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  1. Did I really post it in Lobby? Jesus Fucking Christ...
  2. Last night, Goblin Trade Mogul, Slizz Greasetrap was riding alone along the road West of Goldshire and was attacked by two men armed with firearms, local guards say. Reports state that two good simaritans came to the aid of the Mogul, resulting in a brief and blood firefight, wounding the assailants and one of the vigilantes, a worgen female whose identity is being withheld for her safety. Reports say that the two assailants fled the scene and have yet not been apprehended or identified. The worgen woman is last reported in critical but stable condition, in no small part due to emergency aid rendered by Greasetrap in the way of makeshift packing the wound with napkins. Shortly thereafter Greasetrap, escorted by his other rescuer made their way to a guard who was able to rush to the worgen’s aid and ensure her recovery.
  3. Vykax


    So Sprock thinks he can save Paragon...?
  4. If you can describe the encounter, reward, and endgame in one sentence, you're good. "I'm hunting a bear for fur because I'm cold." Go "I'm hunting murlocs for sport because of revenge." Go "I'm hunting dragons for scales for armor. And it's space armor that reflects spells back. And it has a radio to call a giant robot." No Go
  5. More sparkles you say? Too easy.
  6. I'm stealing this idea when I launch Cloaca WoW
  7. Vykax

    IRL Pic Thread

    you try fully extending your shoulders and taking a selfie in a god damn turret god damn, that's a sentence I never thought I'd say
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    Clean up off-topic

    there's some lookers, but they're guaranteed to be married
  9. Vykax

    Clean up off-topic

    and girls in general. "army hot" is not hot
  10. Vykax

    IRL Pic Thread

    The sweat box is real.
  11. Vykax

    Clean up off-topic

    If you do the raids [Conclave of Bad Lore 'dorei] and [Journey Through Snake's Sweltering Anus] you're only like ten meme points from [Free the Blacklist] you can make that up with a couple rare pepes and a Chad.