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  2. Dreadmaw has informed me he won't be able to make it. That'll open a spot come tomorrow.
  3. Updated so far. As a note, Ash'golm and Glazer are happening on Friday. We will start at 12pm ST instead.
  4. VAULT OF THE WARDENS Welcome to the very late thread about the Vault of the Wardens. While the first two bosses (by the time this is posted) are done, three more remain. The dreadful Cordana Felsong will only be reached by first assisting the Wardens - and they have two rowdy prisoners to lock up. The raging Ash'golm and the mirror-hating Glazer. However, for Cordana only? You will have to sign up. This is due to it being an important boss as well as me testing to see how it works. If it doesn't work, oh well - if it does, sweet. Ash'golm and Glazer are 10-capped so I can manage things and test things out. Yes, you're my guinea pigs. You're helping me improve, so it's a win win. If things go well, you'll see a better run dungeon when I put everything into practice with my next world boss & next dungeon. As well as me slowly becoming a better DM! ASH'GOLM Ash'golm was one of Ragnaros' lieutenants who burned a violent scar across the forests of Kalimdor before the Wardens finally managed to bind him. Unable to fully destroy Ash'golm, the Wardens locked him in a prison of ice. Unfortunately, the recent incursion by the Legion has weakened the countermeasures that kept Ash'golm frozen all these years. Player Cap: 10 Date: Friday (18th) / ???? - My weekend may be a little wonky. Whichever boss is second might be done at a much later or earlier hour. The Group: GLAZER Like many demons of this type, Glazer can focus his gaze into a potent weapon against his enemies. The Wardens discovered that the creature's magical emissions could be reflected back to their source, to debilitating effect. They used this knowledge to ensnare the demon, and crafted a special prison of mirrors to contain its power. Until now. Player Cap: 10 Date: Friday / ???? - See Ash'golm's date. The Group: CORDANA FELSONG Traitor. Betrayer. Outcast. Cordana was among the vanguard that pursued Garrosh into the Dark Portal, fighting by Khadgar's side and working to thwart the influence of the Shadow Council. But Gul'dan's dark sorcery wormed its way into her heart, turning her into the warlock's ultimate pawn. Once a paragon of duty, she will now forever be known as the instrument of the Wardens' undoing. Player Cap: 15 Date: Tuesday (22nd) at 1PM ST The Group: Richford, Alvia, Colby, Kro'vehenan, Mirana, Nilstrasaza, Will, Brayden, Berok, Cal, Zyranni, Corvus, Thysseia, Zayel, Kade
  5. another great lost to the legion's tyranny...
  6. Updated the times and main post. Cenarius is meant to happen today at 1ST, not 12