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  1. You'll come a-waltzing matilda with me!

  2. Maverick

    Guns & You Just going to throw that out there, this is a tweet from the Lead Narrative Designer. The firearm designs that dominate the warcraft setting are Black-powder weapons featuring flintlock action, although there is room for more advanced/unique weaponry created by individual tinker or technomage type characters, these weapons are both uncommon and unreliable. Don't like it? Deal with it, you don't get to bend the reality of the setting to your fantasy of writing a Clint Eastwood or Chris Kyle insert. The Lead Narrative Designer explains that game mechanics, such as the Hunter ostensibly firing in Semi-auto to just be that. A game mechanic. It's not a valid or reliable source of lore on how firearms in the setting function because it's there for the purpose of balancing gameplay :).
  3. Maverick

    Guns & You

    Just going to chime in. There is a significant difference between a "Bolt-action" weapon and a "Machine Gun." in the way in which rounds are fed into the firing chamber and then the spent cartridges are ejected. Machine guns usually feature an open bolt and receive their ammunition through a belt feed, which are usually disintegrating or non-disintegrating, Machine guns are gas operated. A "Bolt-Action" rifle, uses a breech-loading system which is shared with Field Guns, Old School Anti-Aircraft Falk Cannons, Modern Cannons found on Main Battle Tanks etc, where a round is loaded into the firing chamber, and after firing the casing is ejected and another round loaded into the firing chamber. Breech-loading is a very significant development when coupled with rifled barrels and conical rounds because it enables development of rifled bolt-action large calibre rifles. Widespread use renders the use of low-carbon steel, non-alloyed metals in infantry armor absolutely useless as the thickness necessary to stop these rounds robs a rifleman of all mobility in weight. Even if there are rifled breech-loading rifles, remember, unless you can source a design in warcraft featuring a stripper or enbloc magazine. You're hand-loading the rounds into said breech. My Point in all of this? Even if conical round firing weapons exist, the man hours and equipment that go into machining, casting and heat treatment processes used in firearm component manufacture at this point would result in limited production from astronomical costs, the only people and organizations who could afford to produce, utilize and maintain them would be extremely wealthy. Professional Militaries and Governments come to mind. If you're going to look for real weapons with comparable performance for reference, you'll have to look back to the earliest designs featuring conical rounds. Early percussion cap Revolvers, Smoothbore (non-rifled, short range) breech-loading rifles such as the Dreyse Needle Gun in my opinion are VERY good reference points for these kind of firearms. And that's all from me!
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  5. Alas, this might be a touch too late for me now. Given my screwed timezone of GMT +10, so if I'm not there, let me say this now. Have fun people!
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  9. Didn't realize how much I need TRP until I can't use it. Honestly, kinda kills it for me. I actually like reading TRPs and gets me more interested and immersed?

  10. Trying to get that Horde Rp going!

  11. Okay, so I'm back......After what seems like ages! Well, kind of back. I'll be lurking around the forums.

  12. Okay, now I can go about finishing that App I've been going on about!