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  1. Chieftain Cliffwalker expects you all on the 8th of June at 6 PM ST.
  2. Word has reached Orgrimmar of several disturbances just outside of Cliftwalker Post in Stonetalon Mountains. Cliffwalker braves report several explosion like sounds coming from the surrounding areas. No threats have been made upon the post so High Chieftain Cliffwalker has not seen fit to investigate further. He, however, has expressed that if heroes of the Horde wish to look into the matter, he shall greet the at Cliftwalker Post with open arms. Warchief Sylvanas has sanctioned this mission for any Horde adventurers to aid the tauren of Cliftwalker Post.
  3. Gambit


    Ooooooweeee. It's been a while. Surprised I remembered my login info. What up Paragon. Just wanted to take a peek into the goings ons around here. See how things were going. See if I recognize any names. Might get back into the rp scene sometime in the near future. Might not. Who knows. But, hey!
  4. Shamans of Azeroth! The Earthen Ring is calling on you all to come together and face the threat of the Burning Legion as one! The Whispering Winds summons you to the Maelstrom to speak with Thrall and to devise plans for the future. The Earthen Ring needs you, champions. Azeroth needs you! OOC: This event chain will follow along the lines of the Shaman class order hall questline. Some lesser quests will be skipped based on player interest. The first of these events, the founding of the Heart of Azeroth, shall be October 7th 430 GMT and 930 GMT. See you there, shamans!
  5. It's the only day both Oni and I can do.
  6. Heroes of Azeroth! The defeat at Broken Shore has left us reeling, however do not allow it to hamper your spirits and break your wills. The time has come to find the answers we need in order to defeat the Burning Legion. The Council of Six has called on you to meet with them and discuss your next move against the Burning Legion. Azeroth needs you, champions! - Event Details - This event chain shall be one involving the return of Magni Bronzebeard, the research into the Pillars of Creation, and, finally, the teleportation of Dalaran to the Broken Isles. Both Oni and I shall be hosting these events for different time zones. The date shall be September 13th 2018 & September 14th 2018. Oni's event shall be hosted September 13th at 8:30pm Server Time. Gambit's events shall be hosted September 15th(Part 1) and September 19th(Part 2) at 12:00am Server Time. (Minor edits by Oni to add event time)
  7. I wanna come with Ginny so bad but class
  8. Idk if i can trust a dude named ospitos
  9. I vote Drez does it...... If y'all want me to. -D As long as its not jizz colored.
  10. Demons these days think so small. Back in MY day, when demons attacked, they attacked entire KINGDOMS.