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  1. Syth, we're going to discuss your reply directly to what I posted - your suggestions that is. They're pretty good ones.
  2. It's a merger of the teams so that people can do one or the either without some smaller hassles. The thread coming out will explain it better than I can at the moment.
  3. It's more so a condensing of both teams into one, but sure.
  4. No good timetable at the moment. The thread on the Content Team is nearly finished, but the changes to follow will take more time. Chronomancy thread is still a WIP and requires the moderators to go over it when finished. I would expect it within the next month or so for threads detailing more to go up. But the one making them is slow >_> (aka me)
  5. While player repercussions are something on the table to discuss overall, the matter of why Chronomancy is a topic for discussion is that we want to set out guidelines and upper limits for what we will and will not allow.
  6. Re-read what I said. Who even knows if we'll get there. It requires things that can't be assured will continue / will happen.
  7. To clarify: It is a big question mark on if we'll ever get there not because of us not wanting to do it, but other factors. The 51 dollars a month thing will need to sustain itself long enough for us to update (if we can) and for us to address how we might handle 8.1 to 8.3. I'm saying that people need to not think that far ahead. We certainly aren't.
  8. That will be taken into consideration before we hit the grace period, or just as we do. A time skip is not something, to my knowledge, that was considered.
  9. I think instead of a timeskip, we're going to have a fairly lengthy interlude/grace period & actual build up rather then "hey suddenly its war time." More info is to come! Azerite will get a proper announcement but it is currently not the plan to nerf it. The Heart of Azeroth necklace is not going to be used by the player hands at this current time, but that can change. As we're not sure if we will even get to the fight with N'zoth, among many other things that come with it.
  10. There will be more details later this month, but I understand that concern.
  11. Ultimately, here's how the hierarchy works: Admin -> Moderators -> Managers The Moderation team/Admin have the final say if it comes to that. Items are handled by a cooperative effort of Moderation & Event Managers, though if the items aren't exactly big and special then it usually falls to just Tass & Cagi Builds are handled by the Builder Manager (myself) Events are handled in a cooperative effort IF the event is world-changing or has a big impact. Otherwise, the first say goes to the Event Managers. Now, say there's contention with a decision made by the EMs. The Moderators, who are the ultimate final say (Outside of Nath), need to be made aware of this. The EMs, for example, cannot interfere or stop a moderator-approved event/event chain. Example being Legendary items / Lore items are moderator jurisdiction. Very special things are moderator's jurisdiction (Example: Becoming a Lightforged despite not being a draenei, becoming a void elf in a non-traditional way, bringing AU orc to MU, and more) - and honestly, content is at the core the concern of the moderation team. That being said, if the event is just focused and personalized? The team leaves it to Cagi/Tass to be the judge of things, but disagreements can be brought forward. The Content Team is going to get fleshed out more, so the above is just what I know for now. There might be a few shifts here and there regarding the chain of command, but ultimately? The moderation team / admin has the final say, no one else.
  12. We're actively looking at the material list as part of our Misc App changes over the course of the next few months.
  13. It's not a matter of suddenly disallowing it. It's that there's a worry about misuse. Such as stopping time without any repercussions. There's other hypothetical risks, but we're not going to just ban Chronomancy outright. We're not teams of ye olden days. Chronomancy may very well just become a C-Mod thing. We're still actively discussing it, because it could end up being that we only want to know sort of spellwork one wants to do in this school of magic.
