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  1. Kresh

    Kresh's Event Page

    Congratulations to the following for completing a spontaneous event in Gadgetzan! Archie Orthezhaar Solamon Umi Event reward was 2 gold. Well done! The group aided in Jex, our odd little Goblin Warlock transport a large, strange chest across Tanaris. The text in the screenshot says it all!
  2. Kresh

    The Brasswork

    Maps updated with the latest information. Please note it's OOC.
  3. You mention aims to eventually enter into noble RP, how do you plan to do that if your group becomes excommunicated by your governing faction? Your character application doesn't mention much about the heritage / background of your noble-come-military figure's house, but regardless of this, should one be excommunicated, chances are his house might be, too. I noticed you also mentioned members will be getting paid, related to the above question - The Alliance would only pay for Lieutenant-Commander Drakesblood's wages, so you'd need to find a way to pay your members. Sure you could use your own wages, however if he were to be excommunicated, his title, rank and wage would be stripped from him, too. What's your move, champ? As more of a side note - I'd highly advise against planning things based on the NPCs spawned in a given area. Often than not, some older areas have been untouched and their current IC status is far different from that which is represented in-game. It may be best to double check with a DM / Staff member on this particular point just in case! Best of luck in the long run, though!
  4. Kresh

    Kresh's Event Page

    Congratulations to the following for completing the event: Binky Bolafar Brana Bulo Iyerias Myr Thebjorn Was a little bit of a rough ride, but you made it through. Still in talks about the outcome, so bare with me.
  5. Kresh

    Lost and Found

    More than fine my good sir!
  6. Kresh


    The wall of babies just made me shudder. If this has VR support, gonna be a pretty fun trip.
  7. Kresh

    The Brasswork

    As of today, B.A.D Company is now an officially recognised independent enforcement agency. Anyone looking to register as a licensed Mercenary, may now do so with them. You can find more information in the actual post, or you can privately contact me if you're too lazy to do that!
  8. Kresh


    Sort of feel like events that take place are somehow disconnected from our RP. Might just be me but I was wondering if anyone felt the same way / had solutions to the matter regarding improvements on the DMs behalf or anything really. How could events be less like a linear game level and more like an open world adventure?
  9. thankfully there's already a limited system in place for activity. stricter requirements could be used for artifacts haven't logged on with ashbringer for a week/two weeks? reeeevoked. same as when people are banned. if anyone has their artifact revoked, a simple 'the artifact has stopped functioning for the hero' (think thrall and doomhammer) and it returns to the class hall to be held again I think if there was a chance players were allowed Artefact weapons - It'll be just like Dragons. Massive hype, a fuck load of wasted applications at the beginning, then it'll die down and only 3 people will actively use them. I personally wouldn't want my character to have "Ashbringer" or whatever because my characters either haven't earned it, nor would they have any use for it. (Aside for selling it?) Back in 4.3.4 when Firelands was DMed and players were allowed to "reclaim" weapons? (Have your name put in the description of the custom item) No one really batted an eye. Let a single player achieve something. For example, our resident Kandra get's awarded Ashbringer (or Frey) because they're either the most active Paladerp, or whatever, they've ICly got to a point where it would make sense and the Silver Hand actually award the player. That is something that can also be easily stripped away from them if they're not on par. Life isn't fair, there's no joint first prize? Some players have achieved more than others and I believe they should be rewarded if they've earned it. Probably to provide evidence and 'suade us into believing them, they should make an app. And if no one steps up? Guess what! It's going to be an NPC... Being rewarded an Artefact is something that is earned, not a God given right and so it should be treated like so, ICly.
  10. Kresh

    Lost and Found

    Count Major in this one. <3
  11. Oh hey another Sylvannas retexture