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  1. Ethal

    Stonefield burns

    This evening, a deadly attack occured in the forest of Elwynn. The farmstead of Stonefield was left burned and broken and a total of seven people were slain in the battle, four of these were armed guards. Relatives also claim that out of the hollow, burned out corpses, one person is missing, seemingly kidnapped by the attackers. Unfortunately there seems to be no witnesses alive, but the nature of the attack seems to be related with the attack in Westfall a couple of days ago since the practice of fel was clearly used in the massacre. The Stormwind investigators have asked for any help they can get in finding the scource of attack.
  2. Today, Westfall fell victim to yet another attack. When the Montarville soldiers and the troops of the Alliance arrived in Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm, the stench of death would fill their lungs. The felfire was still burning hot on the fields. The bodies of six homeless humans was found, drained of all life. Their eyesockets hollow, mouths gaping and skin rotting. The survivors witnessed two men being dragged along as prisoners by what seemed to be cultists, following their leader, the fel practitioner, away from the scene.
  3. Ethal

    Henlo frens

    A little late but cheers! Welcome to the server.
  4. Everyone fought bravely. Looking forward to the follow-up!
  5. Urdruk has been sent with the riders to spread the word around Durotar. When the time of battle comes, he will be there for sure. For the Horde!
  6. Garud Woodsbane reporting for duty in Lord Baratock's stead. He will be there and fight for what is right!