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  1. Sage

    [Interest Check] Legend

    Kira gets off of work around that time (weekdays at least), or around 4:30pm ST. So that would work out. But I'm still gauging everyone's availability / setting everything up. For anyone interested, here is the Discord. I'm setting everything up still through the week.
  2. Sage

    [Interest Check] Legend

    Depends on what times would be good for you. We've got a wide variety of time zones so far - so events are more likely to happen on the weekend then the weekdays for the best case.
  3. THE PREMISE The concept of Legend is that of a DnD-esque group of adventurers who tackle things from a more Azeroth-oriented perspective. That is to say that they may have ties to the Horde or the Alliance, but their interests is in the world they live on above all else - and things that go with it. The concept is still kind of rough and needs some work, but the idea I'm working with in my head is as follows: These are people interested in delving the secrets of Azeroth and perhaps beyond, and in protecting Azeroth from all who would mean it harm. Demons, cultists, old god minions, and the likes - while also being pitted against more normal things like packs of kobolds, a wayward necromancer here or there, and so forth - scaling upward as the group goes on. I'm not particularly grand at threads for guilds - I'm better at making Discords for this sort of thing than I am a guild post on the forums xd. I'd probably make a Discord if there was interest - which I do have at least one other interested in this. As a note - this whole thing would kick off after Tomb/after Argus. It should be noted that most of the events/RP will happen on weekends or American afternoons/evenings.
  4. Sage

    [Chain] Fate's Defiance

    Small updates - The next event is the penultimate and will no longer be taking place in Auchindoun. This will be the event on the 23rd. Removed the Twilight Highlands/dragon focused event.
  5. Sage

    [Chain] Fate's Defiance

    Something I'm toying with in case I do future chains or such. Also updated with the time/date for the 3rd event as well.
  6. Everyone Gold Everyone who participated finds themselves offered a total of fifteen gold from the coffers of the Order Halls for their efforts. Reputation / Commendation / Progression The valiant efforts of everyone has been noticed by the Order Halls - as word has spread from the likes of Brann Bronzebeard, Hemet Nesingwary, Hymdall, and Taran Zhu. It has not been easy to fight minions of the Old Gods after all.
  7. Sage

    [Chain] Fate's Defiance

    This starts on May 4th.
  8. STATE OF THE WORLD The War with The Burning Legion All around the world, The Burning Legion's might can be felt. They've razed towns, infiltrated cities, and turned people against one another. The Horde and The Alliance, once great powers of Azeroth, are teetering under the pressure of the invasion. There have been all sorts of happenings - nathrezims sowing discourse, command ships above the Burning Steppes, and so much more. It is in dire times such as these that hope is needed - but it is that very same thing that is so hard to find among the civilians and soldiers alike. Yet, some persevere with prayers that they will be victorious this time just as they have in the past. Yet, it is so hard to believe that for some - with forests burning, corpses piling up by the day, and the land withering beneath their very feet. Ever since the second assault on The Broken Shore, The Burning Legion has been ramping up their attacks. Both the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms have been turned asunder over time by the endless armies of demons. Even with the fall of the likes of Brutallus and others like Jaraxxus, it just does not seem to stop. The efforts on the Broken Shore are the shining light in these dark times - but some question on if Legionfall will find victory and put an end to it or not. OOC This is a series of threads I am starting to start trying to kick in the sort of state the world is in. While you won't see constant attacks or green skies across the world - it can go without saying that these are dire times IC. The Burning Legion's invasion has only increased in intensity with the events of The Broken Shore v2: Electric Boogaloo. The entire world is at risk of falling to the Legion's thumb. You'll see some of this show up as DMs feel willing - but otherwise, these threads will be the way to understand what's going on when there's not events happening. Morale is low across the world - as it should be. The Burning Legion has been laying waste to the land and heroes have fallen to their might before other's eyes. Expect more detailed threads in the future.
  9. After sleeping on it, I'm going to add one more element to rewards - for those who want a reward that isn't reforging/forging. Those who can access the Forge can also choose Empowerment. What Empowerment is that an item CURRENTLY on your character will get new enchantment(s) I will be catering these enchantments towards the character as best I can I will be doing between one and three enchantments based on what the item is and how many are already on it. This may or may not include re-writing the active ability if you choose to offer your weapon for this.
  10. Sage

