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  1. Still the original Kayn. Blizzard and Riot just loved me enough to add me to their games.

  2. If you would want me to pick up an event request for you, hit me up yo. Otherwise I'll take them on my own pace. Also, I'm open to handling one-shots and the like.

  3. I've noticed as well the couple of issues, namely I rushed a bit, and as such a few things had to suffer because of it. The "arena" encounter could've been fleshed out better to be more inclusive, which I'll keep in mind for future dates, and the bit in the last room was -really- close to getting sour. I sort of had to take the earlier half of the event to warm up this time around, and I really wish it not to be a problem any further in the future. As for the pace - I agree, a couple of times I too was left wondering how or what to do to either speed things up or where to go into more detail because I feel like I didn't get to give too much if at all any focus to the atmosphere in some scenes and to me it felt a bit all over the place. I'll definitely work a little more on the consistency aspect, through-out the story. Thanks a million as well for the help given through-out here and there, and apologies to people who thought the earlier part of the story was a big of a drag. Going to start working with larger locations and less cramped up spaces for the times to come, that's a given. Anywho, appreciate the critique, Tass. Cheers!
  4. Event is complete, with initially 6 players. Two left half-way through the jig, the other four received 2.5 gold coins each, and Tayu also nicked a ring of greater healing. I've noticed a few faults of my own as well and things I'll want to improve upon with the bit of passing of time, thank you for Tass though for helping me remedy these issues at least to some extent. Leaving the thread up here to harvest feedback... and back-lash. *sweats*
  5. IC Info ~=~ Over the course of a few days, a certain rumor of a man recruiting bounty hunters personally for some dangerous task would spread through inns across some areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. Oddly enough though no specifics were given, but the manner of word-spreading suggests some need for subtlety... Awkward enough, but it might seem worth investigating. OOC Info ~=~ This will be my first Trial event, so I will require (it's a sincere please here, I don't force anyone to but it'd help me a lot) to receive feedback, criticism and maybe a friendly (or not) rating here on this thread. The event itself will be a more unconventional one-shot, requiring a spirit of observation, some tactics and logical thinking on a both IC and OOC level. There will be combat, but maybe not in the way you'd normally be expecting, and all manners of characters are welcome, be they strong or more common levels of power. If this one goes well and perks enough interest - provided I pass my trial - I intend to turn it into a series but there's no need for long term commitment, as every "chapter" can easily be a closed chapter in and of itself. Rewards will remain undisclosed for now, aside for the payment of MUNNEH, just rest assured you're not coming over for nothing, neither IC nor OOC. Going to aim for 6 participants for this one, rough estimate. This might change depending on the exact reception - I like to adapt. Won't be taking reservations, though, so either be present or, well... my sincere apologies. When/Where ~=~ Location yet undisclosed. I'll let you know when we get there! As for a time, it will be on WEDNESDAY, 21st* of June 2k17 at 3PM ST (that's 9PM GMT for us Euro peeps) Going to give an announcement 15 minutes prior to opening the invites. NO I DIDN'T FUCK UP THE DATE... okay maybe I did, this one stays though. Additional notes ~=~ None this time around. Looking forward to seeing whoever will come there. The thread remains for you if you wish to express interest, and later on for sake of criticism. As this is a trial event I'll be taking the critique, whether it be passed in-game via whispers, over Skype or here on the forums, and quote it in the spoiler below, similarly for any encouragements should I deserve any. Basically the feedback spoiler:
  6. Didn't poke me, if I'm the one you meant. Got nothing on Discord from you, you sure you added me with the right tag? It's in my descrip, you gotta capitalize the K too, I believe.
  7. In my defense I didn't pick the cliche, just went with the suggestion... >.>
  8. I gave in more of the details via forum PM. But I'd like to bring either Anarya or Shaeryn.
  9. Well, it's a great thing to add to your resume as a capable fighter or as a talented healer, or just a survivor in dire situations. But promotions to positions of Knight and especially higher up are awarded not based on individual capability but based on leadership and the ability to coordinate troops, as the officer's position becomes less revolving around battling himself and more around being able to lead others and keeping order in a unit, keeping them motivated and knowing where to send them so they wouldn't -die-. Sure, managing to take a position of leadership over and organizing a pile of adventurers would be a good thing to add to a resume, or standing out due to taking some brilliant tactical choices, but seeing as to how commanders in Draenor were OOCly forbidden from bringing over their player troops, it would be pretty much pointless to list these as scale-tipping feats in an application for a higher tier of promotion. Sure, if you do something that stands out, that's great, but generally events carried out in this manner, as opposed to -military- events, or at least places where the command of the action is put in the player character's hands in some way, the thing itself from an IC standpoint doesn't mean much... "Sure, Knight-Lieutenant, you've been to these battles, you fought besides heroes in great battles, you're an inspiration to us all... but which part of this tells me you'd be the kind of man I'd wish to take -out- of the front line and place you at a command table...?" Because keep in mind, realistically most of the higher-ranking commanders wouldn't lead FROM THE FRONT because of the risk of dying a miserable death. Just see Anduin Lothar if you want an example. He was a hero, yes, but heroes tend to die quickly, and well.. if all officers are heroes you'll end up without a chain of command. Even when the commanders join in battle, they usually have better armor and soldiers around them to make sure they don't just die to the first miserable foe that gets to cheap-shot them. That said, yes, having these battles and feats is a good thing to add to any resume or application, but the tipping factor for higher promotions should still be the actual command scenarios, and listing an event like this should not be able to turn a previously denied Knight-Champion application into an approved one. And I think that's also what Sage meant by what he said. Not that they're 100% irrelevant in any form of military progression. And yes, corporal and sergeant ranks are given to ones that specialize in what they do, not in how they lead. See the three different types of sergeants, of which one explicitly says it's an honorary position more given to those who really specialize in, for example, artillery. And that all the ranks up to that of the Captain only give up to 5 soldiers for the player, iirc. So.. really not much. The rank of Knight is where "you are expected to start showing leadership capabilities".
  10. Kayn

