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    Welcome aboard! The RP mostly occurs all in the main phase, in different spots- depending on the players and whatnot- so it could be something like main phase Goldshire then other minor RPs in phased interiors.
  2. You're apologized for the delay since you're a good nugget. The mundane tier you suggest is actually quite fair- for I can totally see the most simply of works still being a vital part of a mercenary organization which, realistically, would not rely solely onto contracts that imply picking up arms. Protection, escort, even things which wouldn't necessarily need mercenaries such as hard labour could be included- if perhaps we're talking about smuggling some goods, so there might be chances a gang / the law could catch scent and a fight ensures. For the danger tiers... hrm, they could be something of the sort: Mundane, little to no action expected such as the aforementioned protection of a VIP. Low danger, action expected but of relative low threat, such as a pack of wolves or fie and scarcely armed bandits. Moderate danger, action expected with a rather consistent threat which could be either a product of the number of enemies expected or the singular power of one foe. Respectively it could be taking down a particularly numerous gang which has set home by an abandoned building- or taking down a rather powerful Ogre with few lackeys of his own in toe. High danger, action with quite the danger expected. In this case we are not simply considering the numbers of enemies- but rather the numbers of one particularly powerful kind of enemies, in relation to your usual mercenary of course. Hence it could be a whole zone with trollish ruins inhabited by Ogres of different skills in Stranglethorn, for example. Regarding requirements I wholeheartdly agree that'd make quite the fine addition, alongside Mercenary Experience- perhaps a tab such as Mercenary Reputation rather than the skills, whilst having the latter still included to the side, with less experienced mercenaries having, instead of a 0 value to their experience (that influences the roll) a negative value which increases chances of death or injury for the party (their unexperience leads to a less than optimal, almost endangering, performance in the whole mission- dragging down the whole group with them). Mercenary Reputation As mercenaries do jobs, the outcome of said jobs increases or decreases the whole reputation of the Company, opening (or barring) them from acquiring higher tier missions that include certainly a higher risk, but also higher reward. Once a company has reached a reputation level of 5, they begin to receive offers for mid-tier contracts. Once a company has reached a reputation level of 10, they begin to receive offers for high-tier contracts. Mundane - 1(?) point worth (gain / loss), depending of the type of task- I'd assume the reputation gain and loss realistically from this would be relatively low to be almost 'insignificant' on a tab level) Low - 1 point worth (gain / loss) Moderate - 2 point worth (gain / loss) High - 3/2 point worth (gain / loss) Please do give more feedback, I tried to add up more to this as suggested. Thanks to all that are interested and pinching in on the suggested system.
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    Hopefully you'll enjoy the changes and your stay. :)
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    You look cool Turtle.
  5. This has been a blast from beginning to end- albeit with few player induced hiccups. Thank you Alfos, really enjoyed it.
  6. People around Greasetrap gossip of the Skyward Empyrean finding themselves a new business partner hailing from the Eastern Kingdoms- the renowed mercenary Elena Williams. One could only guess what she would be up to- but as workers get ready... perhaps one more Zeppelin is about to take flight.
  7. Any other fellow interested that feels like pinching in? Moderators?
  8. Bring this back to life!
  9. While I understand what you mean with fear of AFK farming, the thing is it- given it is an OOC monthly thing it would just be something extra in the background to keep some NPCs busy instead of doing nothing at all. Though definitely adjusting the values can be done fairly. Perhaps set the range for death fixed onto 1-5 and have failure be respectively 6-30 / 6-40 / 6-50. Failure would imply wounds that'd rend the mercenary unable to be deploy until fully recovered. Perhaps could influence reputation as well, a series of failures could make so that there is less work offered, such as a month with nothing going on at all not because you can't but simply because no one wishes to hire one that can't get things done? Also good to see you Verum, thanks for poking your head in and helping out with the system. :)
  10. Greetings everyone. I am putting forward this thread, suggested to do such also from Moderators, with the intention to try and suggest a system for those who, like my character Elena, run a mercenary company that requires contracts, work and money to properly function- but that cannot always either find people interested or events where they can properly play out their company. Of course, this system- as I will say in the end, could be promptly build upon by others to be adapted to other kind of forces, be it military or else. Stealing the concept of the Garrison and the Class Hall missions, I've worked with Cagi (though he has done most of the work, admittedly, to keep it balanced) on creating a simple system that would allow one to monthly send out one or multiple of their mercenaries with the prospect of them succeeding, in order to bring back home money that they'll earn, with a cut remaining on their 'manager'. As mercenaries, the need to keep on the move needs to be given form, and concepts such as passive income isn't as prevalent in such a group as they're commission-based. As such, the system would involve monthly objectives for the NPCs to take, that may result in rewards, failure, or even death. The system would work like this: Low-danger 1-5: Death (Possibly due to an unforeseen circumstance) 6-20: Failure 21-80: Success (50s per merc success) 81+: Great success (1g per merc great success) Moderate danger 1-10: Death 11-30: Failure 31-85: Success (1g per merc success) 85+: Great success (2g per merc great success) High danger 1-20: Death 21-50: Failure 51-90: Success (3g per merc success) 90+: Great success (5g per merc great success) The rolls will be logged and screenshotted in Elephant for each merc, and explained for each result and intended mission, and the final accrued payment will be requested, as well as confirmation of any dead mercenaries. For those who wish to add a further aspect in the system, which I believe would fit the RP more, there would be an additional line for experience gathered by the individual mercenaries. Mercenary Experience As mercenaries do jobs, they get 1 exp next to their name that provides a +1 to rolls on the character in the field, except for nat 1s. A new recruit always starts at +0. To further keep note of any mercenary busy, their experience and eventual fallen ones- a sheet will be used, like this- so that the GMs can keep check of anything weird if they wish, whilst also be able to see the eventual progress, able to ask for proof of certain numbers and whatnot to make sure the system is not being abused. Hoping to find playerbase support and approval as I do believe this system could benefit the whole community and could also adapted to not only suit mercenaries, but any kind of force- perhaps changing rewards from money to items or materials- or even just for a Military application when BFA will hit. Such, whilst remaining optional. Thank you for your time.
  11. This was very pleasant.
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