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    Ring of Trials!

    Awesome event! Loved it, would do it again and recommend to everyone. Congrats to Eternal Alchemy (Junkies)
  2. Hm, I felt inclined to agree with the innate transformation or at least buy into 'super powerful morph magic', my only doubt was the Onyxia incident, although .... that might be inaccurate because of the ... time it was made in(?!?) But thank you for your input, guys!
  3. Hi beautiful people! Recently I was going through a few models and I noticed something interesting that gave me an idea. While looking deeper into the subject I found that it might not be too well covered at all. So here I am, asking you about it, or at least of what you think about it. As the title says it's about mana wyrm, and arcane wyrm(arcane serpents). How do they work and if they are related or even the same specie. Since arcane wyrm/serpents were initially meant to be the Netherwing dragons, the two types of creatures didn't have the same family group. One being elemental and one dragonkin. Recently they both were changed to serpent beast making them usable by hunters. But ... are they beasts? Or was it a more gameplay thing? And can they be ... kind of both? I through the mana elemental label would fit them better, and seeing elemental ascension, and elemental looking like animals(Phionix, fire turtle, core hound, shale spider and so on). What do you think they are? And ... are they the same? Is the mana wyrm a young or unfed stage of the arcane wyrm? Like a caterpillar to a butterfly? It seems both are made of energy, having a similar design, both go to magic filled places such as Blood elves and nightborne lands, or the nexus for some arcane wyrm. And maybe more important, it seems like in cinematic and hearthstone cards and other such media they appear interchangeably(?). The mana wyrm in the TBC cinematic is longer and with a slender beak, which .... seems more similar to the arcane wyrms. Is the only difference the fact they were used an expansion later being scraped TCB material? Edit: It seems the mobs use the names interchangeably. It's a game of pick A and B and make a name A being (Mana/arcane) And be being(Worm/wyrm/serpent) And how do these things work? Are they natural things that reproduce? Or are simple arcane elementals? Are they half half and just follow energy and ley lines? And since it's said that High elves created some of them, does that mean they are a summonable/conjurable thing like a water elemental or a phoenix or such things? (Edit: Can I get some as a pets?!?) What do you guy think? (Apart that I'm crazy enough to focus so much on some forgettable mobs)
  4. Hi guys! I recently was wondering something about dragons and their habit of using 'mortal' forms. I think the main conception is that they use illusions but ... is that even possible? An illusion is a trick, similar to smoke, lights, holograms and some sounds from hidden speakers... yes it's magic but ... the body would/should remain the same, making it impossible for them to enter houses or such. I might not know or remember it being explained properly but ... at least so far the sources vary on how it works. Onlyxia seems to be brought back to her dragon form in Stormwind although .... Initially I thought it was a dispelled illusion but after checking the moment again I'm not sure if it's said to be a illusion, more like a odd ritual and it happens after her identity was already known?!? On the other hand Kairozdormu, is killed in his orc form and stays dead in it, if it was an illusion it would simply reverse to his normal state, and even his killing would be impossible since the Garrosh would stab maybe his leg through a illusion(Not to say the whole idea of illusions gets messy when the body and the disguise are not of similar size). So, their form is like metamorphosis? Like a mage or druid one? And if it's a mage one ... wouldn't it be gone easier with any dispel? Or is it more like a druid transformation, something somewhat normal and natural for dragons? It would make some sense that the aspects and their descendants would gain something like this since their ascension already altered their bodies and powers quite a bit. But I am not sure what to thing... What is your thoughts on this guys?
  5. I might have phrased it wrong or my brain might have just went off that night and I am sorry for that, my comment was not necessarily aiming to make a reference to Christianity, but to the routine and simplicity of a medical peasant life. My point is that a peasant in a human kingdom might just be born, grow up, learn about light and be blessed by it when getting married and grow his crops, the point is that his tiny village could be very homogeneous, he/she might be more suprised and scared of the unknown than hateful for a religious reason, compared with one person that travels the world to fight foes along side countless others of different backgrounds, races and such who might have seen more things and got used to them.
  6. Well, since there's little to no source on the subject (Well, there are some things but it seems too superficial to be considered relevant... there are the Steamy romance novels but ... I don't think that's necessarily cannon, and of course there's a ton of fan shipping based on one specific line of dialog for some characters but that's bullshit), it would seem logical to me to just use logic and mimic real life behaviors... but here comes the problem ... these things are still debated in real life too, as in what makes a society accepting or hostile towards one's sexuality. If we look at Warcraft in general, it started as a standard medieval fantasy with knights and kings and princes, and princesses married to dragons disguised as nobles. So... initially sexism and homophobia would seem plausible but soon after it slowly became more progressive, for game mechanics(Priest & Druid being gender specific in wc3, but not wow) reasons or for story purposes. This makes it harder to say but I guess we can imagine some outcomes, more like reasoning behind certain character's behavior than lore rule. The way I see it... a human peasant from a tiny isolated village that fanatically follows the light from the village priest who is very strict and "traditional" might be quite closed minded on the topic, most likely never encountering it in his/her life. An elf noble who lived for centuries in a huge city might have seen enough of everything and not be surprised, depending on the personality might care more about mana than who his apprentice bangs. Regarding the reproduction part ... it is complicated again, there are cases of cultures which declining populations that are and were open to homosexuality(Western world, some native American tribes) so it can be regarding the purpose of life and procreation for some .... but depending on culture it could not be relevant at all. Cultures that care a great deal about individual freedom or acceptance of others in the community might not be so harsh. This again might also start a discussion regarding marriage/mating/dating for the races, some might not even see attraction, sex and child bearing the same way so that could be a factor too. I guess it's impossible to have everyone agree on this without some lore source telling more, so in the end it can just be up to the players themselves what their RP will look like. As long as there's a reason in the action, be it personality, or origin or whatever, it could pass? Yeah, I don't really know...
  7. Hi, I have a few questions abut the druids. 1) What makes a druid to become an archdruid? I know they must be powerful and know some of every way but what ways are necessary? Do you need all of the many totems or just some? Do you actually need anything else, beside power, work, control over more totems and respect from others? 2) How mush control does a druid of the talon over the wind? Can he/she be a worthy enemy of a shaman who has the favor of the air? I heard that the Storm Crow gives them the powers. But how is it done? How much power? And how much control? 3) A druid of the claw can turn into a cat, a druid of talon can become a bird and so one... but what about the druids of the grove? Can they turn into a treant that easy? It seems a little more harder being a cooldown ability and not an instant given at birth ability. How does that work? The treant seems different from the regular ones. 4) (This one is a little bit related with the 3th one) Can you not fully change into the totem, like only a hand or only a part of your body? Or it is like the worgen form? Or the problem there is the wolf itself? So can a druid of the talon get wings for a moment to jump higher or one of the claw to her a hand turned furry to slap someone? 5) Can a druid create a network of roots to watch over a place and to talk with the plants of that place and use them in his job? 6)Is the Emerald Dream a safe place now? 7)Do the druids use arcane too? It seems like that from the attacks. So there is pure and natural, simple and basic arcane(druids and priestess of Elune) , and fancy powerful and tricky arcane(Blood elves and humans mages)? 8) If many of druid totems are based on demigods, can someone create a new one, or take a from by following another animal demigod? That's it. What do you think. Thank you for reading and for what you will say. Thanks.