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  1. Pandaren use at least Ghost Iron, even for cutlery. And Obsidium I think for Tol'vir, given their segregation in Uldum. Also, Draenei have their crystalforged weapons and armor, which are of (???) quality. Naga would use primarily obsidium or coral at the very least for the fact they'd find their steel and iron rusting in the water, unless they constantly secreted oil to keep it lubrified. Except maybe mail, since mail links tend to clean themselves as it shifts and moves. And Mantid use primarily Amber, Kyparite or whatever it's called. Twilight's Hammer made extremely heavy use of elementium, also. Even summoning spiraling pylons made of the shit to decorate stuff. And then Iron Horde making use of their True Iron and Blackrock in every second grunt's armor. Metals that can be alloyed into Truesteel which - when I asked the staff - was told has a quality probably comparable to titanium. Aka - you need to RP obtaining/getting it but don't need an actual event for it. Also, them Northrend breeds of trolls and dwarves, and all that Cobalt all over the place. You can find many examples of races that would "primarily" use something else than raw steel. You just need to actually look rather than fart a guess.
  2. I've noticed as well the couple of issues, namely I rushed a bit, and as such a few things had to suffer because of it. The "arena" encounter could've been fleshed out better to be more inclusive, which I'll keep in mind for future dates, and the bit in the last room was -really- close to getting sour. I sort of had to take the earlier half of the event to warm up this time around, and I really wish it not to be a problem any further in the future. As for the pace - I agree, a couple of times I too was left wondering how or what to do to either speed things up or where to go into more detail because I feel like I didn't get to give too much if at all any focus to the atmosphere in some scenes and to me it felt a bit all over the place. I'll definitely work a little more on the consistency aspect, through-out the story. Thanks a million as well for the help given through-out here and there, and apologies to people who thought the earlier part of the story was a big of a drag. Going to start working with larger locations and less cramped up spaces for the times to come, that's a given. Anywho, appreciate the critique, Tass. Cheers!
  3. Event is complete, with initially 6 players. Two left half-way through the jig, the other four received 2.5 gold coins each, and Tayu also nicked a ring of greater healing. I've noticed a few faults of my own as well and things I'll want to improve upon with the bit of passing of time, thank you for Tass though for helping me remedy these issues at least to some extent. Leaving the thread up here to harvest feedback... and back-lash. *sweats*
  4. Read my post again. The ideas were: 1. Knowing the watter currents much like we know the wind. So they wouldn't skew their aim. Like you need to aim a bit to the left if the wind blows to the right because otherwise it will deviate your arrow, same could go for naga and water currents. Aka the underwater version of wind. It's not helping them, but they should know how to work around the issue. 2. A naga could be considered TWICE the strength of a human being, and for a sea witch longer limbs could equate in a twice as large draw length for the bow. And since the power of an arrow is calculated by multiplying the draw strength with the -square- of the draw length, if results in a product of eight times the power of an arrow shot by a naga sea witch compared to one shot by a human archer, likely even surpassing human crossbows. (in a crossbow the draw weight is usually 6-ish times greater but the draw length is 15-20 times shorter, medieval crossbows mind you - approximated numbers - but either way the crossbow isn't -that- much stronger than an english longbow for example, and what a Naga would wield would - again - potentially reach eight times that bow's damaging potential) Besides, arrows aren't meant to kill. They're designed to injure. But that's a whole different topic altogether. (I did my homework on the topic over the past 5 or so years) Not trying to be snide or arrogant or anything, I just believe - in my personal opinion - that I bring valid points supported by, well... basic physics.
