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  1. Sage

    [Chain] The Lost Forge

    While I'll do a proper edited post tomorrow - here is a list of changes I'm doing to this chain for my benefit. 1.) Its being renamed to The Lost Forge 2.) Events AFTER tomorrow's will deal with things related to the Forge - empowering it, materials, threats, etc 3.) Those who attend will need to stay after for explicit instructions on how the forging process for their chosen item will go on an OOC level. 4.) Those who manage to not be able to make it/miss out due to my cap: You will still get a chance at the reward for assisting with the events that follow tomorrow's.
  2. Sage

    [Chain] The Lost Forge

    THE FORGES The Forge of Valor [KALIMDOR] Hemet Nesingwary has located the Forge of Valor - one of three Forges dedicated to crafting or remaking items worthy of the Titanforged of legend. However, the group must contend with the burrowed threats of Kalimdor to unlock the Forge. TIME: TBA CAP: 10 THREAT: Old God minions (C'thun) THE REWARDS NEW Smithing Techniques Crafting Material A Personal Weapon or Armor Piece Gold Possibly more? Some of this depends on how destroyed a body is and what the NPC in charge says about looting corpses. Now onto the meat and bones: The Weapon or Armor piece. WEAPON/ARMOR If you wish for this to be your reward, you will need to attend only ONE of the Forges. After that, I will ask you to tell me if the character is pursuing weapon or armor. From there, I will work on the item reward catered to your character. I will ask that you contact me on Discord with something like 'Hey, x here' (x being your character) - as I will likely be asking questions. Please be warned that these rewards will be done to the best of their ability. I am not promising something supremely amazing as it will be triple checked and given cool downs & such. While I would love to go absolutely nuts on these - I have standards I have to abide by. The item will be given over to you over Discord when it is finished an approved. Also, please be patient with me when we finish the chain. I'll try to get these done ASAP but there's a reason why there's a ten person cap - and priority will be given to prior attendees. I would have done sign ups for this, but that felt odd to me.
  3. THE LOST FORGES A tale as old as time to the Titanforged who recall their old masters - of a forge and smiths eternal to make armaments for their armies against the Old Gods. However, this forge were lost to everything except myth and legend. However, with the invasion of the Legion has come a need for this forge. With the fall of Gul'dan comes the right chance to seek the legends of these vaults. The heroes will have to work with various figures to not only find this forge but unlock their secrets as well. EXPLANATION During this chain of events, the gathered players will travel with the likes of Hemet Nesingwary, Taran Zhu, and Hymdall to hunt down the legends of the forge. You will contend with the ancient defenses of the forges, enemies of the Titans, and maddened Titanforged minions - Mogu and others alike. Only then will you unlock the secrets of the lost forge. Beware, you will not come out of this unharmed. You may even find that the Void's mad touch linger upon you. However, succeed and you will find the Forge unlocked to transform your weapons, make a new weapon altogether, or even forge something worthy of the Vrykul legends. However, be wary, for some forces might just attach to your craft. Forces that bear ill will towards Azeroth are watching the Forge. So yes, this chain is all about unlocking a lost forge of the Titans. In doing so you will gain the ability to forge or reforge your armaments. Please note that it is I who will design the weapon/remake of the weapon. This chain is oriented towards the experienced rather than the inexperienced - apprentices and squires will find themselves on death's door or even barred by the likes of Taran Zhu and Hemet. The chain will start soon, and it will end roughly before we reach the Maiden of Vigilance in the Tomb of Sargeras. The items rewarded from this are meant to last. If you're the type to constantly replace items or not use them, then please don't come to this chain. For each event, the cap will be no more than ten. The priority will be given to prior attendees of Lords of Entropy for the first event, and then the rest will follow priority of those who attended this chain's first event. Each event will be aimed for 4pm ST, and may last upwards of three hours for some. This will not change. There may be a gold reward or knowledge reward, but the MAIN reward is the Forge's potential. But be aware that it will only work once. After that, you will no longer be able to access the forgs. However, there will be other warnings throughout the chain - provided in-character through the NPCs. It would be wise to pay attention and not be murder-hobo.
  4. Arcturus Tidecrest has taken, via seals or appropiate boss attendance: Nightwell Droplet (Thalyssra) Personality Sphere (Valtrois) Grimoire (Khadgar) Keepsake (Illidan) I'm around most of the days at any time, so no rush.
