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  1. whats that uuuuh listfilegenerator.exe? scanner for new files, or something?
  2. Are the broken paths in Shattrath going to be fixed?
  3. So. Scottie's character Velona and a few of the Stormravens drew out to the Storm Peaks, and met with a Druid who beckoned them to find more people for the little adventure. Basically. We need some people to fight some stuff in a cave on Northrend, so Velona can get her grabbers on some Titan stuff, and whatnot. Alliance only. Darker casters aren't generally welcome, but you're free to try. -- IC Info: Velona has put up posters and such in mercenary-frequent places. Contact to the Explorer's League has been made. Get yo asses on an adventure, buck-os.
  4. chase ur dreams patchman thanks mataz thank rabbit good memes fam
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    !!! chase ur dreams patchman !!!
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    Thanks, based ChaseCore.
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    Don't steal my font color!!!111!1!111!!!!1!!!
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    How do I get into this..? Please..?
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    Business Name: This Just Inn. Location: Dun Morogh. Category: Inn / Recreation / Meetup. Teleport: .t theinn. Owner: -- OOC: Just Koala IC: Vereena HIghsun(me).