  5. Naga - if anything akin to serpents - also have a lot more body size AND muscle density than humans, so they could use larger bows with greater draw weights. Doubling the draw length due to their increased size (especially the sea witches which are the ones we see archering) and the draw weight to, for example, 260 pounds of draw weight would increase the strength of the arrows eight times compared to human capacity and that is physics. Ballistics to be precise. With that aspect, as well as a heavier arrow with a hydrodynamic arrow shape (@Seir) it would be perfectly plausible for the arrow to behave like a dart shot from a real life harpoon gun. No, their range won't be amazing but anything short of heavy duty weaponry underwater will pale beneath them. And Naga would know water currents well enough to be able to prevent it from skewing their aim, more so than surface dwellers. So far this is physics. Moving on - Spellwork. Ice is easily explained, since that also acts mostly as instant-area effects or well.. again, ballistics. Further than that, lightning is a bit "meh" but we also see electric eels, in real life, so we know it works. Lightning will surge towards points of greatest difference in polarity - or best conductivity to reaching that spot. And since PURE water isn't conductive (the impurities in water are) a human being made up of carbon and other bits AND clad in armor would qualify even more so. So the only aspect is preventing it from hitting targets other than those you wish, which we see done in air as well as chain lightning conveniently avoids hitting allies of the caster and we know that the magic cast by a sorcerer is unable to damage them unless reflected at them. (making yourself explode in fire or your hands wrapped around extreme colds while casting ice spells) Still, most effective would be raw arcane, specifically minor explosions as water makes shockwaves propagate harder than air, see: shooting fish in a barrel. Or fishing with dynamite. An arcane explosion would be a LOT more devastating in water where there's also already the pressure of the water being applied to you. And lastly - melee weaponry? Hydrodynamics kept in mind again. Polearms would be preferred or thrusting-oriented weapons, or really slender slashers. Whatever would pose least resistance so axes would be a BIG stretch and any sort of blunt weaponry a real no-no. Polearms, be they halberds or spears, or blades like rapiers or longswords, and to a smaller extent scimitars and similar slashers, but still. Thrusters would be more effective for them. Rapier snake, anyone? The aspects of fantasy can add unto that, with enchantments to reduce water resistance on weapons, or simply a magic impulse to "knock" the projectiles a little harder, something that would work even better in air but still most useful underwater as well. No fantasy sources here but the explanations I gave up are more based around the realistic roots setting up the universe before fantasy adds unto it, so it should all be valid unless stated otherwise in really any known fantasy universe.
  6. IC Info ~=~ Over the course of a few days, a certain rumor of a man recruiting bounty hunters personally for some dangerous task would spread through inns across some areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. Oddly enough though no specifics were given, but the manner of word-spreading suggests some need for subtlety... Awkward enough, but it might seem worth investigating. OOC Info ~=~ This will be my first Trial event, so I will require (it's a sincere please here, I don't force anyone to but it'd help me a lot) to receive feedback, criticism and maybe a friendly (or not) rating here on this thread. The event itself will be a more unconventional one-shot, requiring a spirit of observation, some tactics and logical thinking on a both IC and OOC level. There will be combat, but maybe not in the way you'd normally be expecting, and all manners of characters are welcome, be they strong or more common levels of power. If this one goes well and perks enough interest - provided I pass my trial - I intend to turn it into a series but there's no need for long term commitment, as every "chapter" can easily be a closed chapter in and of itself. Rewards will remain undisclosed for now, aside for the payment of MUNNEH, just rest assured you're not coming over for nothing, neither IC nor OOC. Going to aim for 6 participants for this one, rough estimate. This might change depending on the exact reception - I like to adapt. Won't be taking reservations, though, so either be present or, well... my sincere apologies. When/Where ~=~ Location yet undisclosed. I'll let you know when we get there! As for a time, it will be on WEDNESDAY, 21st* of June 2k17 at 3PM ST (that's 9PM GMT for us Euro peeps) Going to give an announcement 15 minutes prior to opening the invites. NO I DIDN'T FUCK UP THE DATE... okay maybe I did, this one stays though. Additional notes ~=~ None this time around. Looking forward to seeing whoever will come there. The thread remains for you if you wish to express interest, and later on for sake of criticism. As this is a trial event I'll be taking the critique, whether it be passed in-game via whispers, over Skype or here on the forums, and quote it in the spoiler below, similarly for any encouragements should I deserve any. Basically the feedback spoiler:
  7. Didn't poke me, if I'm the one you meant. Got nothing on Discord from you, you sure you added me with the right tag? It's in my descrip, you gotta capitalize the K too, I believe.
