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    Im fucking in a desert, shit sucks, EAt my ass, I know everyone hates me <3 Love u all tho
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  1. The Stranger


    Baby Boy whats up <3
  2. Any hope for forsaken counter part events?
  3. Old names here and there welcome back! :D
  4. The Stranger

    Yo whadap

    Hi loops! Whalecome to Paragon :3
  5. This looks so cool, I've had so many similar thoughts that the time walkers are so under usedfor custom content :O
  6. Finally the mute has been lifteeeeeeeeed!!! However I am going out on deployment so I won’t be around for months :( don’t steal my characters away for inactivity I’ve been stuck on for a while now and will be stuck on the boat for many months
  7. A certain Sanlayn among the port, literally gave zero fucks about the departure. She tends to her book in peace.
  8. The qoute is something I got irl over at Blizzcon last year, i dont really have it written down other than just me writing it, remember that time I posted that video where I was talking to him? I suppose I could also just ask him again over email
  9. What class(es)/race(s) on the Application List do you want to alter? Dark TrollsWhich classification do you wish to move said class(es)/race(s) to? Free(Limited)Why do you want to move the specified selections away from their current classification? With the new customization features on Shadowlands, the qoutes from our boy Sean Copeland that I procured, and why not, I think we should move them back to being allowed. A: Sean said that the possibilty of there being Warbands of Dark trolls is definitely a possibility, and a resurgence of them is always possible. And B. god damn those new shadowlands skins 1 of them deffo looks like dark trolls :| Is there anything else you wish to add? Also why not? It doesn't hurt anything :\ Literally
  10. True aaaaaaaaaaaand... Yeah, that's pretty true. That's true and- yeah that's true. That's true. That's true- That's pretty true. That's pretty true, I mean- inhales ... That's true. Yeah. That's true. Uhm- That's true. That's fuckin' true. Uhm... That's how it is dude.

  11. The Stranger


    Going on Deployment soon, will be gone for many months discord/IG Wise, might still post here and there on the forums,... maybe... Send pms if you need anything from me!
  12. Confused Unga Bunga. I'll keep in touch when I can *hug*