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  1. Seconded what Syn stated, it's right on the money.
  2. Hydra


    But how will my void elf pray in the church now? Kidding aside, I love it, keep up the good work.
  3. Hey Turtle, Entirely understandable, and I'll preface that I won't pretend that I have all the answers, hindsight is easier than not, and it's also likely my own bias with it. From what it sounds like you're stating, this is really here to help out with more or less meme characters, someone who may jump into RP as 'Batman' or try to enter Quel'daer as the 'King of the Iron Throne' or really anything else like that, something that's so overtly obvious that it doesn't draw inspiration but instead is a carbon copy replica of something that just simply doesn't fit into the universe. My main thought though we used the Witcher was similar to how Templars were done previously, though not 100%, we had some individuals who used Dragon Age, some who used the Witcher, and some just all around with WoW sources to really expand on it, but all still found a common theme on a class that didn't exist technically (prior to your lore clairifcation that is). I think overall, the idea is a good one, perhaps the phrasing is the area that could be worked on as you saw with multiple people's reactions to convey the ideas a bit easier is all.
  4. I have to be honest, I don't understand this one and it seems rather silly, especially with the exemptions that are active in place with it. Let's break it down: So with this in mind, let's take a step back and realize what game we're playing. World of Warcraft, in which since the dawn of its existence as a game and even in WC3, (hell some of WC2), pop culture references. Doubled down even with further customization options added in Shadowlands being indicative of pop culture, such as human males receiving Witcher-styled hairs. With that out of the way, let's focus on the bolded, the 'variant names for a class that does not exist within World of Warcraft' part. Bluntly put, that seems to be needlessly gatekeeping for no reason. People pull from other sources for inspiration, it helps convey a point of 'hey this is the most similar'. For instance, Celarc, in your own Pandaren Transcendent application, you state the following: So with that in mind, your entire lore clarification shouldn't have been approved by this rule's standards, you're citing pop culture references, your citing real-world environments... But yet we all understood that this was something acceptable by your lore clarification and monks in general because of how we understand Warcraft lore. As I stated, it just seems to be needlessly gatekeeping. This is probably the weirdest part of the rule to me. So it doesn't apply to any OOC strictly characters, DM Avatars, and a vague 'The Like' which isn't defined. We already have an entire section regarding 'Lore' in the rules that should have covered these In-character cases, was the Moderation team simply not taking action based on this? Are DM Avatars specific around the DM team, or are players who also run their own events included in this, is there a process of proving this, is it just Moderator's discretion? There's a lot to be wondered, and it seems an odd way to phrase simply that the rule applies to In-character only.
  5. I'll have to invest some time to gather thoughts on how to go about this, but one thing I really like is how you approached this with asking questions as a sort of checklist, almost a flowchart. brb making a visio document
  6. It's an implementation that at this time is a quality of life feature that would require each object referenced with a server restart, I'm unsure of the specifics of the way the Waystone feature works or if it's in the same table of if Raz & Scias were able to de-join the two tables to where Waystone is a specific table within the database that doesn't require a restart but a simple reload. However, I'll reiterate that it's not a matter of impossibility but a matter of not being feasible at this time due to scalability and references from what I was informed. For further details, we would have to push both Raz & Scias to elaborate since the TrinityCore code I'm honestly not familiar with as much as it could be fun to be.
  7. So after speaking to the developers about this, unfortunately due to technical limitations at this time, this isn't feasible due to how the object table is and would require a server restart per object.
  8. ^ As Scias said, he showed me how. i'm going to be doing some testing to update us for things to come here.
  9. @Syth just checking on this and the status of this idea. From what I've read, it really should be a simple restart of the server to implement a table cross-read of an object ID with another DB table filled with the text reference, buuut I'm not going to act like I understand TrinityCore as opposed to MongosDB or Postgres.
  10. @SkohteaI remember Oni vaugley mentioning this at one point, what's the status of this idea?
  11. Hydra


    Welcome back, Gambit. Glad to have you back, even if not fully back on the RP scene.
  12. Hydra


    Yeah, that's one of our projects we're undertaking now with me being back from break. Good call out.
  13. Alune, though our time was short, I'm still sorry to see you go. You were a good nugget as a DM, and still a good nugget as a person. Do keep in touch and come back soon.
  14. Farad's interest can only get so erect.
  15. Hydra

    Hello there.

    Welcome, we're glad to have you! Just verified you in Discord as well.