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  1. Fffs... mayonnaise is an instrument you fool.
  2. I myself am proud to say that I was arguably the best bass trombonist my high school had ever seen, and I marched baritone as well for those four years. I was second chair in my first year of college, and first chair my second. EDIT: Can't forget those middle school years. I played tenor trombone from sixth to eighth grade, played tenor trombone my freshman year of high school, and switched to bass trombone from sophomore year to graduation.
  3. Banned for looking like a friend of mine.
  4. Banned for being too green.
  5. Gaiscioch

    Armies of Three

    Here we go! And first, btw. Name: Maxton Wakefield, Mighty Maxton Race: Human (Alteraci) Class: Hemomancer, Sharpshooter Reason to join: Will be a median between Stormwind and the guild, a way to get the guild hired for jobs that Stormwind needs done.
  6. I RPed there yesterday. The place is still there, just now needs RP.
  7. no, I only meant that BRADLEY is to good to be STOPPED... (Kill him quickly)
  8. Bradley is too good to be stopped.
  9. Gaiscioch


    Aye, Miyuzaki was working on this instead of Dark Souls II.
  10. Gaiscioch

    Marshbury Outpost

    Sorry Ral. :'( Maxton is worse, I felt bad, so he won't be doing anything strenuous for a while.
  11. Name: Maxton Wakefield Age: 28 Race: Human (Alteraci) Profession: Ranger / Scout of Marshbury's Scout Regiment Image: Voice: Mild-Mannered Pate - Dark Souls 2 Soundtrack: Fantasia on the Dargason - Percy Grainger Additional Information: Carries a medicinal satchel slung over his shoulder, along with a rifle and arrowhead necklace.