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  1. whats up tony the tiger my man haha hows it goin

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      I'm good! Wbu?

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    Stonefield burns

    Mr. Jolan of the S.J. Enterprises expresses deep concern regarding these attacks onto vital areas of the Kingdom often forgotten, the farms- and is even further worried as the invaders have grown bolder, moving from Westfall to Elwynn Forest. He hopes the investigators will find something and offers support to the Stonefield who have been affected, economically or worse, by this attack, with free meals by his restaurant in Goldshire and a modest donation for reconstrunction.
  3. Come enjoy some fine dining and close your night with a taste of the Rakjia!
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    Noble Relations

    Could use an update!
  5. Light's Harbor A new town comes to life on the shores of Val'sharah Voices quickly spread about the creation of a new neutral-port from the Gadgetzan, the capital of the Steamwheedle Cartel. They speak of a certain Light's Harbor, a silly name that regardless seems to promise much, being the first neutral goblin town rising in the Broken Isles- thus allowing access to a pool of resources exotic to most places, as well as new trade routes that will benefit much from the presence of this Harbor, potentially unlocking active routes to Northrend once more. The governor of the town, now officially recognized Baroness, invites any who wish to visit to come by. Fish, pearls and more await you in Light's Harbor. ooc: .t lightharbor
  6. Tonyux


    Lerkrog of the Dragonmaw left a message to Barkeep Morag of the Broken Tusk, Orgrimmar, before departing, for anyone who wished to help with the plague to head to the Valley of Trials as well.
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    It's time!
  8. Miss Tina of the Steamwheedle Cartel, given also the relative proximity, wishes to offer her experience in battling Demons and leading acquired back in Bogpaddle, Swamp of Sorrows, and other numerous experiences- as well as putting forward her own squad, the Bright Crew, her own Lightspawn and machinery in service of the Faronaar Front initiative. Forces The Bright Crew A group of 'irregulars' that Miss Tina herself formed throughout operations and whatnot. Despite being fully composed of short-stacks such as Goblin are, they have seen improvements, both in their area of expertise and in the equipment they carry- proving thus a valuable team in their own way. Surely they won't do much in the vanguard or against colossal threats, but that doesn't mean they'll remain there fiddling their thumbs. Grizz - | Bruiser Ginie - | Riflewoman Minah - | Gemologist Slasher - | Rogue With the addition of Buddy - | Lightspawn
  9. When will it occur? :o
  10. Well few themed rewards are better than many randoms. I only got to enjoy the 1st part but it was enough to say you're good fun.
  11. My Mannix would be a full tank, though I don't know with what spells he would go around Unit 22 instead would be all on support, probably tossing cogs at people for damage and idk what