  8. In my defense I didn't pick the cliche, just went with the suggestion... >.>
  9. I gave in more of the details via forum PM. But I'd like to bring either Anarya or Shaeryn.
  10. Oddly enough the Elements take form when knocked out of balance by, for example, the lack of the element of Life in the area. Draenor's Furies are more ephemeral because of the whole Life saturation making them more harmonious and peaceful, hence less likely to manifest physically. But the Elements themselves are in a way alive, and only need the "umph" to draw into a being, known as elemental. And since apparently that "umph" can be the mere LACK OF LIFE, as is on Azeroth (thanks Elune) it's likely a mage might know how to do something. You do raise an interesting plot hole, there, and it is strange but I suppose it's just one of those things we need to blame on "Because Fluff" and just saying that elementals are different from life itself. And also, keep in mind the elemental doesn't really seem to have a clear identity or personality when it's just freshly created, as Jaina's needed a fair bit of time, -years- since the third war at least, to start developing a character and becoming more "alive". So it might be a saturation of it, or something. And, well... also the Spirit of Life and the element of Decay are things, as well. The Light may have been the first spark of life but I'm not sure if -every- new life atm really needs further Light to form. Major speculation here, mind you.
  11. Summoning -is- technically conjuration, though, keep in mind. But yes, the arcane can form ties to imprison or enslave elementals quite easily. Just keep in mind that even the "created" elementals are elementals that shaman can interact with, and will eventually return to the elemental plane or just lose their sentience and return to simply being water. They're not "constructs" though, as that would fall more under golemancy. And at that point they'd no longer be elementals. Either way, though, WoW leaves a fair bit of room for interpretation on things like this, so it's no big deal so long as it doesn't drive to an OOC conflict in the midst of the RP itself.
  12. Alright, for whoever didn't bother to search it: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Water_elemental The mages apparently "create" new elementals by a similar process they are naturally formed. The raw element of water taking form as it often does on Azeroth but less on Draenor. The Elemental created is then 100% loyal to it's maker until control is lost in one way or another, at which point they're pretty much chill and neutral. They're not technically "enslaved" though, since they're newly formed. HOWEVER Jaina did do this: "After the fall of Theramore, Jaina Proudmoore used the Focusing Iris to create and enslave many water elementals. She bound them into a huge wave with the intent of destroying Orgrimmar. The enslaved elementals cried out to Thrall in a vision, asking for help. Thanks to Kalecgos, Jaina realized the horror of the genocide she was about to commit. She instead used the elementals to rescue the Alliance navy from a Horde fleet and their krakens in Bladefist Bay." Hence we know that the mages can also enslave elementals, if they wish to. But at the end of the day they don't HAVE to unless they wanna do it like miss racist up there, since they don't need thousands of them. And also we know why shaman aren't bothered by the usual mage's water spirit. They're new born, and with a yet undeveloped character. Almost "hollow" in a way, since it's a pretty marvelous thing that "seemed to have an almost developed personality and acted as a more permanent bodyguard." Bottom line --- They're real elementals, yes, not "arcane constructs" like the familiars are. At the end of the day any element, be it fire, water, wind, earth, arcane, void, light, etc... can be given the "umph" to take a physical form and become a living being. It just takes a while for them to develop sentience, personality, character and individuality afterwards. And of course once created they're loyal to their makers for at least a while, since elementals aren't a hive mind.