    The Iron Tide Begins

    Honestly couldn't agree more, Bree.
  11. Kayn

    The Iron Tide Begins

    I'm not coming back on the decision at all. All I'm doing is raising awareness that not every character is meant to be there, even if someone really wants to play their freshly approved toon. Saying that you can't be at every event, and that the pre-event stuff could've been done much better without basically dropping the bomb on the DM. Everybody was there at the landing site and then it's like "Well fuck." Didn't mean to accuse you of such specifically, my bad on the poor wording for that one. I was trying to say that up until the moment when you do, you've done nothing wrong in my opinion. I'll agree that it's a pressing situation the one you've been in, and the one you're being put in right now as well. Maybe things could've been handled better? Probably, but they could also have gone a hundred times worse. Pointing out the latter doesn't do as much, but admittedly not mentioning it did make it look like I was trying to shank you for a moment there. Talking with the various people about why they're part of another group, or why they'd probably be better off staying aside? It would've put you in a bad light and delayed the event greatly. Nobody in his right mind will be able to blame you for managing to deal with the situation. I was making a general statement to try and discourage you or other DMs from saying "okay maybe you're right" just because someone is getting upset for no reasonable rational reason. Generally when two people are at a disagreement the person that's in the right has a tendency to say "You know what, believe whatever and leave me be." and the person that's in the wrong has an even greater tendency to say "I don't like where this conversation is going. Can we just agree to disagree?" or simply leaving the conversation. And honestly it's depressing to watch.
  12. Kayn