    [Chain] Fate's Defiance

    As a note, I don't expect this to start until May. I need a breather to get TLF rewards done and to see if I can't get some RP going on my only character.
  11. FATE'S DEFIANCE A new saga by Sage THE STORY SO FAR Azeroth has been under siege by The Burning Legion for months now, and both the Alliance and The Horde have suffered great casualties. King Varian Wrynn fell and so did Warchief Vol'jin. Both greater powers are now lead by King Anduin Wrynn and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. In the following months, heroes and mercenaries alike have took the fight to the Broken Isles to put a stop to the vile schemes of The Burning Legion. They have brought down the vile Satyr Xavius, toppled the fallen Helya, and saw the death of the cruel warlock Gul'dan. In these moments, the forces of good have been joined by the Illidari - who now have their founder and leader Illidan Stormrage returned. Similar heroes have joined the fight - such as Thalyssra of the Nightborne and the relentless warden Maiev Shadowsong. Of course, the trials of the heroes of Azeroth have not been without long trials. The Order Halls have gone to battle with the likes of the Lords of Entropy - three powerful demons of the Legion who sought to make terrifying footholds. At the peak of another world, these Lords - Mal'ganis, Jaraxxus, and Zakuun- fell to the efforts of heroes after their lieutenants were toppled. Meanwhile, other champions and like-minded folk sought to assist Brann Bronzebeard beneath the very grounds of Kalimdor with restoring a Titan Forge. In the end, the heroes managed to not only restore it but make good use of it. Now, the Order Halls have been made aware of a new challenge. With their efforts focused almost whole on the Broken Shore itself, they now call upon the various allies to help them with a problem that they themselves cannot fully dedicate to. THE PREMISE In Fate's Defiance, the attendees will be initially introduced to a hub location on the continent of Pandaria. It is here that they will meet up with Gryan Stoutmantle of the Silver Hand, Rehgar Earthfury of the Earthen Ring, and Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem of the Cenarion Circle. Working with Taran Zhu and the Shado-Pan, they've located and initially halted efforts of the Legion against the Celestials. Only in doing so, the four of them were made aware of something that could be far more chilling and deadly. During the event chain (5 to 10 events max, depending on various factors) they will be pitted against dark foes that are not demons but other forces that are taking advantage of the war. These foes in particular have a bone to pick with those whose magics or higher powers could utterly annihilate them. However, this time it's not just "okay go here and punch this." - there's greater stakes that will come into play. There's a reason why there's worry painted clear across the face of these four. This event chain will take characters from the snowy peaks of Pandaria to the very bowels of Outland itself on a hunt for the foe and for ways to put a stop to whatever it is. This will not be an easy fight for those who answer the call, and those who are new to the fighting overall may just dance with death if they aren't careful. Callbacks to the actions during Lords of Entropy and The Lost Forge will happen, and the faces that the participants interact with may just influence their future. Something wicked this way comes, adventurer... THE EVENTS Over the course of six events, the characters will be facing off against old threats resurfaced and racing against them to stop a dastardly plan. They'll be traveling from Pandaria to Northrend and all the way to Outland and other places - all to put a stop to a vile foe. However, there are a few things to be aware of during this chain: 10-15 people per event, tops Prior attendees get priority to the next event By joining this chain, you consent to high risk (Character injury, item loss, item disenchantment, etc) // Death is only a thing if your character is dumb. Broken Shore reputation, ranks, and titles will be acknowledged / respected and/or used to assign a player 'commander' as proxy of the Order Halls/Legionfall. Negative things can happen - loss of rewards, no longer being allowed due to IC actions, and so forth. A character who is a threat to stopping the villains of this chain is likely to not be allowed in if its reported back/seen. ON CHARACTER TYPES: I am going to be particular picky on who I allow in based on race. I am not here for an Ancient of Lore/War/etc or a Keeper of the Grove walking all up in Outland for example. Also some places just won't fit larger-than-most creatures. #1 - CALL TO ARMS [TIME: MAY 4TH @ 2PM ST] Familiar voices call for help - the Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, Rehgar Earthfury, and Sir Gryan Stoutmantle all calling for those willing and able to come to Pandaria. Upon arrival, they find that things are dire - but not because of the Burning Legion. #2 - LURKING BENEATH [TIME: MAY 15TH @ 2PM ST] After the jarring adventure in Kun-Lai, the group must now head to Icecrown - where they must contend with dark forces to retrieve the other half of their soul. #3 - MANIFESTATIONS [TIME: MAY 16TH @ 2PM ST] With the efforts in Icecrown complete it was time to head elsewhere - to the Dragonblight. It was here that the group could perhaps take a true hit to The Lich's minions and his plans. Yet, more questions are raised about their 'benefactor' Sovan during the process. #4 - END TIMES UPON US [TIME: MAY 23RD @ 2PM ST] Now it was time to confront the Lich! #5 - OVER MY (UN)DEAD BODY [TIME: TBA] The truth is revealed and a betrayer shows himself. THE REWARDS Should the participants come out victorious, the rewards at the end of the tunnel are going to be something worth the effort put into the trials they face. I won't go into too much detail, but for those who have seen my Lords of Entropy rewards, expect something between that and the Lost Forge in rewards. There will be plenty of reason to use this chain as reasons for your next application - whatever that may be for. Think personalized rewards that are catered to the character, but with some wider rewards as well. The rewards from LoE and TLF could even be improved upon. But be careful, rewards could be lost if one is not careful. There are various ways to earn extra rewards or LOSE them based on what is done. Mostly environmental effects or the likes. Rewards can even become corrupted and must be cleansed at a later point. Unless you like being corrupted and turned mad/evil/dead.
  12. A couple of notes; I'm doing a two part finale when I have the time and energy to finish it up. Aiming for Friday at 2pm ST. The rewards are still being finalized for everyone who has attended so far. Some of ya'll are hard to make rewards for. Continuing from above; I'll be focusing on the people who are still around first if they're still interested in the final results.
  13. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    Reserved for Si'vash / Apocron information. EDIT: Also reserved for something else. Super Secret. Totally.
  14. i loved you in the witcher 3