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    in this thread we talk about the current fotm and suggest future fotms
  2. this is how some people see evolution lol The biggest problem I see with being an Alliance-aligned race that is actually neutral is recognition from the Horde, who would not only not bother with alerting every citizen that a neutral elf exists, but would also be fearful of spies.
  3. bigpoppa

    IRL Pic Thread

    this is the thread that makes me hate all of you
  4. Tell me about Karazhan, Drez. How many battlemages are on the server? Who the hell is Snazz?
  5. Isn't that a custom class?
  6. bigpoppa

    This Makes Me Sad

    Why did it even happen
  7. Not all new characters are farmers with a sword, some actually are combat-experienced, just not ICly. Perhaps a warning for high death risk and strongly advising new characters not to join, however I don't think an outright ban on newer characters is required. I feel as if that is just separating the community.
  8. the progression requirement is dumb, i almost thought we were over that
  9. bigpoppa

    IRL Pic Thread

    Is this real life? Or are you a catfish? Also, Bradley, are you 12? Majestic, are you a thot?(still, gotta kik?)
  10. just ask feral, he knows all about progression
  11. So is a true deity/source of power needed?