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  1. Incandessa

    IRL Pic Thread

    stop exposing me, thanks.
  2. Incandessa

    IRL Pic Thread

    hey guys i know its been a while since ive posted my face, but i just thought maybe you'd like me more if i did <3
  3. Gold star for you for being smart! Gosh, I'm just so jealous! XD
  4. We don't really know if it 'came from nothing'. Some whackjob asshole who wrote the bible (sorry I'm pretty sacrilegious) probably had a chip on his shoulder because his boyfriend dumped him for a hotter guy or something lol. In all seriousness, though, it would shift their culture either way in more regards than just this one simply because of the very traumatic effect of the events. I'm sure some of them would recognize the problem and hope for the best, but many of the more zealous, supremacist types might be more inclined towards homophobia. One thing we can't do is transfer over our world's values into that of WoW's because they're two entirely different universes. Now, yeah, we could be like "but the light is basically Christianity xd!!!!" but that's sort of dumb. Again, I think it could and -might- exist, but none of us can say for sure. It's really never mentioned, like, at all.
  5. I do believe it'd have its place in some of the races, but not necessarily for the same reasons as in real life, maybe. For example, the Sin'dorei suffered a staggering loss during the Scourge Invasion. As a result of this, they'd look negatively on same-sex couples probably solely for the reason of wanting to repopulate after that loss. Afaik, it has nothing to do with a 'taboo', really. Humans can be rather crass, being as they are a younger race and far less developed in comparison to most of the others. We could connect this to immaturity, hence, they may be more prone to distasteful behavior and prejudice. Honestly, I don't think we can definitively determine whether homophobia is actually a 'thing' in the WoW universe because it's never really mentioned anywhere or brought up to be a glaring issue. Many of the times I've seen homophobia RP'd out have either been from the presumption of its existence in WoW, or a self-insert of personal ideology. Most canon couples in WoW have tended to be heterosexual and so if we look into the inner workings of a society we could probably find homophobia for the reasons stated above. Otherwise? I don't really think so unless a character is actually just a retard tbh. That could also transition into the argument of every character having a personal viewpoint on things, but I feel like if something is never introduced to you as homophobia is in our world, where would it originate from? Seems fishy to me, but it's possible, I guess.
  6. I don't expect you to even know what a woman is, you poor thing.
  7. "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." -H.P Lovecraft
  8. Incandessa

    IRL Pic Thread

    ah yes, my kin arrive..
  9. quality music :3 kind of a throwback song, enjoy