  14. Hello, Paragon! The Moderation Team has held one of its meetings as of late, and we discussed a great deal of things. Some of these changes are more in a to-come area and others are are implementing as soon as possible. Please be aware that this can also be seen as the announcement of intent in what we intend to focus on for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Some of these things are an insight into what we feel is the step in the right direction. This thread is going to be the first of many to allow the community a little insight into what the team is currently focusing on. These topics range from pretty big to fairly small. It also allows people to know where to focus their feedback or suggestions, and what we're looking for more than anything else. We hope that this type of thread is welcomed, and that people now understand where we're heading next as a server and a community. Battle for Azeroth The Battle for Azeroth experience for Paragon is nearly here, and I hope everyone is ready for what's to come. We've been hearing you loud and clear on what people want out of the story and the roleplay. We're almost ready to open those doors to an expansion that's been changed from the ground up. It is with the Battle for Azeroth expansion that you will see a variety of changes - including to how we handle the retail storyline. Which is that things are about to get shaken up across the board. Every aspect of Battle for Azeroth's main story is going to be different! There will be more details to come following Argus' finish, but I would personally ask that people keep their eyes peeled for further announcements. Under this, we are still actively discussing the material of Azerite. You'll learn more about our stance in the coming months. The full BFA thread in the near future will include all the details possible on player choices, villains, Azerite, the story, and more. We hope to have that out by the end of the year. Battle for Azeroth: Paragon edition is the time of player agency and choice - and we hope to show you just how in the months to come. The Content Team A new idea that has come across the team is that of The Content Team. Now, this isn't a change you will see any time this year quite possibly. We've got a lot to do before we make this change go through. However, there's a few things we wanted to get out about this upcoming change: That first and foremost, you will not be forced to do the other role if you are on one of the current teams. The teams will act as a larger content production team for the server, but will answer to specific managers (Building: Myself / Events/DMing: Tass/Cagi) in a general sense. Each team will get talked to first regarding moving forward with that. This will also come hand in hand with a few other things that are coming along with this announcement. The full details of what the Content Team is will be hashed out in its own thread in the months to come. For now, if anyone has any questions or concerns? Please direct them Sage's way! Rule Changes / The Rule Revamp: Electric Boogaloo Rules are the thing that make Paragon go around, and yet some of them are outdated or simply no longer fit the community we wish to foster. This part of the announcement is a heads up that the moderation team is aware of this. We are going to be working on going over the rules and changing them either in wording or getting rid of specific rules overall. This will be happening over the course of this year and into the next as we gauge what rules stick out. This includes rules on DMs - such as rewards from one's own events being rewritten or outright axed. These changes will come with other things that we are actively discussing - such as a version of the rules that is more abridged. These things will be coming out in the near future - and we are looking towards getting this done when time permits. Chronomancy We're actively discussing Chronomancy at this time. It is a school of magic that is easily abuseable and we've got our share of worries. However, there are a few ideas floating about that the moderation team is working on. We're looking to have a fully realized answer coming before this year is over - on what we will and won't allow, how one handles Chronomancy, and more. Expect more information to come once we've got some more concrete words down for people to digest. Miscellaneous Applications The idea of Miscellaneous applications has been a consistent topic for the community and the moderation team. There's quite a few things to come out of this topic, and that includes a shifting of what requires applications and what doesn't. We're still actively looking to change this section of the forums up so that it's not so taxing on all sides. You can expect us to come out with more information later, but here's what's changing so far: Trillium, Kyparite, and Adamantine are being moved to Free materials within the month. Everything else is still under discussion. We are working on many many things in regards to this section of the forums. We will keep you guys up to date if there are any major changes to come in the future regarding Misc. Apps. We do want to find ways to elaborate on this section as much as we can. There may be a chance for things to become moved to Contact Moderation instead of coming to the application forums. Other? We are currently actively in discussion about a lot of things beyond the above, but the topics vary all around. We're looking into DMing & events as a whole with the Event Managers, we're looking into how we can make the experience for players better, and much much more. We have heard you guys through the forums, in-game, Discord, and the Google Forms. We're very much aware of the things being asked of us, and we're working towards making the server a better place for everyone. We also know that things have been very frustrating at times, and we want that to stop. So you can expect more posts like these when we have something to share that concerns you guys. As always, you guys are breathtaking and we wish you the best.
  15. Sage

    Sins and Secrets

    UPDATE: I am going to be currently putting this on hold until a later date. I'm not able to deliver what I want for this chain, and I have a multitude of things on my plate for the server that I want to get out of the way before I can deliver this. I'll re-visit the chain when I can put more brainpower to it.