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  1. All that can really change is already inside of the community. Change starts with each one of you, as every player interacting with one another is what the foundation of this community is. The staff team can try to stimulate change or push the general populace into the right direction, but whether or not that works is entirely up to you guys. I don't know how many "Paragon is dying" threads or "This is what Paragon needs to do to change" posts it will take before anyone truly realizes the folly of talking and ranting about positive change without actually doing something about it. People are leaving left and right and while that's not surprising considering the rise of Epsilon, if Paragon suffers significantly for it that will be no one's fault but our own. I don't know what more there is to say on the subjective of changing Paragon for the better, because there never had and never will be a single cure-all solution to the problems we have here. Treating others well both ICly and OOCly comes down to the individual, no matter the intricacies of the rules or whatever drama goes on. Cooperating with your fellow RPer to achieve the same end through whatever means you can come up with is what matters.
  2. We went from discussing what Legion on Paragon would mean to the moral and philosophical qualities of the community and whether or not any of us are good enough for artifact weapons. This gives me conniptions.
  3. Thread cleaned. Tyler, do not post here again. The rest of you, please remain constructive. If I've missed any shitposts or upsetting content, feel free to let me know.
  4. The fuck are you animals doing in here. Thread clean-up initiated. Stand by.
  5. We're going through the story, but considering you never actually joined these events you can't really give much input on them. MoP was very clear-cut and often just ripped from retail, but that's probably because it was demotivating to be one of the sole people running it. WoD has, so far, been doing well in not being a blatant copy from retail for its events even if the pace could be a bit faster. Aren't you guilty of this, yourself, though? I rarely see you play with others that aren't part of your circle - if ever. Calling the storyline we follow as not real events? Or am I confusing the words? We advertise ourselves as a Blizzlike server, so naturally the main storyline will be done as well. I find it rather insulting to not call them events, while it is up to the players to influence how the event runs (even if the ending is predetermined). The players decide how to go about certain actions so it's not just "X goes into a camp full of orcs, aggroing them one at a time for that one item loot." The Legion is infinite, so a lot of antagonists is fine. It doesn't matter how or that it is at that point, really. So long as they don't expect to curbstomp everything, it's fine. What you just described and that I bolded is what the Legion does. There is infighting, they do go after individuals and plot assassinations. However I'm in agreement with the shitty meetings. I'd go further and say that the constant hiding in interiors and only coming out in number is another issue. You were a DM yourself, you cannot pin this all on us DMs. Some players are either not interested, don't like the DM or just don't want to do anything. Some people go as far as being annoyed when a DM even wants to host something spontaneously or make some road encounters. @Sage You've got little room to talk, given that you went behind people's backs to get your own situation retconned and the fact that you've repeatedly stated if Mithaniel died you'd go on a hissyfit. In a similar matter you can't talk about dodging consequences repeatedly. Just like your character is one a lot of people want to go for the throat with. aaa I played through WoD on retail, that's what I mean by my distaste for the expansion. I've also been to a few of our Paragon events and they were okay. My personal taste in WoD is what's lacking. My RP involves a bunch of people if I can help it, new faces and familiar ones. By real events I mean ones they can sink their teeth into, ones of substance and quality that engage both them and their characters in a memorable way. You confused my meaning. That's kind of the issue though. A trend among Legion RPers as far as I've observed is a gross inclination towards being able to justifiably curbstomp things which leads to a huge issue regarding the faction itself. The Legion being infinite is treated as an excuse of legitimacy in both resources and influence which leads to a skewed perspective of power. I was a DM and I know what you mean, but there is still a lot of DMing to do and realistically not all of it can be done. Some of you are more active than others, some do the bare minimum, some spearhead the team's initiative as you did in Pandaria. What I'm advocating there is more initiative from the team to be a team and to work together to make the job a lighter load on all of you while optimizing the RP being created for maximum efficiency possible.
