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  1. Shamans of Azeroth! The Earthen Ring is calling on you all to come together and face the threat of the Burning Legion as one! The Whispering Winds summons you to the Maelstrom to speak with Thrall and to devise plans for the future. The Earthen Ring needs you, champions. Azeroth needs you! OOC: This event chain will follow along the lines of the Shaman class order hall questline. Some lesser quests will be skipped based on player interest. The first of these events, the founding of the Heart of Azeroth, shall be October 7th 430 GMT and 930 GMT. See you there, shamans!
  2. It's the only day both Oni and I can do.
  3. Heroes of Azeroth! The defeat at Broken Shore has left us reeling, however do not allow it to hamper your spirits and break your wills. The time has come to find the answers we need in order to defeat the Burning Legion. The Council of Six has called on you to meet with them and discuss your next move against the Burning Legion. Azeroth needs you, champions! - Event Details - This event chain shall be one involving the return of Magni Bronzebeard, the research into the Pillars of Creation, and, finally, the teleportation of Dalaran to the Broken Isles. Both Oni and I shall be hosting these events for different time zones. The date shall be September 13th 2018 & September 14th 2018. Oni's event shall be hosted September 13th at 8:30pm Server Time. Gambit's events shall be hosted September 15th(Part 1) and September 19th(Part 2) at 12:00am Server Time. (Minor edits by Oni to add event time)
  4. Hey guys. It's me. Friendly neighborhood black guy. So, apparently, the War for the RPG had finally concluded since I left the site. Never thought I'd see you guys drop it with the way people fought so hard to keep it around. I never really cared much for it. I thought it was cool cause it added some more flavor to wow. Didn't really care about being 'canon' or not since most, if not all, the classes felt like they fit to me. What I didn't like was people using RPG elements such as 'feats' and 'traits' and stuff. If that makes sense. This ain't DnD. But anyway, back on what I was here to ask: With the RPG gone, what happens to previous character using RPG stuff? Cause I have this and not sure where to go with it. Was probably just gonna change to paladin and rewrite the history. Maybe apply for some AC rank. Dunno. But yeah. Was there some kinda consensus on how these characters were handled?
  5. Gambit

    IRL Pic Thread

    I went in my ptus like a real man
  6. As a United States Sailor, I'll bomb you all.
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    IRL Pic Thread

    big words for a no-picture post mr. ham Awaiting your actual IRL pic... there's literally no comeback from that. game over man. game over.
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    IRL Pic Thread

    already got one, but thanks, lmao You want another pics or you don't have one, sandwich Choose whichever you like, I have multiple dogs so multiple leashes. Oh dear.