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  1. I've been waiting for about one or two years for this event to happen! Finally! Lucca will totally be there.
  2. Name: Lucrecia 'Lucca' Rutherford Race: Gilnean Worgen Class: Inscribe Additional Information / Reasoning: Even though her class is inscriber she didn't learn any rune patterns yet or is progressed into the arcanist spells. She's pretty much brand new. She can serve as a cook and she can practice first aid to characters in need through the use of whatever materials she has at hand, including potions if they are available.
  3. The event was super fun! Thank you very much to DM Rogue, who made it possible.
  4. Anvilmar Following the orders given by their captain, the Oathkeepers make their way to Coldridge Valley, a place tormented by the invading troggs, in order to fulfill their first contract. The troggs are receiving constant reinforcements through tunnels that lead from their den straight to Coldridge. In order to cripple their operations, the Oathkeepers will blast the tunnel's walls in more than one spot preventing the troggs from returning to the surface. Primary Mission Exterminate the Trogg threat Secondary Mission -None- Reward Undefined (If there is any, it will be decided by the DM) Requirements *The character's class must not be related to undead, demons or holy light's teachings. *The character's race must not be undead or demon. Reccomendations *Download the Darker Nights patch and install it ( ) The event will start any time from now due time management reasons. The event will be announced IG. The Outcome The adventurers travelled within the tunnels planting the explosive charges, being attacked ever since they first set foot inside of the dangerous pathway that led straight towards the trogg's den. At some point they were ambushed and captured by the leader of the den, and brought as prisoners in icy blocks, where the troggs planned to feast on their flesh. Much mistery surrounds the reason that they were able to escape... A shadow killed the guards that were in the spot and helped them to get out of there by breaking the icy encasement spell. The mercenaries found and fought against the trogg's leader valiantly, managing to defeat the evil, gross being after a relentless battle. They managed to escape the den and destroy the tunnels, putting an end to the trogg incursion to Coldridge Valley. The Oathkeepers dealt with the Trogg threat... And are now going to enjoy some ale brewed by Yao, the pandaren.
  5. I'd like to thank all the players that joined and mom for her -amazing- DMing skills. May Coldridge be freed from the trogg's grasp!
  6. Donville

    Pricing Guide

    How about a camera like the one used in the quest in the link bellow? How much would that cost?
  7. All the slots were taken. All characters who will attend the event will receive a notification on their calendars. Have a nice day and don't forget to smile. Thank you very much. Eddit: IG calendars, btw.
  8. I'm planning to do it on Friday around 7 or 8 PM Server Time, probably with Mom. Anyone that wants to join, feel free to post here or /w Illen in game. Thank you.
  9. Kharanos The icy winds of Dun Morogh brough you Thunderbrew Distillery. Upon entering the humble establishment you walk up to the counter to ask for a good banquet to satisfy your hunger and alcoholic beverages to raise your spirits. The distillery has as customers all kinds and, as you walk among them, you listen to various types of chitchat. A merchant trying to sell his lotions for hair recovery, a fisherman telling untrue stories about furious beasts that inhabited the Loch that he had captured and even some drunkards discussing the origins of life near the fireplace. - Since when is the pass in this situation? - The woman in red hair asked the waitress. - It's been a few months since Coldridge has been attacked by the Troggs. - The waitress replied as she handed the chalices filled with port wine to the woman and and her companion. - How are they getting reinforcements without the help from this side of the passage? - Asked the hooded man holding his staff, even while sitting. - Which way is the pass? - A woman with red hair dressed in leather blurted before the dwarf could respond to her companion. The dwarf shows them on the map the location of passage to Coldridge. After some debate between the two, both agree to go to the site and carry out a mission of pest control. Both leave the tavern walking toward the passage, possibly to meet their deaths. The die was cast and now it's up to you to decide whether to join the adventurers or remain in the tavern during this cold and torturous night in Dun Morogh. Primary Mission Exterminate the Trogg threat Secondary Mission -None- Reward Undefined (If there is any, it will be decided by the DM) Requirements *The character's class to be used must be considered Free/Revokable *The character's race to be used must be considered Free/Revokable Reccomendations *Download the Darker Nights patch and install it ( ) Slots Illen Donville Elliot Aurel Trugh. Claire Blackwald Barum The Outcome The adventurers travelled within the pass, being attacked ever since they first set foot inside of the unfriendly cavern. They fought their way using wands, arrows, bullet, swords, fang and claw; all against the trogg enemies. Luckily enough for them they were able to find a forgotten Dwarvish Golem and managed to re-activate it, unleashing its might against the invaders. After the fierce battle they ventured inside one of the crack on the walls, hearing a dire and menacing howl of a trogg that had been changed by magic. The heroes fought valiantly and managed to put an end not only to the trogg's access to the place, destroying it with explosives and the giant abomination as well. Coldridge pass is now clear and free from the smelly trogg overlord's grasp.