  6. Yikes. I mean there's the problem right there in your post, Sage. You're blind to the issue and thus feel absolved of any guilt. That's just my opinion, based on what I've observed, regardless of my emotions on the subject. The event you're citing had nothing to do with Legion RP as a whole, being an isolated incident between myself and Celes. Nathrezim are limited and that's no excuse for the large majority who aren't Dreadlords. You're also somewhat at fault for the exhaustion being pointed out, but I don't need to remind you of your own standards. Being out to rack up a PK count is pathetic in its own right, so perhaps doing something other than trying to snuff out other characters would be a step in the right direction. It's about being active in the right ways, making use of forces, stirring up conflict indirectly to give people meat to chew on rather than going right for the throats of their characters. It's about the developing arc of a plot from beginning to end which features our characters and reaches a conclusion rather than getting hung up on the petty semantics of character power and /played memes. These are things I've seen very little of and they're unfortunately the things that matter the most. I'd also recommend keeping your cheeky shrug emojis limited to 1 and under. @Celes Play whatever you want, that's not what I'm picking at. Of course demons are extremely variable with numerous roles, but that's still not what I'm picking at. My point is that the cohesive existence of so many Legion players amounts to literally nothing in terms of RP generated vs. RP potential given how many active characters there are in the faction. I'm posting here as a player so I'm not sure why me being staff matters, as these are suggestions based on OOC interactions I'm privy to and are pretty obvious to anyone who pays attention. Unfortunately a lot of the points you're making are coming from an IC perspective when the entire issue is an OOC one. If it were as simple as playing your characters, then we wouldn't be here having this discussion but I'm lead to call out this detriment to Paragon for what it is. If you want to play an antagonist then play them in a way geared towards what lore portrays their cause as, whether they be Legion, Scourge, Twilight's Hammer, or otherwise.
  7. I don't really think another Paragon wipe is the solution, nor am I very fond of WoD or farming retail content in general but I have some concerns and ideas to add to this general discourse. RPing with who you like has never been the problem, but when who you like becomes the only people you find yourself RPing with is what stirs problems. An RP community is about everyone and the fact that RP has become such an exclusive commodity on Paragon is truly depressing. These hugboxes, cliques, etc. all have one thing in common which is the fact that literally nothing comes out of them. They don't generate RP or create activity except for what happens internally and to the benefit/affect of only those few characters/players. It simply shouldn't be the way it is, but it's become what we all deal with in one form or another. Despite that, there are still a number of variables that I think contribute to the ineffectiveness that Paragon suffers from when it comes to providing a plentiful and open environment to stimulate the RP that we're all here for. --- New players deserve an actual chance to figure out how Paragon works, engage themselves in current RP, get into real events that are inclusive of their characters, and feel welcome to doing the same things we do. If we as a community can step up to the plate and make more of an effort in keeping people around, our community will grow and benefit directly. --- The Burning Legion should not be the largest, most active player faction on the server. I have no idea how it's come this far and I have no issues with people wanting to play antagonists, but enough is enough. I've frankly seen little justice done to what the faction stands for and the entire point of being an antagonist is to generate RP, action, chaos, and do what it takes to play a good villain that actually has an impact. PvPing single characters, plotting assassinations, farming 'power' among themselves, sitting around in fruitless council meetings, petty internal conflicts, and other lame behavior needs to stop. Be evil out loud, be interactive, be an actual legion from hell. --- The DM team needs to get their shit together. Do things. Be active. Run events that are going to stimulate activity in a region or that will lay the foundation for a player-driven conflict/storyline that a diverse group can jump into. Sprinkle in some one-offs, spontaneous instances, and little quests as well. Collaborate with other DMs, players, and even staff members. Do whatever you need to do with all the resources you have, because a group initiative is going to get so much more done than a single person. --- Involving staff in a situation shouldn't really be as common as it is, considering there are only 9 of us (currently) and that things can be just as easily resolved among players. Having to enforce retcons for example, something that no one wants to do or deal with but happens nonetheless. It turns people off from RPing with each other rather than an alternative course of action that may change things or result in a compromise instead of a flat out, surgical removal of whatever the issue is. I suppose the same thing can be said for the notion of this thread, but on a larger scale. That's all I've got right now but I'll probably post more later when the things I'd like to say can be articulated well enough.
  9. great day of birth
  10. Interesting... Hopefully we get through WoD quickly enough to experience this stuff on Paragon.
  11. One of the kindest people I've ever met.