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  1. 10/10. I remember when I first heard that song some years ago.
  2. I've been waiting for about one or two years for this event to happen! Finally! Lucca will totally be there.
  3. I understand your reaction about people's gears, but keep in mind that just because a gear has that looks it doesn't mean it can't be a simple replica made of cheaper material. A DK tier 10 gear made out of iron and painted is just as good as any other iron armor. Some Deathknights show up out of Acherus being full saronite and -that- is something to be concerned about. My primary advise is to let them brag about it as much as they want IC and OOC as long as it doesn't try to bring harm to your character. If the said DK wants to dodge all your spells with his saronite thing, try to talk to him with calm, and if you can't talk calmly, simply follow the next steps: Call for assistance of a GM (And go RP somewhere else, you won't be needed around that guy. -He- is the one who is going to have to prove the GM how did he acquire the saronite gear) or if no GM is around Try to talk to the guy, if he doesn't want to hear and/or becomes hostile, take screen shots and report him to the staff team on the forums. (If a GM shows up, you should also print what he says regarding the situation) Characters being RPed wrongly its no news at all. Many look at undead characters and think "Oh! Its undead! I'm going to call him Mr.Fangs Salvatore or Miss. Redeyes Cullen". My advise is that you don't worry about them that much. The DK being "Strangled to death" Is not yours, therefore, why care? If you do care so much of the sake of paragon's quality RP about being DKs and whatsoever. Create your own guild of DKs, instruct them, be useful instead of being as you said yourself "just a plain whiner about 3rd gen dks". We have too many to point out defects, way too little that actually helps others to archieve something. PS: Take SS about whatever makes you intrigued about DK RP. Perhaps you could make a guide in the future?
  4. 08/10 Because the other version of them which is less zerg and more protoss looks better.
  5. Jack Sparrow. Can't give him bellow 10/10
  6. I don't really have one, but I feel like sharing this one, from the day that Alleyah hired Lucca to strip dance and give her a lapdance by the end.
  7. After a night of party you wake up naked by the side of the person you hate most in the world, and you find out that you two have a lot more in common than you think.
  8. Lucca between her guardians talking to Marris (months ago when the Hellslayer class still existed)
  9. You wake up and you realize that this life here is a dream and you're actually an thistlehead arcanist. By the way, that was evil @Sula
  10. People revere you like some Justin Bieber 2.0 and they don't allow you to have peace wherever you go, following you and trying to invade your house.