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  1. Reserving a slot for Elirion, Elf'dorei Warlock
  2. uhm what im the manager dont u this fuk banned 30 million jews
  3. Sorry, I'd like to clarify that any claims of Fun™ are hereby unaccredited and do no constitute form of any entertainment nor any guarentee thereof by Paragon DM Team LLC. Events® are not a substitute for Fun™. Ask your doctor if Events are right for you.
  4. The date was originally listed incorrectly because of issues with international dating. As far as the server was concerned, it started at 11pm, Feb 22nd.
  5. Matria's forces withdraw on the day of the expected siege when no orders come.
  6. Ragolution


    When am I going to get my title? It's been about a month now since I asked.
  7. why don't you make a spreadsheet and link that to the header, vykax?
  8. Could you possibly make a Druid of the Talon that randomly uses one of the storm crow models? Not a specific one.
  9. Ragolution


    just gunna bring culween next time and be the healerer
  10. Η πτώση της Δαμοκλῆς (can't be an event thread without music) WHAT: The Siege of the Damocles WHO: All Factions, both Alliance and Horde. (Limit 10; unless another DM steps up to co-DM. Zahariel has a reserved slot.) WHEN: Tuesday, Oct 4th, 4:45pm EST WHERE: Space. Paragon.