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  1. Thanks for the response Turtle. I was/am trying to avoid using 'Rarity' terms, but that's hard. Ideally, its just to denote what the items are. Like categories if that makes sense.
  2. Not really officially enforced, to be honest. Xalatath? You reminded me that items should be wielded / hunted by those that it fits. A lightforged draenei would not go after a weapon of the old gods.
  3. We will have to agree to disagree. This is not an area I believe we can reasonably simply shut off and stop. So my goal is to make it better than what Tass allowed or did with it. EDIT: Yes, you had a lot of OOC problems with how various items were handled. That was due to individuals at the time and how the "systems" were designed. Times change, and the problem players are pretty much gone.
  4. You are one of the reasons why I made this. Which sounds bad without context, but I made this particularly so that there would be a standardization of the items. One of the problems that arose is that those who oversaw the items and made the items differed. So what happened is that certain items were more powerful than others - and had disparity in their strength. Now it should be said that some weapons are not going to be on the same power level. There's something to be said about Zin'rokh being vague in its powers/strength versus the likes of the Ashbringer. That is where the idea of standardizing the style and approach to these comes from - so that while the strength of the items may differ? They all remain unique and follow the same format or similar format/style as the rest. One of the problems that arose from Lore Weapons is that they also invited toxic attitudes. This was present with Gorehowl and Val'anyr specifically, but it did spread out elsewhere. That was due to the nature of the community back then. So one of my projects was to take the problems that I could fix and fix them. I can't fix people being braggarts / shitheads. I just can't rewire people to be actual human beings. So players whispering you "REEEE YOU CAN'T DO THAT" is out of my hands. If two people want the same weapon, then that can be worked out. We shouldn't have a case with Val'anyr where another player got upset/bullied others for wanting to go after it. This was a disaster in the sense that said player felt entitled to Val'anyr. People should learn to communicate and work together to make a bigger story around it. I addressed the power problem - certain Lore items carry more weight and more power than others. This cannot be avoided nor should it. What should be focused on is making items unique in what they do. Zin'rokh, by what little lore we have, is a treasure of Hakkar. Its magic should be focused around that - that it is named Destroyer of Worlds should also play into that. This is different from Sanketsu - which I designed to be a orc blade with various effects spawned from Draenor / Outland and orcish history. Compare those to Ashbringer - a paladin's blade that is the ultimate destroyer of the undead. Consequences of activity are just one way we can try and curb things. However, there would also be archives of all this information. Things that can track who has what, what does what, etc. I think it is far too late to do the 'never again' route given it is now part of Paragon's history. That went out the window the moment we allowed it back then. I'm not for trying to put a lid on a can we opened so long ago. The cat is out of the bag as the saying goes. Provided people communicate and don't fall for the entitlement & bullying trap, that is the idea. Let me make another example - we never advertised that we allowed people to go after the Legion Legendaries. Yet, two were still sought after - one by Ping and the other by Mushan. It's that reason and others that brought me to not wanting to stop it for the future. If two people have done it, then the server needs to be allowed to do it. It's either that or revoke all of the items - the Uniques given out during Legion included. That is one extreme I do not think is needed. The word to believe in is Trust.
  5. The 2 per person limitation is to ensure that it's not one person hogging them all. As much as I despised the prevent-before-it-happens methodology of a team long ago? This is one time where I see it being more beneficial. We had an issue with the mediocre system of Legion "Uniques" where the DM team did not uphold the standard set out by Oni. So what happened is people would essentially event-hop to hog items or get extremely lucky. So negative modifiers to rolls were put forward, but the damage was already done. Were we able to just say 'no more' to these, this would be a harsher thread. I gauged the idea of IC & OOC consequences with that as well, and unfortunately we simply do not have a team capable of reacting to it at the moment. So the limitation is more for the sanity and ease than it is anything else. IC Consequences for things like that are not present on the server, and introducing them is no easy task. So as far as that rule goes it will stay as part of the suggestion. One thing I'm looking to avoid with this is essentially a repeat of Legion Uniques - without going 'only one per' with how small the server currently is. Limitations are necessary for a server like Paragon.
  6. Items of Renown / Power Items of Renown / Power are items with great importance to the universe at large. These items are powerfully enchanted items, historical items, and those that have risen to gain a name for themselves. This, simply put, encompasses a wide variety of items both born of Blizzard and of Paragon. The proposed system below will cover both items such as Ashbringer and player items like Epilogue. My goal with the explanations below is to open the door for multiple avenues of roleplay & events - while also allowing the promotion of creativity. The reason this was made was because we cannot / should not close the doors on these things. This is the last of my projects that I wished to present. One final goal behind this is to make things standardized. I may flesh this out further, or leave it to the moderation team to take their own direction. I do want to say that this was made in mind to prevent prior problems surrounding these items. It also ensures that things are archived with unity between the teams. Blizzard's Items Proposed Limitations: A maximum of two items per player Contact Moderation / Ticket with the Admins/Moderators + Managers Multiple events (2+ events) Blizzard's Items refers to anything not custom to Paragon. This means anything like the Ashbringer, Aluneth, Ashkandi, the Scythe of Elune, and even the "Legion Legendaries" - items of renown and power connected in some way to Azeroth or the wider universe. They have a great power or history to them, but have for one reason or another fallen into specific hands. There are two routes one can take with Blizzard's Items - Wield or Turn In. This allows for a choice to be made, but it must be made carefully. Those choosing to wield will be expected to be mindful. The misuse of these items of renown could lead to consequences - primarily