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    When u always wanted to be a Ruler
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    Patchman and Patchgirl pls
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    Can I have Dat Boi %s
  4. Yes it should be fixed, Raz changed only the spell flags that he needed to, rather than me, I just deleted every flag entirely cause I don't understand how these bit flag things work.
  5. This will be a guide on how to make a wearable pouch container you can store coins in with TRP3 Extended. First we will begin by opening the TRP3 Extended menu, this is where you will be going to most of the time while using TRP3 Extended, you can find the button on your TRP3 bar. If this is your first time opening this menu, you will be greeted by an agreement, otherwise, continue and select the icon in the bottom left to create an item. We will select container item, an item that holds other items. The next screen you will be able to edit all the information about your item, make it your own! Important: Select the "Wearable" attribute on the right side for a later step. After you are done customizing all the details about your item, select the container tab on the top. This will let you customize the Container attribute that was selected. We don't need much room to store our coins, so we will select the smaller container option. After you are done, select the "Save" button in the middle. Then select the "Database" cookie crumb in the top left to go back to the last page you were on. You can search and find your item you just made in the database. Right click the item, and add 1 to your inventory. To find your inventory, you can left click on the Inventory button on your TRP3 bar. For this purpose, we will also want to right click the button, which brings up your wearable inventory. Drag your item to any slot on the page, if you selected the Wearable attribute you can point to where the item physically is on your character. Now, double clicking this pouch will open up the items own inventory! You can drag other TRP3 Extended items inside, for example, coins, which come default with TRP3 Extended by searching "coin" in the Backers Database. You can add coins to your main inventory just like you added your item. And you can drag the coin items into your newly created container. Players can see your items on you when they view your Inventory with TRP3. This is just a small taste of what TRP3 Extended can do, I hope to see everyone experimenting and creating fun items in the future.
  6. Make sure you have an older version because casc format has changed since wod.
  7. First, switch to the profile you want to switch to in a macro. Use: /run print(TRP3_API.profile.getPlayerCurrentProfileID()) Now, to switch to this profile use: /run TRP3_API.profile.selectProfile("Profile ID you got from above.") Including the quotation marks ( " ).
  8. The currency items you earn can be used with Paragon Helper.
  9. This macro will spawn a random object: /run objects={505108,505106,502714,502716,502717,502718,502719};SendChatMessage(".go add "..objects[math.random(#objects)]) The object ids are comma separated inside the objects table. (In the left and right curly brackets) This macro will randomly scale your target object 1.0 to 1.5: /run SendChatMessage(".ro scale target "..math.random(10, 15)/10) Because 10/10 = 1, and 15/10 = 1.5, you can get more decimals by changing them to 100, 150, and deviding by 100. And so on.. This macro will randomly rotate your target object from 0 to 360 degrees: /run SendChatMessage(".ro degree target "..math.random(0,360)) We can combine these scripts to spawn a random object, scale it randomly, and rotate it randomly, all in one macro using the "last" selector: /run objects={505108,505106,502714,502716,502717,502718,502719};SendChatMessage(".gob add "..objects[math.random(#objects)]) /run SendChatMessage(".ro scale last "..math.random(10, 15)/10) /run SendChatMessage(".ro degree last "..math.random(0,360))
  10. Chase

    Bonus ID List

    Yes for like items with multiple versions, such as mythic. Or just add some edgy text to your items. I love my Timewarped Warforged Pristine Crafting Material sword!
  11. Chase

    Bonus ID List

    This is possible now btw, use .add itemid 1 bonus1;bonus2;bonus3... (A lot of bonus ID's might make your character crash permanently.)
  12. I use this to find things like chairs, doors, and mailboxes. Its also good if you need to find the model of a retail game object. Wont be too useful to you non-builders. But here you go.!PkNSgDID!cPXSD_lhvYY8olaK13084UozaLgIXTQLjGl1xkaML3g You can use a program like Excel to sort by the second column. The types are described here: Not sure what TDB version the server on, it should be very accurate anyway. Enjoy.
  13. chase. bby its william leonard xoxo