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  1. Sage

    Sins and Secrets

    UPDATES 1. The Heart of the Valley will be removed from this chain for the time being. I'm trying to cut out the chance of burning out. 2. This will begin within this month - no set date on when but this will start this month. 3. The idea of the hub may get tweaked before we begin - as will everything else. I've had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with this chain.
  2. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE ACHIEVED NEW REPUTATION THRESHOLDS 6 - Naerios 9 - Akarian, Alderic, Azumak, Ordmar 12 - Baltux, Sinari, Tayu, Telrathan
  3. Much of what you've said hinges on us getting our stuff done and out to the community - hence why I said this will all occur over the next few weeks. Oops on the Itemization/listing order! On 6C, there's not a lot of concrete examples we can give at this moment - its just that we aren't...coming down as harshly on people, or the intent is for us to avoid coming down as such. We'll still have scrutiny, but its more that our approach now is to have a better approach - our aim is to work with people, not shut them down. Stuff like an AU orc coming to MU, a Lightforged coming to Azeroth early, and more - we MAY put out a thread saying "Here's what we encourage" versus "hey dont do this." - but no promises on when/if that'll happen any time soon. 5C; That is still being worked out, but this was more us saying 'hey here's whats maybe happening when we get to discussing bfa'. I do believe what you state is a potential idea we briefly mentioned in the meeting. 1D; Again, people have to come to us but we're also more than likely going to set a general size limit to free building. We don't want Highridges or Trautenfels without those getting applications. 3C; There's a process we'll be doing with this. First the moderators & the EMs will talk about it, then the DMs, and then the community as a whole. That's the initial idea at least, but that can be tweaked. 4C; More details are coming ASAP! 3B; The thread for this will be going up sometime this month, with any luck. Formatting, etc -- need to get other stuff just right. (I did the wrong order of addressing on purpose this time)
  4. Greetings, Paragon! Welcome to a very special change thread - a Part 1 out of many to changes being pushed out during the Fall and into the time of Winter. These changes are all directed towards things brought up to us via the community threads. We have heard you guys, and we want to make this a better server for all of you. This is just the first round of changes we are discussing and working on - expect more to come through the next few months. Alongside these changes we do have some things going on very soon - the Rule Changes by Nathaniel will be closing out today, a new thread for a moderator vote soon enough, and more. These are exciting times, and we hope you stick with us to see where they lead. In this thread, you will find a very long list of things we are doing - ranging from freeing up weapon models to freeing up more dragonflights. What this thread indicates is what we are changing, and that this will be happening over the course of the next few weeks at the very least. These changes were discussed in a Moderator Meeting as of 7/31/2020 and were approved by the entire team. That being said let's get down to business! A: Application Changes 1A. Progression is now going to be removed from every rank & role except for the highest attainable role where applicable. This means things like Field Marshal, Exarch, Warlord, High Executor, Atal-ogoun, Ranger-Lord, and Knight-Lord will be the only ones requiring the idea of progression to attain. However, this comes with a caveat - the other ranks marked as progression below those highest possible ranks will be instead marked as limited. This, at least for now, will set in stone how we want to treat those officer & likewise roles. On top of this change is that the moderation team will be working on what counts as enough. What is enough progression as a general team-wide standard. We will be looking at getting that out alongside the rest of the changes dictated in this thread. If we can get it out sooner we will! Expect a community thread to discuss these standards as well. These standards will be applied to Archdruids and Archmages as well - pinnacles of their professions/class. 