IC ones. That is not to say there can't be OOC consequences, but IC will be focused upon first and foremost. Should one turn in the item of renown to a respective faction / order / individual then there shall be rewards to be had. What those rewards are will be up to the DM overseeing the events. This will then put said item in the hands of an NPC or the vaults of a faction. These items will not be forbidden from being achieved, but to get them off an NPC or out of the vaults will require good reasoning. "Legion Legendaries" are one of the types of Items of Renown that are allowed to be hunted down. This means things like Chain of Thrayn, Death March, Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice, and more. These are items that are imbued with a single great power. They all have one main trait to them that stands out - however, it is this great power that comes with a responsibility. These items will have their effect determined by a mix of the teams (Mods, Managers, and the DM in charge) to ensure the effect fits. These cannot be a copy-paste of the item's equip effect. Lore Items are those that have a deeper connection or some tie to the lore from its history / name. These include the Legion Artifacts and items like Ashkandi and Bloodsurge. Something about them is tied to the world or universe at large. The weapons will follow a new standard inspired by Freedom's Trait system for artifacts - which will be expanded upon below. Any character using specific items poorly will be dealt with IC at first unless otherwise needed. Paragon's Items Paragon's Items are items not intimately tied to the world as made by Blizzard. These are the items applied for or earned in events. These are not items of renown or legend at the start. They might have some small legend to them centered on the character, but that is as far as it goes. These are items like Epilogue. They might have power, but they don't have a legend behind them quite yet. These items can attain legendary status. This is done through events and roleplay simply put. You cannot simply apply for legendary status with your items. The reason for this is to promote getting your character out there. An item has to be seen and used for legend to build up around it. How this is done is, as mentioned, through actions rather than simply writing it so. Weapons wanting to go legendary can use the Weapon System as detailed below. It should be noted that abusing these items' powers still fall under the verdict of the moderators/admin if abuse is brought to their attention. Weapon System Weapons are offensive items of power that, under this, have attained great power to the point of being noteworthy. This is meant to be a goal for one to strive for with their character's weapons. I take inspiration from how Freedom handled their Artifacts. That is to say there are Traits - which, in other words, are Major Enchantments that empower the weapon to grand status. The linked image shows how Snax approached it for a custom weapon, and that will be what I base the system off. A weapon under this system will have a total of four Traits. They follow the standard of x per encounter or x per event. What this means is that a Trait can happen up to a certain amount of times per encounter OR a certain amount of times per event. The former means it can happen multiple times in an event whereas the latter will be more limited. How this is decided is on the strength or the details of what the trait is doing. A thing to be noted is that Traits are either Active Abilities or Reactionary Abilities. Active abilities are things that we know a lot about. They are some sort of ability or spell coming from wielding the weapon. These are often powerful strikes or it can be a 'this or that' type of active ability. However, on the flip side is Reactionary Abilities. These are triggered by something being met - grievous injury being the most common trigger. However, a trigger can be anything that seems good enough. The Traits will have, based on review, cooldowns as is the standard for items before. These cooldowns are more so to ensure things aren't being abused. The standard is 3 days to a week. However, depending on the trait, it may become longer. Changelog / Notes: None, yet.
  7. @Turtle @Celarc I'm posting the WIP variant of what I was working on for you guys to take a look at. The formatting is being reworked, but here's what I stopped at. [WIP] Prestige Classes & Paragon / Custom Classes & Paragon Prestige Classes are classes, on Paragon, that are advanced or taking different spins on another class / use of magic. The Templars, for example, are paladins that sacrifice for greater power. They attain silvery light and other imbuements for giving up things. These classes take on different forms throughout the world of Warcraft. On Paragon, Prestige Classes can sometimes come with limited spots - meant to be rare and exceptional among Azeroth and the universe. The general idea for prestige classes is that they require a lore clarification to be recognized. You can see examples like the one linked, or view the others currently made. The reason for this is due to our approach of wiping the RPG from the board and our slow process of reintroducing it. Some of the RPG Prestige Classes have also been made into titles, or part of a base class. It is on the player to show why the class should be approved through a thorough clarification which can/should serve as a guide to the class. Some things you should answer for a prestige class: You can look to the Templars for good examples, but these questions assist you and us in making sure that there is plenty of details & thought put into the Class returning. Please note that counter-clarifying a Prestige Class clarification is not allowed. This does mean you cannot counter them to try and cancel out something that has been previously approved. Custom Classes, on the other hand, are something different for Paragon. You can find examples here and here. These classes are ones that either existed in fanon alone or have no current form in Warcraft. These are the classes that take an idea and put a spin on them. It is highly advised that you use Hel Knights or Rune-Knights as a basis of what to do for your custom class clarification. These will get scrutiny based on the standards of the team at the time, and that will change as time goes on. The main point of the clarification should be to make it stand out and to make it make sense. We are not going back to the period of Cataclysm Paragon where there were attempts to make Witchers, Sun Knights, and a whole slew of other classes. The classes have to draw from Warcraft and be rooted in some form of the universe that we write in. There must be clear weaknesses, strength, and reasoning to why it exists and what it does. Another good question to ask is how does one become the class? You can add a Prestige / Elite variant of the class, but this must use the Prestige Class standard when being introduced. Both Custom Classes and Prestige Classes must get a +3 approval to be approved and recognized on Paragon. (This can be adjusted based on mod team numbers)
  8. melvin