  5. The overall reward: Gold The efforts of the Order Halls and you have led to the defeat of the Legion’s fearsome Lords of Entropy. For one reason or another, you have chosen gold as your payment. You have earned a total of seven gold from the appropriate order hall. Progression / Commendation The appropriate Order Hall artifact wielders will remember your help against the Burning Legion’s Lords of Entropy. Should you seek to rise in ranks, they will remember your aid against the Lieutenants. (Since this was a custom chain, it also means your character got experience in battle, etc etc) This goes to everyone who attended at least one event of the chain.
  6. THE LORDS OF ENTROPY The Grand Finale At the final hour comes the time to gather for a battle that will test the heroes prior to the battle with Gul'dan in the Nighthold. The characters will be stepping into a battlefield that pits them against Zakuun, Jaraxxus, and Mal'ganis. There is no doubt that this battle will be one for the books. OOC 4pm ST are when invites open. On the hour. Pre-event RP can happen at LOEHub leading into the event. Those who have been to LOE events prior will have priority. This event will have various dangerous moments, but they will have ample warning. Etc etc This will take 2 to 3 hours unless something happens. 15-man cap. After the event, there will be a period where I'll point everyone to this post/the thread. There will be specific instructions for the following people: Link Cagi Sam Grinch Tass Drakmar Bevin Sindoh Maytree Zeta Andromeda Books Sif Bluejay Frey TheSage Howie These are the people who qualify for the main loot table. The rest of you who have attended will qualify for the other one. The loot table for the general event chain will go up by the next day, but the larger one will remain private. It'll all be handled through me. The big rewards cannot be traded in once you choose, and they cannot be replaced by anything else. If you have questions, you can DM me/PM me. If you are one of the above and cannot make the event, please PM me on Discord. After this is all wrapped up, I'll be taking a break from Dming for a short while...
  7. Star Augur Etraeus Senn, Telrathen, Karn, Alvia, Cephirian, Rimeblade, Pirris, Hartford, Corvintheus, Ethallour, Natasia, Naerios, Ashrynn, and Mulkruk Glistening Meteorite Shard A small shard that has broken off a meteor, glimmering with latent holy magics. Its surface is glistening with a golden sheen, illuminating its immediate surroundings. Attach this relic to a piece of armor bestows it the unique ability to call upon the power of the Light, invoking a moderate Holy Light ability over yourself or an ally once per day. In addition the wielder of the shard gains a minor resistance against fel and void magics. Only one relic can be attached to a piece of armor at any given time, replacing the relic will destroy it. Sundered Comet A magically preserved frozen comet that has been fashioned to look like a teardrop. It is perpetually cold to the touch and can endure areas with extreme heat without getting damaged. Attach the relic to a weapon to bestow it the unique ability to open a portal in the skies. From this portal a storm of lesser comets begin to plummet down to bombard the designated area with a radius of 10 yards. This shower of frozen projectiles will continue to rain down for three turns. This effect cannot be used more than once every two days. Only one relic can be attached to a weapon at any given time, replacing the relic will destroy it. Brooch of the Astral Scryer A silvered crescent moon rests upon a long chain of enchanted truesilver, augmented by the Star Augur himself. Arcane energies can be faintly felt from the necklace as a constant presence. The bearer of this necklace may attempt (Roll 20, 16+) an augury twice per day to gain insight upon a target of their choice. If the target is weak to a specific type of magic the bearer's weapon gains a temporary moderate enchantment to the same element the target is weak to for two turns. Etraeus' Celestial Map A smaller version of Etraeus' Celestial Map that he used to divine and gaze into the Great Beyond. When using the map a series of systems and unknown planets appear before you - bestowing upon you their outlandish power. Gaze into the worlds beyond, the celestial allignment (Roll 5, 2-5 yield results) determining the nature of their power. The order of these enhancements is as follows: Might of Xandros - Gain half of your overal strength and stamina | Guile of Rancora - Gain a burning poison upon your weapon, inflicting searing damage from the inside upon succesfully hit foes | Spirit of Karkora - Gain temporary enlightenment, pulsing moderate healing energies outward up to 30 yards) | Bulwark of Draenor - Gain a layer of stone over your body, protecting you from physical harm while cutting the power of magical harm in half. All of these effects last a maximum of two turns. The Celestial Map cannot be used more than once every four days. Rolling 1 causes nothing to happen, but still triggers the cooldown. Star Gate A palm-sized ring of otherwordly metals that glimmers with celestial energies. Gazing into the ring one can see into the vast reaches of beyond Azeroth's skies, seeing the eternal stars that illuminate the night. Your spells have a small chance (Roll 20, 18-20) to also rain down a singular bolt of moderate astral (Nature/Arcane) energy down upon your target. If the target is immune to one type of magic, the damage is cut in half. Seal of Broken Fate (Nighthold) Mysterious Seal This mysterious coin appears to be made from ancient Shalassian silver and seems to have the Duskwatch's symbol over the primary surface. These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss and can be used on future and past loot tables as well. This seal will not work on any raid before or after the Nighthold. By taking the Seal of Broken Fate you relinquish any loot from this boss.
