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  1. And you deleted only my post again; then you tell me the corruption on Paragon is irrelivent... The corruption may or may not be relevant, but your feedback on this specific thread is not. This is not a thread about staff corruption. If you want to discuss that, I suggest taking it into another thread entirely. Your objection is noted; fall back in line.
  2. Dude if you're going to leave, then leave. Don't lurk the forums looking for an excuse to take pot-shots at the server that somehow failed you. The horse is dead, stop kicking it. Only off-topic thing I'll post I swear. Trying to act all alpha and shit won't work on me, sir or/and ma'am. Don't expect me just to pack my stuff and leave just because Mercy told me so.
  3. And you deleted only my post again; then you tell me the corruption on Paragon is irrelivent...
  4. It's cause Blizzard is corrupted like Paragon, that's why you will always see something more from the one faction to than to the other. Example is Garrosh's death, he died because of Alliance fanboys who kept whining about him.
  5. They are bringing it back? Bring back the glaves aslo then, since you started.
  6. That made me laugh my ass out.
  7. The Voice all over again. 3/10
  8. Who cares really? If you was able to have similar or the same bladefist as Kargath I'd totally roll a Shattered Hand member, hands down.
  9. Actully I am quite happy people do more combat RP, because if this gets scrached all you'll see if elfven females that hate everyone but their crush and all they do is talking, cuddling, kissing and dating. But combat is pretty much more in the events and in Pandaria. Other than that; it's pretty much tavern/travel RP.
  10. Welp, they did a good job with all other demons, but on the succubus Blizzard just shat all over themselves. Another reason to hate Legion.
  11. Looks better than my thread if not anything else, didn't read much because I am just not in these things. But I wish you best of luck!
  12. No shit. I am asking if anyone has a specific date or something like "late march".
  13. Then that brings the question - any ideas when 6.2 is coming?