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  1. Gigglebox

    Doll Makers!

    A couple for Rhaeya Ven'delorn, with a before and after becoming a Demon Hunter Only thing off is that her hair is a lil more of a reddish dark chestnut
  2. Gigglebox

    Doll Makers!

    Thought I'd do one for Jaritana c:
  3. I doubt the Horde will have much issue in spots filling up. The Alliance have at least twice, if not triple, the amount of people playing the faction. Having a 10-15 person cap would be nice, as I can usually still concentrate with three groups max. But anything above that can be hard to keep track of (for both players and DMs). Yesterday I dropped because of personal reasons, but I would really love to have my character involved in future Alliance events (which I will attend on my own accord; not reserving). Being a Draenei, she would give her life to make sure that Azeroth does not befall the same fate that Outland did by the crushing force of the Orcs.
  4. 20.30 BST .. aka 2:30 PM Server Time right?
  5. This is in the wrong place, btw
  6. My Bronze Dragon will likely make an appearance on the Timeless Isle, though she wouldn't participate in the Celestial Tournament as she's more of an observer.
  7. Time and date works for me, so cool c:
  8. I am incredibly late signing up, as I only recently started being active again. Thought I might as well try because this is absolutely something my character would do. Assuming I'll be on stand-by for when people don't show up, which is completely fine. Name of character (as it appears in-game): Avriiah Full name of character: Avriiah, the Devoted Defender Affiliation: Alliance and Exodar, previously the Shattered Sun Offensive Number of forces (including type): none Force placement (if hidden send a PM to Verum): n/a
  9. Gigglebox

    Scarlet Halls

    No nooo. Rivalry between their chars but any rivalry between two groups of players ends up a clusterfuck of drama every time. Anything can turn into drama, you just have to figure out if something is worth doing or not. Not sure if my Scarlet would join the defense for this, though. Mostly because she's a part of the group that is camped elsewhere for IC reasons. However, I've always enjoyed the Scarlet Crusade dungeons so I'm considering possibly joining this (w/ the force sent to bring them down).
  10. ^ For EST (GMT - 5) <-- I've found this to be helpful, as it also can tell you what GMT you are.
  11. My next question is how relevant the "Sign-up" list is? Like, do we have to have our character on that list to attend?
  12. Unwillingly, the caretaker is a jerk like that. Data gathered is more important than whatever dumb thing you were doing! Perfect! The girl I'm bringing along is not the best fighter, but it's forcing her into a situation she's not very used to. So it'll test her capabilities well. c: Bringing Ashirae, if that was missed earlier.
  13. I do have a question, though. I attended Caretaker events before that we willingly joined OOC, but I remember our characters being whisked away (summoned) ICly when the event came around. Is it like that, unwillingly? Or is it something that we willingly join ICly, as well?
  14. I shall bring a character I have long neglected: Ashirae. Hopefully to all events, though not guaranteed I'd make them all (depending on date/time). And, if possible, bring along her loyal companion (pet).
  15. Alright. I shall start typing up the encounters I had planned, as I believe they are new and unique, as well as a fun experience no matter whom DMs it. As an additional note: The DMs that would like to help out with this should PM me on Skype, as it will be the quickest way of contact at this point. If you don't have me added, my Skype is rainhope77 (with the Skype picture being the same as my Paragon one).