  13. I would like canonical confirmation of that statement. The first opening of the Dark Portal - as written in one of the novels (I don't remember which one, I saw it a couple of times mentioned in Nobbel's videos though) - was done with the sacrifice of a single soul, that of a child, because of the souls of children being pure and oh so powerful. A single soul to power the Dark Portal. A draenei kid. From the last chapter of "Rise of the Horde". Words said by Gul'dan: "Even now, our ally is working to open the Portal on his side. And now, we will begin." He gestured to the little draenei captive. "Blood is a pure offering to those who give us these vast powers. And the blood of a child is purer still. With the life fluid of our enemies, we will open the Portal and step into a glorious new world - a new page in the history of the Horde!" It doesn't mention souls specifically but still. The movie's depiction of using hundreds of caged draenei is probably for the sake of keeping the PG lower than 21. In the novel the glyphs around the portal are primed by the blood of the masons that carved them, and the portal itself is "triggered" by the sacrifice of the child. Which is a pretty big lot of power... Just how much is up for debate, and if it's just the soul or if it's about the heap of life in a draenei kid that still would have thousands of years left ahead of him. Either way, kids are more powerful power sources than mature people.
  14. The thing Syth pointed out is good enough, but we know from the Shivarra that mortals can be turned into demons. Also, by the fact the WoD Challe turns into a troll as she was in TBC makes me think she's the same entity given that she wouldn't have any reason as an AU orc to take that form. Hence the logic would be that she is some species of demon. Given the inclination to kill that orc's lover to take her place and lure him in, I'd assume she's a manner of seductress seeking to make a recruitment in her own interest, and share the demonic powers by bringing him into the Legion, of her own interest rather than as a larger operation. That makes me believe less likely of her to be a shivarra and more a succubus seeking to gain influence in her "clique". As for the orphanage thing in TBC, quite simply, children have pure souls of great power, so it may even be that she's a demon that had gone rogue and rather than feasting on the fel from the legion she does instead on pure souls. Such as, just like we know, the souls of heart-broken lovers. (see the Undead Warlock's succubus quests) And staying in disguise and under the radar would be her means to avoid detection by the Legion and hence extermination. As for why she had gone rogue? Who knows. Maybe her master died, or switched to the Illidari, or she herself did the switch then left Illidan as well, don't know. That's my assumption though.
  15. I'm also going to add the brief input that Dark Shaman were compared to Death Knights and Warlocks in terms of whatever? Keep in mind. Warlocks are -NECESSARY- in order to bear knowledge of the Legion and Demonic arts and tactics, and to enslave demons to our aid because THERE'S NO OTHER WAY. Death Knights are UNWILLING undead soldiers that were literally converted and tortured into machines of death and destruction, and they're acting as parts of either faction in order to redeem themselves of the sins they committed in the scourge, and to sate their eternal hunger through combat in the wars. BUT they are not allowed to just liberally practice necromancy, see how the "too liberal" DKs are being treated. Marked as renegades, hunted down, purged etc. Just look at the Cabal of Damnation and how it ended up. Necromancers are WILLING practitioners of dark arts. That - let's remember - are illegal because they corrupt the souls and bodies of the dead that are resurrected. For better or for worse, warlocks only really defile their own spirits and bodies, and somewhat the souls of their victims but it's not like anyone really goes "okay" at the act of sucking a soul. Every druid, shaman, priest or paladin seeing a warlock using a drain soul really better have a really fucking good reason for not interrupting that spell in that very instant, in my case it's usually hard to pin-point a reason and I feel like I'm mis-playing a LAWFUL GOOD character - like go figure, the majority of the Alliance's leadership - for not acting against it. And also, DKs were needed to give some expertise in the workings of the Scourge, and the majority of them fought alongside the Ashen Verdict, not alongside the factions. And there wasn't really a better alternative, because guess what, the alternative were necromancers. Cult of the Damned, potential traitors, so on and so forth. DKs were welcomed in their capital cities with rotten fruit, spit, feces and dirt thrown at their faces, and it literally took a letter from Tyrion saying "They've been betrayed by the Lich King and sworn to try and kill him, we SERIOUSLY need their aid" for Varian and Thrall respectively not to order their deaths but instead command they be ACCEPTED. As for Dark Shamans... let's see. They're voluntary practitioners of dark and dangerous arts. They defile not