2A. Dragonflights are getting a boost! That is right, we are allowing the Twilight Dragonflight and Black Dragonflight to be playable sometime after this announcement. Whelps, Drakes, and Matures for both flights will be allowed - with Matures being under our Limited list. However, these come with some stipulations! Both the Black Dragonflight and Twilight Dragonflight are notoriously evil or otherwise corrupted. This must be adhered to for any under these flights, but you may eventually find a way to clear mind or uncorrupt - however, that will all be given a general idea of what we're looking for once we've made the changes to the races list. 3A. The RPG is returning! Well sort of. Scottie has been hard at work on something called a Class Guide. Under this Class Guide, you will be able to find the moderator's view on specific RPG classes and how they can be achieved. However, other classes that cannot stand on their own will fall under a base class - and this guide will state which ones. Not all of the classes will be returning as is, but some also come hand in hand with another change we've made - which you will read below. B: Lore Additions & Clarifications, etc 1B. Lore Additions is coming back! That is right, we are going to be modifying the Lore Clarifications forum to include additions as well. Under this change we are going to be changing the template just a little, among other things. What this means is that if you have an addition to the universe that aligns with the lore at the time? You will be free to post it once the template has changed. 2B. Under the above change, we will be re-evaluating archived additions and taking them under our wing to tweak them. This also means that we will be welcoming additions in the vein of Forgeborn. This does mean that if you have a way you would like to see us do something as well? You can put it up to be judged. Now, a note about this - we will be very critical of what goes up. How this translates will have to be seen, but we do have an idea of what we will and won't allow - which we will try our best to get into word format via a thread. 3B. All things materials are going to be getting a guide sometime in the near future. With the help of Jordy's Metal & Other Material clarification + input from the community, we will be creating this all around guide to materials of the Warcraft universe. This will eventually expand to include types of silks, gems, and more. Expect this to go up within the next few months - we have a lot to do and a lot to get through! C: Roleplay, Events, and Story 1C. We will be continuing the Legion story through Argus. Cagi, Tass, and others will start discussing how we are to do Argus shortly, but the goal here is to deliver something based on the poll - a story not as is from retail but something a little more. This also means that the Tomb of Sargeras was our last "retail" raid of the expansion. 2C. We will be working to end Legion on a high note - going from Argus into the Epilogue. We don't have any details to share yet, but we want things to matter going forward. This means the Sword of Sargeras will have an impact on the rest of the world and more. The state of the world will change come the Epilogue & the grace period, but more details will come later this year. 3C. Events and Event Requests are getting a rework sometime this year before we re-open event requests. We are very aware of the Event Culture that is part of Paragon, but we will be evaluating the idea of what requires an event and what doesn't. Alongside this, we will be taking a look at other ideas to further roleplay and character interactions - including our other points of interest in this thread. 4C. Social Roleplay is getting some attention from the moderation team. We are still hashing out the details of how this will work. Some of the things we want to try is more holiday-esque things alongside the DM team. On top of that we are looking to helping characters get a head start on their business through the proxy of their people's nation. How this works out is still getting detailed, but expect more to come on that as soon as we have it ready. We will also be returning to doing the Winter's Veil Gifts this year - something Drak started. 5C. This isn't all set in stone, but we will be actively discussing how we handle BFA later this year - after we've gotten through the changes such as these. We are very much interested in stepping away from how we've done things before. This includes how, if done, we handle the BFA story elements. This will be a part of the larger BFA discussion the moderation team has. 6C. We will no longer be coming down on people's roleplay. In the past, some prior actions may have caused us to come off as if we were putting a halt to specific people's stories & more. We will instead be taking a few steps back from harder stances we took - including on the sort of progress people are making. If we do approach, it will be to discuss what is going on. Our stances and our approach are changing, and we want to better promote people's ability to tell their character's stories here on Paragon. We will still be watching for sudden fast tracks within days/weeks as well as rule/lore breaking roleplay, but