  8. Spellblade Aluriel Felshade, Ashrynn, Senn, Azgrim, Karn, Tihshoh, Ethallour, Izusa, Thaeline, Floki, Hartford, Ruis, Natasia, Pirris, Terin, Naerios, Alvia, Aelana, Bevin, and Rimeblade Arcane Crux A levitating sphere of pulsating arcane power, leftover energies that gathered from Aluriel's usage of Arcane magic. The sphere has gained sentience, functioning with an orderly and calculated personality as it aids its new ally. The crux doubles as a relic that can take up residence within your weapon (not shields!). While it is resting within the weapon it cannot interact with the environment or its wielder. Weapons infused by the Arcane Crux passively deal moderate Arcane damage upon melee hit. Once per day the owner can attempt to dispel a magical enhancement or curse upon another creature. Heart of Frost A floating crystal roughly the size of a Nightborne's closed hand, glittering with enchanted ice particles that formed from Aluriel's usage of Ice magic. The crystal has acquired a personality following the battle - coming across as distant, cold and yet patronizing towards its new ally. The crystal doubles as a relic that can be attached to one's weapon (not shields!). While attached to the weapon the personality cannot interact with its wielder or the environment. Weapons empowered by the Heart of Frost passively deal moderate Frost damage upon melee hits. Once per day the owner can aim the weapon upon a target and attempt to bind them in ice up to their waist. Soul of Flame A flickering, shapeless flame that radiates the remnant powers of Aluriel's Fire magic. The flame is erratic, slightly overly attached and disorderly - constantly floating around its owner without any sense of true directive. The Soul of Flame can be held without harm by its owner and guided across the surface of a weapon (not shields!) to infuse it. While serving as a guest to the weapon it cannot interact with its wielder or its surroundings. Weapons infused by the Soul of Flame passively deal moderate Fire damage upon melee hit. Once per day the owner can empower the blade further, allowing it to burn a small to moderate amount of mana with each succesful melee attack. This effect lasts three turns. Sabatons of Burning Steps Likely pilfered from the Vault of Neltharion after the Nightborne's incursions into the Broken Isles, these adamantium-reinforced boots feel naturally warm to the touch, faint elemental energy surrounding them. Up to three times per day the wearer can leap a distance of up to 15 yards forward (10 yards if uphill, 20 yards if steep downhill). Upon landing (roll 20, 17+) release a blast wave of elemental fire in a radius of yards equal to the distance lept. Aluriel's Mirror A mirror that was owned by Aluriel herself, having her name and title written in Shalassian around the rim of the mirror. The glass glimmers with an unnatural shine when gazed into. The mirror can be held up towards an incoming, targetted magical attack, storing it within the glass (roll 20, 15+). The glass' visage displays the writhing spell so long as it is stored. The holder can aim the mirror's glass at any target and release the attack. If the attempt fails, the mirror will not be destroyed in the process - resistant to magical effects. This effect cannot happen more than once per day, spells will evaporate after 5 turns of being stored. DM discretion to store spells even if the roll succeeds! Entwined Elemental Foci A trio of gemstones, specifically a ruby, sapphire and amethyst all clasped within an ornate leystone sphere, act as a spell focus. While carried on one's person they find that their spells and attacks will deal additional lesser Fire, Frost or Arcane damage for two turns, at a two turn cooldown once the effect ends. The enhancement is not at will and goes as follows: Fire (2 turns) => Cooldown (2 Turns) => Frost (2 turns) => Cooldown (2 turns) => Arcane (2 turns) => Cooldown (2 turns). This process repeats as the battle goes on. Seal of Broken Fate (Nighthold) Mysterious Seal This mysterious coin appears to be made from ancient Shalassian silver and seems to have the Duskwatch's symbol over the primary surface. These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss and can be used on future and past loot tables as well. This seal will not work on any raid before or after the Nighthold. By taking the Seal of Broken Fate you relinquish any loot from this boss.