    The Iron Tide Begins

    Alright, this is derailing fast... I'm going to try and raise a few topics to maybe give everyone here something to think about before jumping in the argument again just constantly repeating their own premise in hopes the other will cave in and say something inconsistent. That's not how arguments work, people. Limits on events. Player caps. Either you got one or you got none. Obviously for the latter you need to be prepared. Two or three DMs, a strict set of rounds and management, and every single possible variable mapped out and/or eliminated. Predictable results and mechanical DMing. AKA - Look at Raz and the Siege of Orgrimmar raids. That's -him- finding a DMing style making people able to get involved in an event in massive numbers of up to -fifty- with him being the sole DM. Give the man some kudos, but don't expect -every- DM to suddenly do the same and better. As for those that pick a player cap. It's supposed to stay static, whether it makes sense or not. It's unfair for some, ok, but not doing it that way becomes unfair for everyone else. You only allow 10 people. 8 have reserved spots. Of them 6 show up and there are 5 more at the premises. You can do 2 things. 1. Take those 6 and 4 of the other group. You got your 10, everyone else just.... tough luck. It's your responsibility, not the DM's. As it should be. 2. Take all 11 of them. It's just one extra anyway. Then those 7th and 8th show up. You gotta take them too, you already went over the cap, and they reserved spots, too. But there's also a 14th that would make sense to come, he's an officer. Why deny him, got something against him personally? You already proved that the cap is meaningless. But that one also has 3 PCs that are his subordinates and you can't tell an officer to come without his crew. And what about those 10 that need to wait for everyone else to show up? And when do they stop? You already got 7 extra people, what's the difference if you take two other randoms? They'd make more sense being there than one of the original 10. Life's unfair. Things can't be made perfect for everyone. I miss events that I'd like to attend as well, shit happens. If the DM decides to bend his rules to let you in, that's not your right. It's him breaking his own rules to give you a privilege because he wants to be nice. Participation in a DM's event isn't a right. It's a -privilege-. Good. Now.. About participation to all events. Some people got alts and all that. They show up in the area on one char or another, then a third, so on so forth. Some are there just to show up and show they've given interest. Others are there for visits. Or just because it'd be fun to RP it out - for everyone involved. Does that mean all those chars should be in events? Also, if there's one spot and there are 2 people wanting to take it, who will? One of them is a superior officer, okay, and the other a soldier nobody. But the officer also plays out in every other faction's events. Give the other guy a chance as well. Reason? You're an officer, do logistics. Or maybe it's a random someone. Reason - you had a running nose and needed to stay out, or missed the call of duty or simply someone didn't like your mug and the officer decided to take him instead of you. Either way, that would be fair. But again, it's not up to the player. It's up to the DM. And if people can't be civil to decide among themselves who's deserving of a spot or not, the DM will have to make a call at his or her own discretion. So long as there are two or more people on the same -planet-, it's impossible to have everybody pleased. Conflicts will eventually happen. We need to learn to accept that if we want to be able to enjoy the times when things do happen to go our way. Alright, now more towards the topic of djinn, dragons, demon hunters... yadda yadda. People can be there for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you -have- to be there for a moral reason, and you need to help. That doesn't mean you need to participate in the events in order to be there and helping. Maybe you're helping with the logistics in the camp. Maybe you're just around to help tend to the wounded, or to act as a therapist in the field for that one traumatized sexually depraved woman that's gonna have a mental breakdown if you don't hug her every once in a while. You can be there and help without getting involved in the events themselves. Just like you can be utterly useless despite showing up in every event possible. If the DMs aren't comfortable with letting you in the event or deny you in favor of another player, don't believe it's impairing your ability to play the character. But at the same time, if the character in question has a -valid- reason that can, at the end of the day, be as much as "I really want this, because I had a dream of sweet-rolls and guards with busted kneecaps" and there's no other reason not to let them in... why stop them? I mean, if any soldier had a reason to say "I won't let you in the field", or if you as a DM thought that their power level would break apart the balance of the operation or would've simply had a negative impact on the vibe of the scene, you are well enough empowered to refuse them. Letting them in the event means - to the public eye - that you had no reason not to let them in, regardless of rules or personal preferences. So throwing it out there that you had no other choice doesn't really make a difference. You made a call, there are the consequences. It's what happens when you're dealing with people. I'm not jumping at Phoenix or Sage, hell I have praise for Tass for taking in everyone that was there. But.. after you've done it saying "I shouldn't have" will only do more harm than good. Need to be prepared for the unpredictable situations as they show up. Give the power to the players and watch them use it, or keep being the DM and if anyone bitches... you truly are only doing your job. You're in the right either way until you decide to go back on one of your decisions. Personally? TL'DR here - I think people should start being more reasonable, and stop thinking about what they want or what they believe is fair, and think more from an objective perspective. Understand everyone's position before you put yourself in the center of the situation. If you do that, well.. you circumvent all the arguments. Everything would be better. But we're people, and we can't be objective, so I'm just stating the obvious and looking like an arrogant prick on a crusade to insult and criticize everybody while doing it. *shrug* Just wanted to say my peace on the topic, if you read it - my thanks. If you agree as well, my condolences. Welcome to the minority. Either way, have a good one, everybody.
  13. All I can say is that this was -AWESOME-, I'm sure as well excited about playing in the next part, and I seriously encourage people who want to have some legit fun for just the fuck of it to join up. Swell idea on this one, Snow.
  14. The solution to delete the cache folder and then copy a fresh one in it's place is based off of a simple concept. The Cache from your paragon files archive contains - as an analogy - files A, C and F. So it looks like [A,C,F] When the game runs, it adds on top of that. So it becomes [A,B,C,D,E,F,G...] and so on. If you just copy the original on top of it, overwriting is only going to replace the A, C and F files with themselves and leave all the others in there. And completely deleting the folder and replacing it with a fresh copy is a lot easier than manually deleting B, D, E, G and so on. Technically speaking.. it's still over-writing too. As a fun fact there. Data can't be "deleted" from a harddrive. Once written it's there, but it can be over-written. What the computer does when you delete data is remove it's "outline" so to speak. Which is why you can recover deleted files from a corrupted hard-drive, to some extent. But that's technicality, and I see what you mean (after a third read)... As for the animation, idk, if it'll be solved it will probably come with the 7.2 update at some point, I imagine. Try what I do, I just macro all my combat animations. And if I want to keep a .anim going, I just emote more often than I /say *shrug* Small issues. (And I think there are other similar freezing animations as well, just don't recall any off the top of my head.)
  15. ...How open-minded are you when you say "ANY" faction? Cause I got a few chars that like to sleep... ...And might cause some interesting scenes.