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  1.'m not... Mwahahahaha!!
  2. Well, I thought about getting back to this server! And even more so now that the new Warcraft movie has come out. And also, at the school I'm going to we have this competition where we were had to make a YouTube video and generate the most likes through social media and such. So well...I thought that maybe you guys could help me out! :) Thanks in advance! Yes that is me IRL. And no my name is not Stan IRL.
  3. I didn't really plan on using a pet, I just thought it could've come in handy to know. But if I say, want an armored gryphon or an armored horse or something, would that be needed to be learnt from a staff member. Not that I have a problem with it, it's quite easy it seems, but still, just want to know.
  4. Thanks for answering these! Two of these (the pet and ruid one), I asked simply because I wanted to make sure so that I don't do anything wrong. I just have so high hopes for this that I don't want to ruin anything by coming off the wrong way ICly.
  5. Well, yeah, I'm new... (not the point of this post though) I really just have a few questions and didn't know where else to post them, as they're not technical related. 1. How do people see pets in-game? Are they accepted for IC use? (Not that I usually use pets, I just gotta ask for the sake of asking.) 2. Mounts, do they exist in this server and are they accepted IC? 3. I couldn't find anything stating I could NOT play as a druid but I'ma ask just in case. Can I play as a druid (ICly)?