    [v2] Secrets

    Updated with rewards. These are the only people eligible for rewards.
  9. melvin

    [v2] Secrets

    This is finished. Rewards will be added in and ping-pong'd on the Discord when ready.
  10. I think it'd be cool to get both admin's input on both the original post and Yoker's post - as he does raise some good points. I don't disagree that prestige classes of old don't really need to be a lore addition/clarification but more a guide. But I used this post off the basis of where the Templar one went.
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    [v2] Secrets

    Updated: This is now somewhat shorter/smaller of an event chain, for reasons. The vendors the characters will access have been listed + the reward style has changed.
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    [v2] Secrets

    First event/prelude is tomorrow at 2pm ST
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    [v2] Secrets

    SECRETS Version 2! THE PREMISE In Secrets, things have taken a drastic turn. The Sword of Sargeras is impaled into Silithus and its effects have begun to be felt elsewhere. The great titan domain of Ulduar has felt it, and the denizens of Uldum have seen it in their sandy dunes. The ripple effects of the Dark Titan's final attack are going to have repercussions - such as an awakening of slumbering hives. Minions and denizens of the Void's masters are on the move, and at the head of it all is Sovan - a mysterious individual who serves the Old Gods. At his call are creatures of the Void and the cultists serving them. With the opening of Ulda'chal and the events in Landsmead, champions and heroes of Azeroth have proven a part of their worth. It is in Landsmead that the individual who will guide them on their quest awaits. From the quaint port of Dalhurst, those who stand against the Void's dark servants will set out to deal with the various threats appearing around the world. They will work with vrykul, constructs, and knights of old to put a stop to Sovan and his dire plans. THE STORYLINE You think this is over? Our journey together has just begun... MIDNIGHT HOUR The Midnight Hour is upon Azeroth as the Twilight's Hammer finds a resurgence from the aid of Sovan. Their bolstered forces brings a dark storm to the shores of Landsmead and across the world. PRELUDE: THE REVENANT SPEAKS A new port by the name of Dalhurst has cropped up on the shores of Landsmead as a reward to three truly outstanding heroes. It has brought trade to the shores, and welcomed many. It is here that the enigmatic Mayor of Dalhurst calls for adventurers and heroes. It would seem that he has a quest for the willing to undertake. I. THE GOLDEN SANDS The first target is the sands of Uldum. The Twilight's Hammer Clan has popped up back in Uldum, and that does not bode well for anyone. At the direction of their guide, the heroes must work with the Ramkahen to stop these mad cultists. Heroes: Ashrynn, Lenaria, and Bevin. II. DARKNESS BENEATH THE WOUND The Sword of Sargeras has been made inert with the help of heroes and adventurers. The healing process could, in theory, begin. However, an ancient evil lives within Silithus and it has been riled by action. The Temple and Ruins of Ahn'qiraj stir once more! Someone or something has taken home in the ancient temple, and they must be stopped. III. THE END? The End takes place in a where and when that cannot be foretold. OOC Changelog - 5/26 - Posted. 6/5 - Updated the list of events, added vendors, updated reward section. Rewards Everyone Ten gold + A Choice. Participants can choose between a spell/skill based on "class" (NOTE: If you want to do this but your character cannot be represented by the spells in the document, please let me know. I may create a custom spell/skill.) OR One Free Item (READ: One PIECE of Armor or ONE weapon) The item is crafted by Dalhurst's tradeskillers or the materials are given through Dalhurst. // I will design a very basic item with no enchants with you. Item is to not be made out of the following materials: Any BFA-specific material (Storm Silver for example) Pandara-specifc materials (READ: Lightning Steel, Living Steel, Balanced Trillium) Empyrium Elementium, Titansteel, Blackrock Iron, and Adamantine Dragonhide