these things will no longer suddenly be treated to a hammering approach. We do still ask that stuff comes through us via Contact Moderation if its wild enough or if we believe it needs to be archived by us. There is a possibility of us setting out a guideline for what we consider needing a contact mod thread versus what doesn't D. Other 1D. Builders are getting a slight revamp to the team as a whole. So, we are not going to be doing a builder manager until the team grows - instead, builders will be overseen by Sage and the other moderators. It does get better - no longer do builders have to wait for an interior application to do work. When or if a builder has inspiration to build? They can come to a moderator and ask "Hey, can I build x?" and get the approval on the spot. This will require them to check in with us and show us their progress. While it doesn't need to be applied for now, it does mean that we will need to be informed BEFORE you begin. Secondly, we will be looking at how we handle "inheritance" type builds - how that is done is being looked at and will be worked on by Scottie and myself. This does mean that some things will get relaxed and we may very well be tweaking the templates as is. We will also be actively looking at how else we may improve interiors & the life of builders. Finally, we're going to be trying to get something going about a Public Interior list with the help of the community and that most importantly means the builders. There's still some things to get done with that, but expect that to go up sometime this Fall. This list will only grow with your guys' help - so be prepared. 2D. The Rules are changing! Well, not only do we have rules coming out via Nathaniel's changes, but we have a new rule change to Weapon Models. We will be loosening up more weapon/item models for use. You can expect to see an explanation of these coming soon - but what will REMAIN restricted is as follows: Frostmourne, Aegis of Aggramar, Hammer of Khaz'goroth, HD Gorehowl, Shalamayne, Turalyon's Sword, and Ashbringer. Anything else will be brought up in an upcoming thread. Please hold off on using what this now frees up until after the thread has appeared - which will take time. 3D. We are actively looking for new members of all teams - especially builders and moderators at this moment. Now is a time of change, and we would love for any of you to be a part of it. There was more discussed, but the rest is being saved for another time - this is all already a lot for us to do at once. Expect these things to happen when we've gotten them finished & ready for you all. Thank you for being an amazing community, and an amazing place to be on.
  5. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE ACHIEVED NEW REPUTATION THRESHOLDS 3 REP - THAELINE, SENN 6 REP - AZUMAK, ORDMAR 9 REP - TAYU, TELRATHAN 12 REP - DALTON, KARN Please contact myself or Cagi to work out the reward you choose. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS AND LOOK FOR YOUR NAME. If you don't have a reward put down for a threshold you've met, please contact us (Cagi / Myself) and work it out with us. If you don't wish to do a reward, don't worry about this.
  6. Sage

    Sins and Secrets

    SINS AND SECRETS An ambitious "project" by Soggy/Sage THE STORY SO FAR The world has been at war with the Legion for months and the end is in sight as the Order Halls push for The Tomb of Sargeras. However, they have also been busy elsewhere alongside champions of Azeroth. Issues far and wide have cropped up - from familiar old demonic faces to venturing to ancient Titan facilities. The world has been caught up in a storm of events that move from one place to the next. It is only recently that threats re-emerged - a Lich causing havoc while the majority of Azeroth focused on the demonic invasion. It was during this last saga that adventurers encountered a mysterious individual - Sovan. It was Sovan who initially pointed out locations they would need to go to retrieve the fractions of themselves stolen by the Lich. In the wake of the Lich's fall Sovan has been absent - nowhere to be seen or heard. It is as the adventure in the Tomb of Sargeras comes to its culmination that things begin to stir. Old foes have been stirred by Sovan, and new faces are coming to the forefront. Sovan has chosen a good time for this as well - for the artifact wielders and other thorns in his side are all too busy to answer. THE PREMISE In Sins and Secrets, people from all over are called to help out with issues rising on Pandaria. However, unlike prior chains, this one takes a different approach to how it is handled. Sovan, the antagonist, is stirring things small and big. What this means is that Sins and Secrets will have two very different set of storylines going on - one for those who prefer lower level