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  1. Hm makes sense, however I suppose an adept alchemist with a bit of a magical knowledge could end up creating some sort of concoction to better the days of undeath.
  2. Serious question - Would drugs affect the undead? We have a lore clarification for drugs, might as well find out if deadnest can get high with Kimberly or not
  3. Castiel


    Big quaCK pt 2
  4. Trogg remodels. I'm down for this 👌
  5. I'm game. Which Sunday?
  6. Castiel

    IRL Pic Thread

    If the entirety of Paragon met at the pub or something I swear to God it would just be awkward silence for the first 3 hours (assuming everyone -actually- got out of their moms house) and the occasional meme flung about.
  7. Castiel

    Pokemon GO

    According to my brothers neighbor, people in Times Square, NY had the chance of catching Articuno. However, only a limited amount were able to actually capture him due to the extreme difficulty. Though this information could be false. The trailer for Pokémon GO suggests something very similar. Either way I'm going to stuff my Pokémon with steroids so my CP can be buff af~
  8. Castiel

    Pokemon GO

    On a separate note, it's been suggested that catching legendaries will be more of a public event, requiring teams of people to take down the Pokémon, rather than random encounters. Possibly meaning all those taking part will get the legendary(?)
  9. Died within a couple of weeks like most evil guilds do. Albeit the leader got banned.
  10. In case y'all haven't heard; Evolve is now F2P with 0 micro transactions and stuff. Guess they finally listened to all the negative reviews. Get it here: