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  1. Sometimes it just takes someone leading by example. One person can truly make a gradual difference in a community. It's why they say that kindness goes a long way, for example. Otherwise.. I think it's a question that only someone can personally answer for themselves.
  2. As others have said: a server-wipe won't offer much of a solution to the problem(s) people are having. It's not only a certain lack of communication, but a development of mistrust, and some people taking things too seriously. These issues will only continue to occur. It's not the story/lore. It's not the characters. Purely human nature. Or what like Paragon calls the "OOC" side of things. And as with most occurrences: OOC should stay separate from IC, and vice versa. Personally, I speak as someone who is a lot more quiet and reserved - until the moments I think it'd be meaningful I speak up - and tend to RP mainly among close friends. Doesn't mean I'm personally opposed to RPing with other people, but that sometimes people just have to speak up if they wish to be included somewhere. In addition to the above, I will include what I say a lot: It's all about our mindset; how we perceive things. There's a lot of people that I've observed a certain toxicity or negativity they might have toward someone else. And that is part of the true problem. Which goes back to the mistrust and lack of communication and sometimes this desire to do harm. In conclusion (TL;DR), it's ourselves, the community of Paragon, that could use some improvement, not the server/lore/story.
  3. A wonderful and creative individual I've had the pleasure of getting to know! c: also a huge nerd <3
  4. As far as I know we are allowed to emote for a NPC as long as it's not to randomly attack a player or for the benefit of a player (excluding exchanges for food or beverages, or any service within reason of your character's money). As long as it's talking or some action meant to add life. I could be wrong, but if anything I see no harm in it.
  5. Summon is definitely the key word. Don't have the book to officially source from at the moment, but in Tides of War Thrall was able to sense an immense disturbance in the elements because of Jaina's actions with a mass-summon of water elementals using the Focusing Iris. Another example is the Phoenix, which are actually bird-like fire elementals that Kael'thas and some of his Blood Mages learn to summon. I've always assumed that they are elementals from the elemental plane, and they're definitely not something a lowly mage could summon - but I don't have an official source for that currently. Edit: Did some digging.. And some sources mention "create." So I suppose it does come to what source is the most accurate and accepted.
  6. I'd give it a reverse 10/9.5
  7. Aren't the ley lines specifically connected to just the world you are standing on? They're not all-encompassing like the Nether? Unless I'm misunderstanding how the lines are truly connected or utilized. I say this because most of the portals opened were between AU Draenor and MU Azeroth (and vice-versa).
  8. (The following is regarding Celarc's most recent response on the thread. Just on my phone so couldn't be bothered to quote.) If one wishes for compromise then they need to remain on middle ground themselves. Insulting someone or a group does not accomplish that. To compromise you first have to understand the point of the view of the other person (or people) and not be incredibly stubborn purely about what you want. But it's also not always easy to achieve and with our varying preferences we won't always find that happy middle between differences. Now, regarding the "being attacked" part. From how I perceive the beginning of the last paragraph you want rewards to just be handed to you without the risk? As others mentioned, the journey is just as dangerous as planned events if not more risky if you're not prepared for the ambush. It's similar to how we could die walking through the jungle alone, except much higher risk in a fantasy setting. You can die. There's always that risk. Edit: Oh, right. Almost forgot something. I don't really see the fun in simply "portaling around." I guess if people want less risk sure, but as previously stated multiple times before it's not a simple wave of the hand. Besides that, the majority of Draenor is traveled on foot. The "champion" on retail doesn't magically portal around the unknown world. Every travel is foot or flightpath, and the same is done for all of the troops in the unfamiliar land. (This discludes the whole Mage Tower thing that comes much, much later and STILL requires you to travel to the specific spot to establish the portal connection.)
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    haha look at these kool kats (:
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    Snapchat filters are fun to mess around with, tbh, but I really liked this one kinda been a while since I posted here anyways
  11. Like if someone wants to risk being locked out of Draenor and not returning then it should be done ICly. Or at least that's my preference because I prefer things ICly driven.
  12. Things should be handled ICly anyways (if they aren't already). If someone doesn't follow rules set ICly and the character is legitimately found breaking them then they could face IC consequences, etc. But please keep OOC enforcement out of IC, and do keep it ICly reasonable and realistic. Edit: The OOC involvement based on OOC bias/opinion rather than in-game legimitmacy was another huge factor for loss of interest in Pandaria.
  13. Even my Bronzie will be in more of the background and remain passive. She has no place in combat-oriented events, unless she's directly involved such as being attacked and cornered and left little choice but the defend herself. Sure, the dragons had their charges (and still might follow them even though it's the Age of Mortals now) but they shouldn't be as directly involved with mortal bussiness. I'm pretty sure that's how it always was except for those few occasions like with Wyrmrest Temple, Chromie, Kalecgos, etc. Still, they mostly took care of what they were supposed to as dragons; they did what they were assigned to do in their respective Flights.
  14. An amazing friend with characters that each have their own special concept that makes them unique and interesting.
  15. Zyra (main), Miss Fortune, and Karma Mostly because I tend to main bot a lot.