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  1. Heart

    IRL Pic Thread

    Eeeeeew rp is for nerds
  2. Heart

    IRL Pic Thread

    I turned into a rockstar.
  3. Heart

    Velvet Sundown.

    This game is free, and roleplay, and it needs more players. Thought I'd share it here, maybe some people would like it. It's a roleplay social game where you are given a random character with certain goals in mind, and must go interact with other player characters and try to accomplish your goal. Maybe you need to sell drugs to a client, but don't know who that client is. Maybe you are just trying to get people to sign your save the whales petition. It's a lot of fun. http://store.steampowered.com/app/307290/
  4. I always enjoy seeing new instruments brought into the medium of this genre of music. Not to mention I liked the song overall 8/10 Now for a little something from the oddity archives
  5. He is also Mr.Krabs from spongebob, and soon to be the voice of Blackhand in the Warcraft movie.
  6. Heart

    Very man......

  7. I got Borderlands 1 and Starbound. (Starbound gets like 15 fps for me though.)
  8. <A large box is among the carted materials to Splintertree Outpost. When opened there would be a fresh new destroyer there with the initials ~H.S.R carved on it. It'd be your average catapult with a strong flinging arm and an automatic reload system. A battering-ram would be on the front. A note would also be included.> "Afraid I wont be able to make it for the first little dance of this campaign. Make good use of my baby, you lot can use her until I get there." ~Sincerely Yours, Harley Silvia Ritzsteel Bilgewater Commando
  9. This thread makes me swell with euphoria.
  10. Lol. I love this song CX 7.5/10