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  1. Ethal

    Stonefield burns

    This evening, a deadly attack occured in the forest of Elwynn. The farmstead of Stonefield was left burned and broken and a total of seven people were slain in the battle, four of these were armed guards. Relatives also claim that out of the hollow, burned out corpses, one person is missing, seemingly kidnapped by the attackers. Unfortunately there seems to be no witnesses alive, but the nature of the attack seems to be related with the attack in Westfall a couple of days ago since the practice of fel was clearly used in the massacre. The Stormwind investigators have asked for any help they can get in finding the scource of attack.
  2. Ethal

    House Asen

    Looks cool. Best of luck!
  3. Today, Westfall fell victim to yet another attack. When the Montarville soldiers and the troops of the Alliance arrived in Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm, the stench of death would fill their lungs. The felfire was still burning hot on the fields. The bodies of six homeless humans was found, drained of all life. Their eyesockets hollow, mouths gaping and skin rotting. The survivors witnessed two men being dragged along as prisoners by what seemed to be cultists, following their leader, the fel practitioner, away from the scene.
  4. Ethal


    I've only done 4 of my placement matches so far but that's not happened to me. Comp is pretty tense, but it makes me less salty about losing in quick play at least. Guess it's just my bad luck as always then. :< But yeah, same here. Feels much more relaxing and giving to play quick play now when comp is out.
  5. Ethal


    My first few games in competitive have been all the same, one person leaves, then everyone leaves and I'm left alone getting my ass kicked so hard. Almost lost all of my placement matches thanks to that..
  6. Ethal


