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  1. 73g is added to the donations made under the Tribal symbol of the Grimtotem Splinter Branch (The ones led by Jevan Stormsong). I have no desire for Izusa to be recognized for this contribution. She will otherwise provide the unmentionable services: Doing practical work, rebuilding houses and smithing.
  2. Ironforge event concluded with victory for the defenders! For the Alliance! Participants in the defense: Akiira, Boldar, Delaney, Dwalin, Fernon, Fiske, Jarrold, Kazmir, Madge, Mally, Malvina, Mayabel, Mesaraa, Ordmar, Rhianwyn, Vinci. Each defender is awarded with 5 gold upon participation and their reputation among their alliance peers increases. This reputation does not count towards Legionfall, but may be used as a point of reference if applying for promotion or recognition later. Event conclusion: Alliance victory, but not without losses. The Alliance, however, does not forget its fallen heroes, nor those who fought for them. The mastermind behind the Invasion, the grand warlock Garvan Bittersone was captured alive. Rescued, ironically, by the Dark Iron priest Fernon as the warlock's dark masters attempted to devour him for his failure. The warlock sits now imprisoned in the Violet Hold with the proper wards and guards to hold him. Though it is unsure what the future might bring for him, it is certain that he now has fallen out of grace with his demonic overlords. ------------------------------------------------------------------- As both events conclude, I want to thank everyone for their patience with me during it and apologize if anyone felt that they were let down. I am still glad for, and thank everyone for giving me a chance. I learned a lot from this and I hope I can use it to grow. So again, thank you for attending and sorry if you were let down! Sincirely - The one who plays cows.
  3. Orgrimmar event concluded with victory for the defenders! For the Horde! Participants in the defense: Alvia, Baltux, Fhung, Gildra, Keruna, Kraine, Mulkruk, Raethe, Ragetotem, Salyssa, Sosara, Talahida. Event conclusion: Horde victory, but the damages to the city are extensive. The peons will have their work cut out for them. Luckily, for the Horde, they are effective. A valiant defense was put up by the city's protectors, driving the demons back. The masterminds behind the invasion however, are still out there. And they have woken the warchief's vengeful ire... Each defender is awarded with 5 gold upon participation and their reputation among their horde peers increases. This reputation does not count towards Legionfall.
  4. Reserved because I like an extra parking spot!
  5. The Invasion of Orgrimmar (April 25th) 2.pm server time The invasion of Ironforge (April 26th) 2.pm server time "On the 25th of March, the sky rained fire and doom struck against the city of Orgrimmar. They came without warning, crashing down from that burning sky, exploiting a weakness in our defenses." "On the 26th of March, doom arrived in the mountain kingdom of Ironforge. We found out, just too late, how an agent of destruction made it under our mountainous roof. Now doom rages through the mountain, seeking to devour all." This weekend, the Legion will bring the hammer down upon two faction Capitols, launching two full-scale invasions. Join Sylvanas Windrunner, Muradin Bronzebeard and other familiar faces in the defense against the demonic fiends. In Orgrimmar, the Demons will quickly seize control of the upper levels, locking the Horde down below. Join Sylvanas Windrunner as she hatches a plan to outmaneuver the Legion fortifications. (25th 2pm. server time) A plot thickens in Ironforge. A Grand Warlock loyal to the legion has made it under the very roof of the mountain, a grave threat. Experience ground zero of the invasion, join the dwarves in defense and fight your way through the city of Ironforge . (26th 2pm server time) Both events will feature multiple bosses and encounters. The events will not count towards Legionfall reputation.
  6. Miru

    Hell's smithy (Upgrades)

    It is the kind of forge a Shyster Raccoon would sell you. Cute and adorable. Pay for it by gathering butterflies and fish for the rest of your life...
  7. "So this crazy Tauren came into the forging area, worked there for a few days - then said something along the lines of 'This metal is so weak that even a calf can bend it!' " "Next we know, she is re-arranging everything and building a whole new forge with some kind of clay and brick, claiming it is a 'highmountain solution'. She then went on to pester the engineers about a bigger bellow. Cannot really complain about the end results though, the new forge works like a dream!" Ya'll getting an upgrade. New forge with more kick and merit at deliverance point. We made the legion pay for it.
  8. Ending: Returned home! Thanks to the brave actions of the Stormwind Mage's guild, the matter has been settled. A brave and diligent mage was able to uncover the identity of the thief and send him back home where he belonged. The guild can confirm that the identity of the thief was a Hozen and theorize that it must have traveled by way of sea as a stowaway on a ship. With the Hozen returned home, merchants of Stormwind can rest easier. The promised reward was donated to the Mage's guild at the Mage's personal request. Quest complete.
  9. Miru

    Peon protests!

