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  1. I’d rather scrap the faction war than not do the meat and potatoes of the expansion
  2. The Stranger

    The Whitegarde

    *Raises hands* Hah! Gay!
  3. Missing Saberon and Goren
  4. Uhhhh locus walker is an example of a void ethereal is he not?
  5. If it where up to me, You become a loa by being a legend and becoming a ghost attached to the dream or some shit, and the powers you would get relate to whatever kind of loa you are, ie if u deal with blood blood magic, if arcane, arcane magic. (There are arcane wild gods ie anzu on draenor, he was more of a arcane based wild god before he ate sethekk)
  6. 1: Trolls of all kinds: I love the Aztec aesthetic coupled with the animal gods and all that jazz, it just really rocks my socks. 2: Vrykul: I like giant vikings that ride dragons, enough said 3: Highborne/Shaldorei: I love how they look 4: Night elves: Also, I love how they look 5: Nerubians: Spider people with awsome magic is pretty rad, can totally get on board 6: Elementals: Fucking awsome shit 7:Mogu: Mogu have a neat aesthetic and i like what they do, wish MOP was just one big mogu continent with an empire
  7. Can I bring a dragon and do dragon things?
  8. IfGrom isn't forgiven like in retail, then we're breaking lore and no longer true to paragon's lore following standards are we not?
  9. May or may not be flying home