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  1. please bear in mind dreadmaw that the bfa decisions aren't gonna be finalized for months i wager. if not even started. we're not yet at the nighthold or even tomb of sargy
  2. It's going to be the ship's name when we get around to it. I had the graphics sitting around, and I wanted to make use of them in a broad sense. Thanks, Nath :P
  3. The Tidebringer is a guild that combines the nature of House Tidecrest with House Ainsdale. Anyone aligned with both houses / working for them can join under this guild as one of the house's many numbers. The Tidebringer will have access to both Gracestone Isle and Evergreen Valley - one being the home of Arcturus and the other the home of Claire. The guild serves as their houses - this includes family, household guards, advisors, etc - and as well serves as the place for the Ainsdale-Tidecrest effort to bolster Stormwind's defenses among other bold ideas. They are aligned - by the product of alliances and friendship - such as the likes of House de Montarville -- with more groups/guilds incoming. The roleplay coming out from this guild revolves around a multitude of things. If nobility stuff is your jam - you'll be helping Arcturus and Claire manage their combined estates, help the young Duchess and Duke (by marriage) make allies, and more. If you like naval RP then hop on board - The Tidebringer might be joining Montarville's fleet for some pirate shenanigans, island shenanigans, and more. If you like fighting people, reclaiming lost items, and more - well look no further. The Tidebringer will be ensuring Stormwind is safe - from both close threats and far threats. This does mean demons, undead, bandits, and more. If you like military RP - this might not be a heavy topic, but we'll have some of it here and there. The general idea is to provide, promote, and produce roleplay that fits a bunch of things. We don't wish to be just another noble house guild that fingers itself into oblivion. The roleplay isn't about House Ainscrest (heh) or bettering its reputation - at least not all of it. Sure it is more human RP, but I do have plans - as do the other people of this guild. We wish to provide a wide variety of avenues for people to participate with us and grow with us. To make note: Not a lot of KT-themed things will come until BFA - but what bare minimum we can do, we will. Most of the focus will be on the available lands (Eastern Kingdoms mostly, but we'll spread out where it makes sense!) Arcturus Tidecrest (Dalton) - Lord Claire Ainsdale (Claire) - Lady Jaime Ainsdale (Jaime) - Captain of the Guard Taelus Runeshatter - Court Magus to Lord Tidecrest Senn Clarke (Senn) - Seneschal to Lord Tidecrest Deryk Hayden (Deryk) - Hired hand for Tidecrest Brooke - Bard & Hired hand for the Tidecrests Cerrin Tidecrest - Outcast Half-sister aka storylines/events The Wedding of the Year Time: TBA The time has come for Arcturus Tidecrest and Claire Ainsdale to be wed - an event that has not gone over well among some circles. While none have the grounds to protest it - some may be more interested in disrupting it than they let on. Shall the wedding go on uninterrupted, or shall someone with a plan put this good day to ruin? Off to the Sea Time: TBA Arcturus and Claire intend to approach their good friend - Jean-Philippe de Montarville - with a plan. A very ambitious plan that could both net the Stormwind Navy another ship...or risk the lives of magi. This will -really- end well. Maybe. Family History Time: TBA Arcturus Tidecrest is the youngest living son of a man heroically praised among Kul Tiras, but is known as a traitor among the wider world. Unfortunately, this has caused issues - and it requires the aid of those serving both houses to handle. More roles/areas will appear as time goes on & RP progresses. THE COURT These are the members of the House Tidecrest and Ainsdale that serve to advise and aid the two leaders. They range from court mage (Taelus) to those who'd advise them on military matters. These are people most trusted by the Lord & Lady. THE GUARD The house guard of House Ainsdale - they serve at the behest of Duchess Claire and see to her safety. Given Arcturus' personal skills, not many if at all any are assigned to him. Though, Claire does insist that he has at least two with him for their sake. They are overseen by Jaime Ainsdale and officers of his choosing. THE CREW - LOCKED UNTIL THE SHIP HAS BEEN GAINED These are members of the crew - they answer to Lord Arcturus when it comes to naval adventures and matters that Claire looks to Arcturus' expertise on. Some of them are hardened warriors while others may be trappers, trackers, and more. OTHER? Tradesmen, allies, and so forth - these are people who are connected to Lady Ainsdale and Lord Tidecrest in some manner. Varied roles.
  4. Sage is really cute!

    And he's a cool DM!

  5. Patch 0.1 of the thread. New style to the thread set up is in. I'm adding more throughout the week
  6. I'm going to be changing up my initial plans for this. The next event is mostly non-combat, but is focused on pushing the players into the spotlight. That is this Saturday at 2pm ST. Expect the thread to get changed up after I've completed the event. I've got some things I've rethought.
  7. King Atlas

    Noble Relations

    made recent updates, still trying to get this shit filled out.
  8. A small update - this will resume after we've gotten through Suramar and into the dungeons/raid. Just so that focus can be put onto the story stuff. That and I need to start planning some stuff out for the rest of this.
  9. King Atlas

    Noble Relations REMINDER THAT THIS EXISTS. I need players to communicate to me so I can finish this.
  10. Arcane Communion begins this Tuesday. Suramar should, with any luck, be in full swing. Even if it is just two DMs.
  11. Depends on what artifacts you mean. There's the obvious order hall ones - but all of those don't need to be listed. What other ones are you thinking of, Seir?
  12. Can we get this updated? I.E With Gorehowl in Azumak's hands, Ashkandi in some royal vault thing I CAN READ xd