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  1. Vykax


    Well shit. Turns out that the internet on Polish military bases isn’t all that great and there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. May at some point try to get on but given that I can be called away at any moment for no reason kinda makes it hard to do RP. Stay tuned I guess.
  2. Vykax

    Brief interuption

    Many of you have noticed my return as of late, but unfortunately today is my last day in America for at least 9 months. It will take an unknown amount of time for me to get situated and for my work load to die down enough for me to be on in any consistent manner. What to expect from: The Strange Voice stuff, Strange will take a back seat for a while, watching from a far but more or less not interacting with people. Those who have been bestowed horrible gifts from Strange will still be able to use them. Slizz Greasetrap, Slizz has joined up with the Arkanford and is working on a figuring out his new administrative position over his mercenary company that he is lending to the Arkanford for it's use against the Burning Legion. That's about all that is relevant.
  3. Vykax


    So Sprock thinks he can save Paragon...?
  4. Vykax

    Be Mighty

    the link's broken
  5. Vykax

    Business Directory

    A what and do what?
  6. Vykax

    Business Directory

    The idea was to help people find each other for commerce instead of using NPCs to make every purchase and sale so people without an interior can do their thing too. I may be updating and possibly reworking some of this tonight.
  7. Vykax

    Business Directory

    I have been neglecting this thread but intend to update the main post soon.
  8. Vykax

    Guns & You

    basically this. Takes shot of whiskey. I agree with Silverthorn. You agree with me often. Your just an alcoholic stop trying to excuse it by memes. I'll quit whenever I bloody well want to! But yea. I'm a little skeptical that we have interstellar space ships, plasma guns, artificial intelligence, cyborgs, holograms, and shit but we don't have anything other then some ancient ass muzzle loaders. I don't think we should have people walking around with AK-47's and full auto pistols but I'm not thrilled with the idea of someone causing a bitch fit because a pump action shot gun shouldn't exist.
  9. Vykax

    Guns & You

    basically this. Takes shot of whiskey. I agree with Silverthorn.
  10. A good thing to add is the difference between IC goals and OOC goals. I witness someone have a meltdown because something happened to their character that would make it harder to ICly progress to another class. This sort of OOC planning of your own character's story usually only leads to frustration and railroading as well as it turns people off towards the character. IC goals however are good. If you have no OOC expectations from your RP then an IC goal can evolve and change. A paladin aspirant might find themselves seduced by shadow and turn to a darker path, or a character that wants to be a priest might end up picking up guns instead.
  11. Or when I'm on Odgen. It's a good place for gunmen, or any gun related character to hangout.
  12. Vykax

    Business Directory

    Updated directory to include Uber's ranch and include the Red Rose teleport. Didn't include the mine since there isn't a whole lot to work with and there isn't a teleport.