only their own souls and bodies but the very nature around them. There already is an alternative to pacifying and weaponizing the elements - it's called ordinary shaman. They would push the Earthen Ring into officially becoming an enemy faction, rather than a neutral one of potential allies in times of crisis, as they were during Cata. They'd be causing brooding conflicts with the Draenei and the Wildhammer dwarves. They'd potentially cause issues with the Druids and hence the Kaldorei and Worgen as well - because the Cenarion Circle is also over there to protect the world and wouldn't take it too kindly if the world itself wanted to kill them. And we know they'd help with elemental-related business because we've seen them wage war in the Firelands before, when a different set of angry elements rose up to destroy the world. Tolerating them would also alienate your own force of shamans, and the argument of "nullifying the enemy's force" is anyway redundant because sure, shamanism is the ruling spiritual inclination in the Horde by majority, but the majority of the Horde's MILITARY power is in - go figure - war machines, warriors, fighters, Forsaken plagues, powerful arcane of the Sin'dorei and the use of warlockery because - go figure again - the Horde has more warlocks than the Alliance does - and actual legitimate users of Necromancy - which the Alliance abhorres. There is literally NO legitimate argument in favor of allowing Dark Shamanism in the Alliance that doesn't have a perfectly valid counter-argument, but a plethora of arguments in counter to the notion that certify that it's a bad idea. And regardless of how beneficial they might be in some very niche situations, anyone with a mind for anything good, noble or cautious would know not to make use of this - because the only ones in the LORE that made use of dark shamanism were - again - the Kor'kron under Garrosh's madness, and the Twilight's Hammer Clan. And on that extent, why not allow Nightmare Druids as well if we'd be to allow Dark Shamans? Yes, sure, we already got druids but fuck them, they're in northern kalimdor. Oh, yes, right, the Alliance almost died because of it once. Remember that episode with the whole of Stormwind caught in the emerald nightmare? Sleepwalking civilians murdering soldiers left and right? Horde and Alliance needing to band together again to overcome that near-catastrophe? Recall as well the whole bloody Cataclysm, and the hands-down proof of how nasty pissed off elements can be in the Firelands, in Skywall AND in Deepholm, as well as the army of Water Elementals Jaina later brought up that nearly destroyed Orgrimmar? How STUPID and UTTERLY RETARDED would the Alliance have to be to risk any of those catastrophes coming upon them AGAIN for just the sake of "having a few marginally stronger units" by employing dark magic when they're supposed to be a LAWFUL GOOD faction? And the argument of "NPCs are stupid" is invalid, because NPCs are not retarded, they're just portrayed as such, making mistakes or being unable to solve their own issues in order to give the players something to do, and the only, the ONLY instance in which something like Dark Shamanism were to be allowed in either of the two factions would be so that the actual Shamans and the lawful good players would have a reason to go in, beat some shit up and remind the SELECT FEW NPCs who thought it was a good idea that they are indeed retarded. But those few sure as hell are NOT the leaders of the factions. --- Okay. I know I sound angry and pissed off, don't take it that way though, I've only been trying to underline a few points that I had the thought were marginally neglected. Either way, the vote of the playerbase is up there as well, for the most part, but I do feel like this debate won't be going anywhere since - as usual - everyone has their own speculations on the topic and there's no real solid proof in favor, but neither against the notion. We simply know that it never happened. Because.. it didn't. So why would it? When it makes little sense? At this point if you wished to see Dark Shaman be permitted or tolerated in whatever scenario, seeing as there -are- no examples of them being legal to either of the two primary factions, you'd be best off making a lore clarification and bringing up the arguments there why you think it should happen. Because, again, as is right now, it's not likely to be accepted. And no, saying that "the kingdom endorses it" like they do with warlocks and whatnot wouldn't be applicable, and I do believe that if you're caught actually using dark shamanism an actual shaman would be well enough able to put you to some discipline, if not go as far as conducting a civil arrest (not necessarily killing you) for employing dark shamanism and in turn escort thou to them Earthen Ring for proper justice to be given by the order that polices the use of elemental magic and actively seeks to protect the balance of existence between the elements and the denizens of Azeroth. And no, the Alliance likely wouldn't act against it, due to political risks. Could go into further detail but I anyway doubt anyone will be reading this post as is. But hey, cheers if you did though.