    The peons of Razor Hill gathered up to protest their current working conditions. They were displeased with many things. The food, the work, the beatings if they were lazy. Many of them even demanded additional naps! Rumors are going about that someone or something have been giving the peons ideas. Many have a hard time understanding how they could have thought of such things by themselves! Others believe it is the ongoing war and the stress of the invasion that could have caused the peons to cry out. When things seemed about to boil over, an orc from the Warsong Clan stepped in and managed to get the peons talking. It turned out that the main issue was the food they were being given. They had been fed canned goblin 'spunk' for quite some time and did not want any more of that! After reassuring the peons that they did not have to eat any more goblin 'spunk', they calmed down. They even agreed to keep taking beatings, but only if they were lazy and slacking on the job. The protest ended peacefully without the usual peon punting that normally follow every such protest.
  10. "Fruits, fish and various other foods have mysteriously been vanishing from stalls in the Stormwind markets. Thus far, but with no strong evidence to support it, it is believed that an 'ape like creature' is the culprit behind the missing food wares. It is described to have orange fur, a long face and a flat nose. Its body is sleek with long arms and a curly tail. There are only a few eyewitnesses to confirm the creature's existence however and it is described to 'vanish' in a few moments after. Nobody so far has any idea of how such a creature could have gotten to Stormwind. It has been said to have an uncanny ability to quickly scale trees and ledges in stone walls. From there, it is said to quickly escape to the roofs and out of sight. Most merchants do not believe in the creature at all. Their vanishing stock, however, leave them in quite a conundrum. So far, the Stormwind Guard has been unable to confirm the existence of the creature. There are few sightings of it to begin with and little of actual value disappears with every theft. With more pressing concerns to deal with, the matter has been deemed a low priority issue. Thus the case has dragged on... Word is on the street, that a vendor, frustrated with the with the lack of progress have opted to take matters into her own hands. The vendor claims the creature to have been a visitor to her stall multiple times and now want an end to the 'grubby little thief'. A reward of two whole gold coins has been promised to whomever can deal with her 'creature problem'. (a bounty is available! Contact if interested, and I will see if I can get around to DM it)
  11. Miru

    Assault on Lor'lathil

    Izusa as she is captured by demons...
  12. Miru

    Assault on Lor'lathil

    Are there consequences to be expected from the capture? Corruption, degression, injuries etc etc etc?
  13. Miru

    Assault on Lor'lathil

    When will the event be? Might be at work a long time tomorrow. If failing to show up, how long will the characters be imprisoned for?
  14. Fantasy indeed. I agree with Celes. However it is worth to mention that even the physics of a fantasy universe must follow the set rules of that very universe. Hence we got rid of much of the elements from the RPG because they did not match well with the universe World of Warcraft as a game established. To that however - I may not have much to say how they produce the arrows or projectiles for bows and ballista, other than that hey may have been optimized for underwater combat. Spells however, I have a theory in regards to how they use water projectiles and it is quite simple really: They make use of the water itself. Think about it; If surrounded by water, would it not be much easier to just manipulate or subjugate the surrounding water instead of conjuring a projectile of water - in the water? Why not just grab and compress a bit of water, add some frost and through water manipulation just blast the desired target? Hell, your enemies would be encased in water - use that against them (muhaha). The naga, being naga - underwater creatures, may have developed spellwork optimized for their conditions. Lightning if stretched, may follow the same principle. The naga/murloc/makrura in control could in theory designate a path for the lightning to pass through, using the water itself as a pathway. IF you ask me about the 'ball lightning' cast though - Adhere to fantasy. Because, lightning in general does not work that way .-. For target on location spells - such as casting an attempted 'frostprison' or to encase anyone in an ice cube - target the surrounding water of the desired target. Water is a very good deterrent for temperature and electricity. Area of effect is suddenly no longer a circle targeted on flat ground, but a sphere at a designated location in the volume of water. And this is where underwater combat does become interesting, because one would have to adhere to the volume of the space in a completely different manner, changing the rules of combat to a high degree to allow for new possibilities. Moving in every direction among them (if you are a fish, blubb blubb).
  15. Because it was buried in the sand - and they did not have metal detectors, duu-uuh ;D You point to something interesting though! A lot of the quests for the artifacts in legion... are reclamation quests because certain demonic individuals recognized the potential of said items! Shalamayne could have been a good potential for Anduin to do something really inspiring. Imagine instead of the cutscene, you get a questline where Anduin had gone Shakespearean on thine buttocks! "Thou foul demon hath taketh my fathers blade, I require thine aid good champion to rupture the demons shiny hiney and reclaimeth my fathers lost, legendary sword." And together, you and anduin embarketh on an epic and inspiring quest to smithe thy worthy adversary who hath thiveth Shalamayne from its rightful successor. With Anduin standing out and really stepping into the hero / inspiring king role. but instead we get a cutscene of despair and hopelessness... when things have passed the mark where they seemed entirely hopeless. We are about to kick the demons of azeroth for cripes sake >u< Addition: now that I think of it, why is there a need for Anduin to step up to be he 'High king' of the alliance? Why is there the need to shoehorn humans into some kind of center in every piece of fiction. Even in the heroes journey, that is a problem - as the hero embarks upon a journey which transforms and changes said hero to a point where he or she becomes on par with the divine. If the orcs could be replaced as 'center race' of the horde, why could not something similar have happened for the side of the alliance? Must humans stand in the center because of our belief that we are somewhat...divine - compared to the rest?