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  1. Silphax

    Celes's Art

    Love it. Pretty great lineart/colouring.
  2. Oh, so you did it. Cool.
  3. waitwait So this is just a pilgrimage to the Sunwell? If not, I got an underlying sense that this guy really doesn't want the Sunwell purified and seeks to corrupt it. The latter could be very wrong because I'm tired as shit while writing this, but if so that would be REALLY hard to accomplish if you consider how many guards and people there are on Quel'danas, especially at the Sunwell itself. Again, just mostly my tired rambling. Feel free to ignore it.
  4. Doesn't sound too bad. Good luck.
  5. I saw 'old god' and I thought faceless one. It was written at nearly 4 AM anyways, so bleh.
  6. This sounds intriguing. I'm assuming the quest giver in question is the ethereal? Otherwise, I do wonder where in the Eastern Kingdoms the faceless one has taken over.