    Donald Duck cosplay.
  7. Ethal


    So. Any opinions about competetive play?
  8. The People's Syndicate Our great deeds and work shall be celebrated for generations to come · The People's Syndicate consists of a yet small band of outlaw men and women that are dedicated to hard work and a free lifestyle without the bonds of society and laws. · It first started when the simple farmer Herman had enough of the poverty and the little appreciation to the common folks in Westfall and Elwynn. In his own words, the king had abandoned them and left his kingdom for selfish reasons. After studying about the rest of Azeroth, Herman sold his farm and prepared to set out in the world to find a more suitable lifestyle for himself. As a tale which he often tells, He travelled all across Azeroth, defeated all enemies and dangers that crossed his path with nothing but a simple dull sword. He ventured deep into forgotten dungeons and caverns and stole treasures and values that truly belonged to others. He robbed people who he deemed unworthy of their wealth and all of this all by himself. · As Herman returned to the Kingdom of Stormwind, He openly bragged on about his adventures and this New lifestyle of his. He travelled to the dark corners and shady taverns of Elwynn and Westfall, spreading the word of his new philosophy. A life beyond the borders of society and hard work without payoff is no work at all was among his many quotes used. A number of people willing to sacrifice their old ways of life decided to join up with him in his quest for freedom. To most, he is their mentor. For some, he is their savior. · The People's Syndicate is to be considered an adventuring and open guild, dedicated to work lawlessly to survive and life freely in the world by pillaging, plundering, scavenging and killing everything that stands in their way of living as they choose. Anyone is free to join, as long as they are willing to play their part. ________________________________________________ _______.._______ Defias Brotherhood you say? Nay, those damned souls can rot in their mines while we take the rest of the kingdom. Their time is over. Now is the time of the People's Syndicate. - Herman conflicting around the competition. What is a man without payment for his hard efforts? What is a family without food to feed their children and elders? Just ask the king himself! While this kingdom stands on the brink of war in foreign lands, why has he forsaken his own people at home? Shall we suffer because our own ruler is a selfish bastard? No! It's time we take what it rightfully ours. And if force is necessary, then by force we shall TAKE IT! - Herman from his speech in the Lakeshire Inn. ________________________________________________ _______.._______ Ranks In the People's Syndicate, all members are equal. Some may have different approaches or experiences, but all in all, everyone has a voice that is meant to be heard and respected. Foreman There can only be one who leads us. And that is me. We have all witnessed the bottom of the society and its horrors. But I have witnessed the way out. Call it madness, but I for one do not intend on following a king that has such little care for his own. So take what you want, take what you need, take what you deserve. The rank of foreman naturally falls on Herman since he is the one who gave birth to this syndicate. He does not fancy calling himself a leader, but instead he calls himself ''The Foreman'' or a mentor that is there to teach, guide and maintain peace among the members. Council-member A handful few selected members have the title of council-member. Becoming one is simple. All you have to do is dedicate your life and swear that all actions you take, here and in the future, will be for the good of the syndicate. As a council-member, you get no benefits what so ever. Your only task is to determine and guide your fellow brothers and sisters as the Foreman would when he is not present. The most important one being whether or not it is an option to kill another person. Sometimes it needs to be done to make a point. But sometimes a person is better left alive for the greater good of the syndicate. Brother/Sister Brothers and sisters! You are all equal in my eyes. And is that not the way it was meant to be? Why do we have heroes and saints? We all know that deep within our hearts, we would all want to be like them. But not because of their honor or glory. We want to be like them because they have wealth and roof above their head. So share everything! And if they do not want to willingly share, take what is rightfully yours at any cost. The male variant of a member is simply called brother, the female one is called sister. Anyone is free to pursue their own goals within the syndicate. Some members focus more on taking care of the various encampments and the families that reside there. Some members focus mostly on stealing or gathering resources for the syndicate by robbing for example travelling merchants, civillians or if their number if greater - even guards or soldiers. ________________________________________________ _______.._______ Rules and Guidelines [WIP] Even if the main goal of the syndicate is to achieve freedom from the bonds of society, there is some important rules and guidelines that each and every member needs to follow. All members must contribute - This means that all members, brothers and sisters, need to give something back to the syndicate as some sort of thank you for being invited. This can be food, weapons, clothing or housing (Such as tents or similar things) which will be sharen equally with the other members. It does not matter if the contribution is stolen or given, all that matters is that you give something back to the syndicate at least once a week and upon joining the syndicate. Permission from a member of the council - This must be granted before a member can take another persons life. This because of risks of being highly exposed if one for example would thoughtlessly kill a member of the Stormwind Army or someone else of great importance. Stealing, robbing and sabotage is always allowed if it is considered to be for the good of the syndicate. Work together or die alone - Everyone in the syndicate is considered of equal value, even the Foreman and the members of the council. This also applies when on missions or raids. Working together without fighting about moral issues or values is an essential factor in succeeding in the syndicate. The People's Syndicate is a family and one should never battle with his own kind. ________________________________________________ _______.._______ _.._ Clarification The People's Syndicate will be heavily depending on progression and alot of roleplaying to reach its goals. If this project would start, our story would most likely begin with recruitment through secret meetings and gatherings before the rumours even begin to spread. We would start by robbing, pickpocketing and things alike with the tools we already have so that maybe could afford a small encampment and then work our way up to heavier deeds and adventures so that we could upgrade our gear and base of operation. We would aquire and keep track of everything we get our hands on so that a certain sense of realism and progression is achieved. In my opinion, progression and time is the key to good, valid and powerful roleplaying. Aside from adventuring and raiding I would also like to point out that the casual life roleplaying would also play a part in this. For example what our characters would do in the encampment when we are not out to gather resources. Getting to know eachother, planning our next operation/mission and such would take place inside the game instead of just on the forums. More OOC Info: Alright so this is something that I've had in my mind and working on for quite some time. This is not an official statement that this guild has been created, but more of an interest-check/idea. The point of this guild is casual roleplaying combined with raiding and other criminal activity for what Herman and the others believe is true justice for them. I for one enjoy making roleplaying aggressive and dangerous. And by making the world of Azeroth more unsafe for its inhabitants and roleplayers it creates excitement for everyone. (Of course acting under the rules of Paragon.) I'm planning on adding more stuff here soon, but for now, Peace out.
  9. Ethal

    Gearfist IBS

    This makes me want to play on Paragon again. If I do, I'll be sure to join up with one of my old goblin-characters!
  10. Not my type of music but it's a good song nonetheless. 8/10
  11. 10/10 Really awesome stuff.
  12. Ethal

    Rate the Sig above.

    8/10 Looks funny. Tho I wouldn't like to be him dressed in red.
  13. 2/10 I don't know what it is actually.
  14. Everyone fought bravely. Looking forward to the follow-up!