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  2. Hot take, lets just not worry about the timeline
  3. The First event will be on Sunday, 12pm Servertime,(10 am west coast usa), will take 6 people on a journey with some magical views! Length is up in the air and dependent on the group.
  4. The Karik'ar Karik'thir and his compatriots hand off small Karik'ar coins to adventurers for their deeds in the caverns of Stonetalon. These coins can only be used within the Karik'ar's camp and be redeemed for items and currency. Alone, each coin is a single black metal, shaped with spiderlike effigies on one side, and the symbol of Azjol-nerub on the other. These coins cannot be traded between players and can also be used to help furnish out the Karik'ar's basecamp with upgrades. Q: Where do I redeem coins? A: Karik'ar Base Camp.(DM me on discord!) Q: Can I trade coins with a buddy? Or one of my own characters? A: No you cannot trade them, but a character on your account may be given them! Q: How do I obtain Karik'ar Coins? A: - Finishing An Event: 1-5 Coins - Ichor of Darkness: 25 Coins (Awarded to one player after boss) - Killing Boss: 5-10 Coins - Archaeological Turn in: 15 Coins - Bonus Objective Events: 1-10 Coins - ER’S: (At most 25 Coins per Event) - Finale: 50 Coins to All Players Current Coin Count Onin 24 Turokan 65 Xanthe 13 Narcissa 8 Lasmura 33 Azazel 29 Rowyn 230 Loana/Aelana 40 Shademourne 8 Lillanth 25 Dioren 20 Leeyi 75 Jejani 5 Ashura/Maera 230 Chronos 65 Ameal 5 Baltux 20 Sozen 15 Vaszillia 265 Irenna 95 (More Coming Soon) Karik'ar Vendor List Below is a list of purchasable via Karik'ar Coins. Upgrades to the Research Expedition will retain throughout all future events with the Karik'ar and can be community purchases, while Items are unique to each Expedition. Some are limited. This is a WIP list, expect more to be added later. Vendor Upgrades: Karik'ar Research Party: Nerubian Artifice Station: Consumables Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4: Current Purchases: Jolak'akahn - Rowyn Tome of Nerubian Arachnamancy - Chronos Identification Station - chronos
  5. On Windy Cliffs Azazel, Jette, and Narcissa faced off against a powerful broodmother of the hollow near the cavern and managed to drive her off, leaving her a powerful threat to the area. Xanthe joined the group and along with Narcissa and Azazel, ventured into the mountainous cave full of luminous fungi. Using illusion and magic, the group was able to stealthily sneak past everything and find a entrance to a ruin long forgotten, however lacking in gear and people, the group turned back, vowing to venture back into the cave and clear out it's dwellers before venturing deeper into the cavern.
  6. The Forgotten City A Stranger in the Mountains There have been rumors of strange citizens of a long forgotten world wandering about the Stonetalon Mountains. They have been seen using all sorts of magic in various areas of the valleys and cliff sides, as if searching for something. Members of the Kirin'tor have sent out a request of local adventurers to seek out these strange wanderers, and see what it is up to. No doubt one of them is more than willing to discuss their strange behavior. The Story so Far On Windy Cliffs: A band of Nerubians. highly out of place in the Stonetalon Mountains, has been seen frequenting the valleys and cliffsides. The Kirin'tor has asked adventurers in the area or otherwise to investigate their strange appearance. This has been given a date of August 29th at 12PM Server time hope you like dark caves. On Windy Cliffs Pt.2: The brave adventurers called to the mountain have faced off against the strong broodmother of the hollow, and mapped out most of the initial cavern inside of the cave. However there are still many mysteries and beasts filling it. Karik'thir still calls out for more aid to help his people venture forth into the cavern. A group spear headed by mighty adventurers entered down into the Cave and Cavern below the mountains. Inside, they fought of fungal creatures and giants that wandered the cave, before finding themselves plunged into darkness surrounded by troggs. Battling their way through they defeated the Trogg leader Rockgnawer, and a void infused worm named Kaxakaz. Now the Entrance to the gates of Ahz'nak are uncovered, yet the magical seal that holds it shut is still intact. (Attendees: Lasmura, Loana, Lillanth, Rowyn, Onin, Azazel, Xanthe, Turokan) Ruined Gates: The Karik'ar gather outside of the gates of Ahz'nak, it's magical wards intact. A way to open the door surely lies within the Obelisks that lay nearby, opened by hidden gems throughout the cavern. The Karik'ar and Adventurers delved deeper into the city where they found corrupted titanic constructs wandering it's dark halls. A void presence hung in the air and as each construct fell, the city was brought back to life as it's Aqir inhabitants returned, animated by void. In the city so far, a tainted water elemental named Volqarius and a Ascended Aqir named Zhohilash been vanquished, the group clearing out the Marketplace, the Commons, and the great Library of Ahz'nak. But what other foul creatures haunt these halls? Only time will tell. The Sunken Districts: A tale not yet spun, it's story shrouded in mystery. The Ancient Throne: A tale not yet spun, it's story shrouded in mystery. A Land of Marvels/A Sea of Despair: A tale not yet spun, it's story shrouded in mystery. ?????????????: A tale not yet spun, it's story shrouded in mystery. OOC Info A certain Nerubian is stirring up trouble in Stonetalon, the discovery of a lifetime awaits, will the adventurers be brave enough to delve into the deeps? Player Limit: 3-6 Difficulty: Well you might die but probably not! Loot: TBD :) Fun: I hopeso!
  7. Oh my fucking god me too I know what you mean, and I also get satans point, maybe we should just not include big lore items? Idk it’s kind of a hard thing to make work, people will pin for the same thing, but then again… you could always have ic struggles over it and add rp… I have thoughts now :|
  8. Knowing the system you based this on, it’s not a bad system, but sometimes I feel it becomes too much of a point in that servers events… also personally, I think the 2 per player rule is meh, I think just discouraging explicit intent to get one on every char for the sake of having one should be what we do. Also you could just have adverse ic consequences to having multiple, say someone has like 3 player made items of renown, well renown attracts all kinds of people, perhaps dms could have them assaulted by treasure hunters or the like
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  10. Any hope for forsaken counter part events?
  11. Old names here and there welcome back! :D
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  13. This looks so cool, I've had so many similar thoughts that the time walkers are so under usedfor custom content :O
  14. Finally the mute has been lifteeeeeeeeed!!! However I am going out on deployment so I won’t be around for months :( don’t steal my characters away for inactivity I’ve been stuck on for a while now and will be stuck on the boat for many months