  9. Chronomatic Anomaly Participants: Rimeblade, Telrathen, Gramush, Natasia, Ashrynn, Krenan, Ruis, Hartford, Bevin, Thorean, Senn, Cephirian, Floki, Felshade Scroll of Chronos - Enchantment The Scroll of Chronos describes a strong enchantment's materials, written up by a callous nightborne as he tried to study the massive anomaly. One needs to be a master enchanter to make use of the enchantment's recipe. For those who are not enchanters, however, the scroll contains a one-time use to place the enchantment upon a singular weapon or shield. The enchantment allows the bearer of the enchanted item to slow down incoming projectiles or spells so they traverse at three yards per turn. Using the enchantment three times in a singular fight greatly accelerates the body and spellcasting speed of the user. This effect allows one to sprint at three times their original speed or invoke spells at three times faster. Flickering Timespark A spark of divine yet temporal energies. This small but bright-glowing orb seems to be attracted to your being, more specifically your weapon or shield. To use it, infuse your weapon with the power of the Timespark. The Flickering Timespark is an orb of divine power, bestowing upon the infused weapon additional Holy damage for each melee attack. When subjected to a known attack, relocate 10 yards in any possible direction except up or down and leave behind an After-Image to take the attack instead. The After-Image cannot act as anything but a replica of the user. This effect cannot be used more than once per day. Suspended Nightwell Droplet The Chronomatic Anomaly exists because of the Nightwell and as such as it fell a single drop, not even a vial's worth, was all that remained for you to claim. This dark liquid was held in a small vial so as to not go to waste. Even so it contains, while limited, tremendous power. Imbibing the Nightwell's unbound essence is a risky and dangerous move, threatening to kill you as your body cannot handle the Nightwell's raw power. Once, and only once, the owner of the vial can imbibe or have someone else imbibe the droplet of raw power. In doing so they are fully restored yet overloaded with raging, Arcane might. This Arcane power surges through the drinker's body, burning it out from the inside while the energies rage around them. Their next spell becomes five times as powerful, while their next melee attack also deals massive amounts of arcane damage. After the attack, however, they have a high chance of dying as their body can no longer withstand the Nightwell's power. ! Deliver the Suspended Nightwell Droplet to First Arcanist Thalyssra for an alternative reward at the end of the Nighthold. Chaos-Scarred Mantle Elegant looking pauldrons that are inspired by the outdated fashion sense of the elves, wearing these will make you stand out though not necessarily in a good way. Still, the tradeoff may be worth sacrificing your popularity for. These shoulder pieces are practically drenched in chaotic energies that augment them. While wearing these pauldrons you will be the subject of mockery for your poor sense of fashion. In turn, however, they pick up on the latent magic that lingers in the air and draw it into your very being. You can use this stored energy to augment your next spell with the Chaos property. As a result it loses all other properties and is not affected by any enchantments on the caster. This effect cannot happen more than once per day. Robes of Fluctuating Energy Robes made out of Shal'dorei silk that has been infused with the power of the Nightwell. While they are fashionable despite being vintage, they look worn and a little bit bloody. No doubt someone wore these before you. Arcane energy wells up inside of you with every spell that you weave. Your second spell will be twice as powerful from the original spell, your third spell will be three times as powerful and so on up to a maximum of five times. After obtaining the fifth empowerment the effect fades. This effect cannot happen again for five turns. Stutterstep Treads Master-crafted leather boots fashioned out of local wildlife from Suramar. The challenge of time has not impeded the appearance of these boots at all, keeping them perfectly preserved for all these years. The owner of these boots can, at will, release a pulse of arcanic energy from the old footwear. This pulse travels outward for 20 yards, cutting the movement speed of all hostile entities in half. This effect lasts two turns but can be resisted. Cooldown: 10 turns. Erratic Metronome A pocket-sized metronome that is kept safe in a locket that can hang around one's neck. The metronome's arm is divided into three different segments, each segment serving as an indicator for its owner. When casting spells, the metronome's arm begins to wildly swing from left to right and back. When engaged in battle, each spell you cast lights up the segments of the metronome from the base up for a total of three times. The first light will be green, the second yellow and the third red. After you hit the final color, your next offensive or healing ability is a copy of one of your allies' last used abilities without a cost of energy, mana or cast time. Melee characters cannot mimic spells and vice versa. Seal of Broken Fate (Nighthold) Mysterious Seal This mysterious coin appears to be made from ancient Shalassian silver and seems to have the Duskwatch's symbol over the primary surface. These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss and can be used on future and past loot tables as well. This seal will not work on any raid before or after the Nighthold. By taking the Seal of Broken Fate you relinquish any loot from this boss.
