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  1. Jango756

    IRL Pic Thread

    (Warning, big pictures) Around 6 months ago Currently xD
  2. Sometimes people forget heroes die too.
  3. He died as he lived. Fighting the Legion to the bitter end.
  4. Name of Character (as it appears in-game): Sylnadraes Full Name of Character: Sylnadraes Dreadblade Affiliation: Primarily Independent, Darnasssus (Loosely), Wardens (Loosely) Number of Forces (Including Type): None Force Placement (If hidden send a pm to Verum): Pm sent.
  5. I'm totally european, all about them euros man Character Name(in-game): Velandriel Everblade Variation of Lightwielder: ADT Continent: Varies
  6. Jango756

    IRL Pic Thread

    It's been awhile.....
  7. Jango756


    Yeh it was certainly a fun event alright, look forward to part 2 P.S. Jordi your sig made me shiver in terror #Velandirel