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  1. Hmm. If there is potential for finding magical shit, I'd be down.
  2. Y'all would have to ask mom. And like ark said, we did already progress pretty well
  3. Shit was sexy. Ivar and Drezz were baws.
  4. Well this is definitely an interesring idea. Ill keep an eye out for it. Im bummed I havent been able to make it to your other caretaker events feral
  5. Is this still joinable after the event chaon has started? And if you miss one chapter, are you still able to join the next?
  6. Wow Mom, im pumped as fuck now for this. And damnit its estimated for 4pm? 3 if it stays like that i wont be able to make it.
  7. whoa shit, people are expecting to become liches? I dont know how intense this event is gonna be but mmk ;3
  8. ahh elsyf, you picked up on that specific terming "well of undeath" as well did you? ;3
  9. Hope I can make it this weekend to this :D
  10. Im really confused as to what this event is, but it defimitely piques my interest mom
  11. Ohhhh gotchhaa Mom :3 SOrry to bother ya dug
  12. Thank you dug, thatclarifies it a bit actually. Refer to my Lich post for something I may eventually do and poke you about hosting.
  13. Necrophile


    omg Cenia didnt realize you were DMing this and I am soo much more excited and want to do this now. Plzz doo it's on Saturday for the most part. <3 Umm, didnt see the second page, just disregard my comment about saturday 3
  14. Could you explain what youre doing further?
  15. Maijiara dont you fuck me, dont you ever ty to fuck me. Also thankies :3 im bummed that i wont be able to male it 3 waw lookin forwa3d to this shit