adventures that are grounded in the land of Pandaria. The other will be for those who think their character would pursue the bigger threats - such as Sovan himself. Each storyline will end on their own, but play to the overall picture. The other aspect of Sins and Secrets is The Hub - a place serving as a general area for roleplay and the quest area for the two branching storylines. It is simply called The Hub for now, but it will be a for-roleplay created spot on Pandaria that all actions will set out from. Not only that, but occasionally events may spontaneously happen here. Enough people around? I may drop by and have a sudden attack! Maybe a civilian comes screaming about a saurok attack stirred up by one of Sovan's lieutenants. The idea behind all of this can be taken up by other DMs as well - the idea is to try and breathe life into Pandaria to see if a new idea might work for roleplay. It all falls under the branch of this event chain, but it also can act on its own to spearhead new things. This chain's main reward is the roleplay, or that is my goal. There may be gold or other things to come, but those aren't as important as building character relationships and using this as a springboard for new ideas. This is also me being ambitious and hopeful for what maybe can be done in the future off of this. There's some more ideas I intend to try get rolling off of this, but they will be kept closer to the vest. If anyone has any ideas, wants to help me get this rolling, or has questions? Please feel free to contact me over Discord or via the forums/this thread. I had a very sudden burst of inspiration, and I've also got an itch to continue with the idea of this antagonist who is spread out through several events/multiple chains. THE STORYLINES / EVENTS Events to come when they are planned out / given dates. Trials of the Makers [HIGH LEVEL THREAT] The Trials of the Makers follows the adventurous heroes as they begin to follow Sovan's trail from the Valley of the Four Winds outward. They will have to delve the depths of Kun-Lai, The Vale, and even return to the very same land that once held the mogu threat - the Isle of Thunder. It is here that they shall discover that not everything was found on the Isle - and it will send them to an even more treacherous island to confront Sovan's plans. MORE? The thread will expand with time and after gauging the success of the attempts.
  7. Updated with this weekend & next weekend's times/bosses/dates.
  8. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    Each reward is separate.
  9. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    Each rep tier is its own thing, you just need to get to the next rep points to get the next/last rep reward
  10. Sage

    Broken Shore Campaign

    THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS NEED TO CONTACT MYSELF OR CAGI ABOUT REPUTATION REWARDS: Preferably me as to not stress/overwhelm the corgi... Akarian (3 Rep, 6 Rep) Navasi (6 Rep, 9 Rep) Elenore (6 Rep, 9 rep, 12 rep) Lyonia (6, 9, 12) Karn (3, 6, 9) Sinari (3, 6, 9) Urdren (12) Tayu (3, 6) Lockjaw (3, 6) Telrathan (3, 6) Azgrim (3, 6) Caemesh (3) Baltux (3, 6, 9) Alderic (3, 6) Bevin (9, 12) Terin (3) Lyana (3) Druna (3, 6) Elyon (3, 6) Sayek (3) Yorick (3) Ecro (3) Halaari (3) Barli (3) Ordmar (3) Friendly: Soldier (3 rep required) (May acquire 10g, 3 Order Hall/Faction soldiers past regular cap of 5 NPCs or access to specialised Order Hall/Faction crafter that will craft using supplies YOU gather) Honoured: Veteran (6 rep required) (May acquire 10g, 3 Order Hall/Faction soldiers past regular cap of 5 NPCs, 1 elite Order Hall/Faction unit or access to specialised Order Hall/Faction crafter that will craft a specialised accessory) Revered: Hero (9 rep required) (May acquire 10g, 3 Order Hall/Faction soldiers past regular cap of 5 NPCs, 1 elite Order Hall/Faction units, access to specialised Order Hall/Faction crafter that will craft a specialised weapon/upgrade your weapon, one request for an Order Hall/Faction champion to assist in an event OR a class order hall mount (EXCEPT PRIEST) ) Exalted: Champion (12 rep required) (May acquire 10g, 3 Order Hall/Faction soldiers past regular cap of 5 NPCs, 1 elite Order Hall/Faction units, access to specialised Order Hall/Faction crafter that will craft a full set of gear, one request for an Order Hall/Faction champion to assist in an event OR access to a special ability, spell or mutation exclusive to a set class/profession. You may also get the class order hall mount if you have not gotten it in revered.)
  11. This dungeon ends today with Domatrax & Mephistroth.
  12. The final event is the 21st - a week from now.
  13. Event #4 is happening on Sunday, June 14th at 2pm ST.
  14. With the final Shore event over, expect to hear soon about when this is being held.