia Fallow was granted a pup of the Frost Worgs present in Dun Niffelem, it was small, but it was still growing..surely she could manage such a monstrous beast. Boon of the Frozen Peaks : Azumak Skullhewer was instead of given access to an anvil thrice his size was granted a boon to his weapon, each swing would feel 10% more powerful and a minor trail of ice lingered after each strike dealing minor frost Damage. Frostbite : This little droplet of crystal clear diamond-like ice was what the giants gave to Accaia, her frost spells were about 10% more effective, and she was no longer affected by the cold climates! The Mecha-gnomes's approval : Terin would be allowed to assist in disassembling the haywire golem, but the gnomes made sure that he will not make away with any of the Adamantine that the thing was made of. Glacial Statuette : Urdren the good boi healer received a single statuette of a frost dryad, which once per day can summon a frost dryad for a total of twelve seconds (two raid turns) to help him out, the dryad was much more fit for weaving the frozen natural resources of Northrend and other such areas. Frozen-over saplings : Richford would receive two earrings made from just sprouting saplings which had frozen over decades ago. Whilst wearing them he would find his ability to manipulate frozen nature and his regular natural druidic ability increased by a small margin. Ice-touched Spellblade : Taelus would be granted a magically formed blade of sheer ice, whilst wielding it he can deal frost damage with each swing, but when used as a spell focus, frost spells are quite easier to focus through and cast.
  13. Slavo

    Call for aid!

    IC: Upon the streets of Dalaran, Stormwind and Orgrimmar, a poster has been posted : "In need of all heroes, heroettes and mercenaries! The Iron Dwarves and the Mecha-gnomes have accidentally sparked to life a gargantuan golem of massive murderous potential. Wrought entirely from adamantine, this towering colossus has been said to rival the height of a Fel Reaver. And easily overpower one. We need you all to help us tackle this monstrosity until the Mechagnomes can fix the haywire AI operating the monster. Come to Storm Peaks and seek out Gulgar Ironboot in Dun Niffelem. We are waiting for you, please, come help." OOC: This is a world-boss esque event, where you lucky people get to fight a towering Adamantine Golem. I'll post a time soon, but the player limit will be 10-15 players. Maybe more since it will be quite difficult. Saying this as well THIS WILL BE A VERY, VERY DANGEROUS EVENT. So be prepared for death.