  10. Skorpyron Gramush, Telrathen, Cephriian, Bevin, Rhiz'ga, Felshade, Rimeblade, Cerrin, Azumak, Axiris, Ethallour, Thaelin, Hartford, Floki, and Senn Infused Chitin Fragment A severed piece of Skorpyron's armored hide, thrumming with but a fraction of the Nightwell's arcanic power. While it is not such, it definitely looks the part of a beautifully faceted arcane gem, blurple in color. You can decorate your weapon with this 'relic', empowering it with magnificent energy. When decorating your weapon or shield with this unusual relic the weight of your weapon increases by a quarter of its original measurement. Despite that you don't actually feel the difference in weight, enabling for stronger blows. Activating the power of the chitin, the wielder of the relic can (temporarily, D1-5 turns) upgrade the quality of steel their armor or weapon is made out of into Titanium. If already made out of Titanium it becomes unbreakable for the same duration. This effect cannot be used more than once per day. Manatoxin Gland One of Skorpyron's venomous glands, once tightly sealed within its body only to be revealed upon its death. Throbbing within this gland is a still usable venom that is saturated with arcane energy. You can only imagine how long this even lasts as it is disembodied. This relic functions different from others, its effect only short-lived but powerful. Rather than attaching it to your weapon you can coat your weapon with the contents of the gland (Requires 1/4th of the Gland's content to be effective). For five turns the envenomed weapon's successful strikes inject an Arcane-powered venom into your foes that scorches them from the inside for two turns with significant Arcane damage. Has a total of four charges that do NOT replenish. Arcanochitin Hauberk This set of mail armour is lined with scales of arcane from Scorpyron. It feels incredibly light in weight, and hums a gentle resonating noise when shaken. This chestpiece allows all abilities to carry an arcane effect, including ranged and melee non-magic abilities. Once every week, the user can expel a 20 yard arcane explosion, dealing moderate arcane damage and silencing all enemy targets for 1 turn. Jagged Carapace Wristclamps A series of layers of Scorpyron's carapace aligned to create a set of spiked armour for defensive units. These wristclamps can be used as a parrying tool, catching weaponry in between the spikes of the carapace. For every impact that is received, a blast of arcane energy ripples back against the attacker and their weapon. The close-range impact of the blast would likely allow the wielder to break or severely damage conventional steel weaponry. Scorpid Handler's Gloves These gloves are missing a few fingers, but the arcane properties suggest an enchantment was applied to compensate later. The wearer of these gloves can summon a pair of arcane hands that replicate their own in shape, capable of travelling 40 yards away from them. The hands make no sound themselves, though because they can be used to attack, perform complex movements or even channel spells through, they can generate noise by disrupting the environment. Leystone-Toe Kickers These plate boots were made with crushing force in mind. Using arcane enchantments with the volatile nature of leystone, a deathly reaction is turned into something much worse. For each boot, a 3-turn cooldown is in place where the user can stomp down to unleash a 10-yard arcane explosion. The explosion is triggered instantly after each stomp and can be used in congruence with other non-casting abilities at the same time. Animated Exoskeleton A fragment of Skorpyron's frame that came loose during the battle. Even after the great beast has been put down this piece of its exoskeleton still pulses, as if it were breathing. Most ominous. Even so the residual power of the Nightwell lingers on the fractured object. Once per day tapping into the power of the Exoskeleton one can provide themselves with a minimal arcane shield. This shield absorbs a quarter of all damage the user would normally take and lasts for three turns. The moment the shield expires all the harm absorbed explodes outwards with a destructive blast of arcane energy. Causes friendly fire. Seal of Broken Fate (Nighthold) Mysterious Seal This mysterious coin appears to be made from ancient Shalassian silver and seems to have the Duskwatch's symbol over the primary surface. These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss and can be used on future and past loot tables as well. This seal will not work on any raid before or after the Nighthold. By taking the Seal of Broken Fate you relinquish any loot from this boss.
  11. Trilliax has been announced for Saturday, December 21st. [4pm ST] [This may change.] Aluriel and Etraeus to follow soonTM.
  12. I will be adding a full thing about LoE's loot (barring the Eye of Shadow won today) - this will be given some reworks before the final event. After this last Mal'ganis one, we're going on a break so I can focus on the Nighthold.
  13. Skorpyon is the 19th, and Anomaly on the 20th at 3pm ST. Weeeee're going to the Nighthold!
  14. Jaraxxus' lieutenants have been defeated, and the Order Halls now turn their attention to Northrend - to hunt down the lieutenants of Mal'ganis! Events resume on the 14th.
  15. Small updates made to the thread. Also, this kicks into gear starting on the 9th (Monday) - tentatively