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    Will we be updating http://www.mediafire.com/view/i3323y1611bfbgo/Models.txt ???
  2. <A large box is among the carted materials to Splintertree Outpost. When opened there would be a fresh new destroyer there with the initials ~H.S.R carved on it. It'd be your average catapult with a strong flinging arm and an automatic reload system. A battering-ram would be on the front. A note would also be included.> "Afraid I wont be able to make it for the first little dance of this campaign. Make good use of my baby, you lot can use her until I get there." ~Sincerely Yours, Harley Silvia Ritzsteel Bilgewater Commando
  3. >Waits for two hours to join. >Tabs out to change music. >Too late to join. Where is my bias? No fair. </3
  4. Ultra! Amazing! AZEROTH WORLD CUP Hosted by the Steemwheedle Cartel The sound of the vuvuzela fills the air. All of Azeroth's finest futbol teams have arranged and are prepared to go at it! The field is freshly cut, the ball lays in the grass! Everybody is ready! Lights! Camera! PLAY BALL! Rules 1. Do not intentionally kill the other players. Doing so will result in a 2 point reduction. 2. No Hands 3. Anything else goes OOC Hey sports fans! Or, people who know nothing about sports like myself! Ready to kick the shit out of a ball?! Well hey! Go make a team of 3 players! Below will be teams for everybody to be drafted into if you don't have friends like me. But if you do have friends and wish to arrange a special team for you and your friends that is fine too. Just let me know who will be on it. So I can list it and set up the bracket. There Is few rules in this, just don't kill the enemy team members. Any form of magic, gadgets, or anything else is in thrall's holy name is allowed. Any race is allowed to join within no reason at all. Doesn't matter what the fuck you are come on in! IN THE GLORIOUS NAME OF CHAOS! Draft Red Team Garm'tar Stonehand - - Draft Blue Team - - - Draft Green Team - - -
  5. I misread the title as "Words of Makeris"
  6. It wasn't a fortress. It was a tiny 10x10 platform that an Observer called home. Observers are also independent demons who do not serve the burning legion so an invasion involving them in unlikely. With them being "Observers" they would enjoy "observing" so that was where he sat and watched stuff. So yeah. The events finished anyways, and I don't see the point in fighting about it. The people that came had fun, I had fun. It was a bunch of fun. So remind me where is the problem is here because I don't see it?
  7. Well, it was more of a platform. But yeah, demons are all over the great dark. So it's not unlikely they'd seep through into the atmosphere as well.
  8. FAILURE The mission was a failure. By the end of it leaving two men found dead. They've been identified as Cadet Karguk and Cadet Bertram. What began as a hopeful journey ended in an aerial explosion of the Rocket. The team of brave space-men were then plucked from the sky by a Demon who lurked on a observation platform within the Atmosphere. There, he tortured the cadets and fed off the inner states of their mind. Eventually, the group managed to over-take the evil of this demon, but not before suffering severe casualties and plummeting down into the ocean off the coast of Bilgewater Harbor. It is unknown if another journey shall be made, as the last one left rocket builder and scientist Fizmo Fozzleberry broke and out of money. By the end of it.....Modok the ogre never got his moon cheese.
  9. Based on those applied on the forums. We'd be full. But of course there is a chance not everybody will actually come even though the signed up. So you may continue signing up and will be added to the secondary priority list.
  10. Like all things can. Perhaps the space travel may not exactly go as planned? There are plenty twists and turns, but I am keeping things within the realm of possibility. No worries. Also http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:Raptor_Raptor_Rocket
  11. .Year 40. .A SPACE ODYSSEY. The moon....Elune, Mu'sha, The white lady.... The night elves worship it, the ogres wanna eat it cause they think it is cheese, and the goblins want to blow it up because fuck, why not..... Despite the wishes of most, others wish to reach it, for what treasures and knowledge may be gained upon this desolate landscape? Some say there is nothing but stone. Others say it is sacrilege and goes against the boundaries of mortality. Despite this.... mages and engineers have begun producing a device that may be able to take you there. Yet...what is truly to be found is...unknown... Research is also put in place to study where Azeroth's second moon "The blue child" might have gone, and if the legends that say it has ran off to learn more of the universe are true. OOC Hosting a unknown exploration event into space, the final frontier. Of course this will be a dangerous journey and should not be taken lightly. Engineers are just as important as warriors in this expedition. Whatever is found upon the moon. It will be a true marvel of science. Sign up to be on high priority when invites go out. Just post below leaving the name of your character. It is recommended you come with a character that can handle a high-stakes challenge, as this is not your everyday clear kobolds from a cave kinda job. There is only 10 spots for people to fit on the rocket-ship. This will take place on MAY 3rd AT 12 PM SERVER TIME Primary Priority Djezal Mekkatix Sonny Sparktech Shamad Rodney Brown Valentin Zhukov bertram u. radlen Sharif Shayla Matria Secondary Priority Tyestus fireweave P.S Any questions can be directed to me over skype or in-game. (Skype name - da,meek)
  12. Next part Wednesday at 7 pm sever time.
  13. Rescheduled for 7:30 server time.
  14. Name - Clover Race - Dalaran born Gnome Class - Focused Mage Professions - Jewelcrafting Archetype - Mage Description - A naive and awkward young mage who came across a powerful familiar and form of magic. She is now trying to better her understanding of magic and learn to become a more powerful mage in the spirit of adventure as she is in the pursuit of knowledge. Skype - You got me already. Just in-case spots open up.