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    every man should suck a dick once in their life

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  1. Gallus

    The Raven Express

    I gave this back to Ravenblade when he returned, but he's been gone for a couple of months now. Therefore, as a temp solution, I'm taking control of it again. Guild remade and up and running again, reach out to me if you're interested in this.
  2. if you guys are the badass type of pirates who need some drugs, hit me up and I'll be your dealer. @damian in game, or see my signature for skype
  3. Gallus

    Love Me

    i detect bias and banish vlad to bias gm island
  4. Gallus

    Love Me

    thats powergaming
  5. Gallus

    Love Me

    I giggle in delight. I push Jesse onto the floor.
  6. Makeris is now a proud father. His partner is entering her fourth week of pregnancy. All our best wishes go out to you, Makeris! Congratulations Jesse!
  7. I'm in. Name: Tydus Flamebrew Race: Dark Iron Dwarf Class: Mage Other specialties: Engineering, creating Golems Preferred division: Mechanized, construction, industrial Reason to join: Prove his worth and loyalty to the Alliance, by aid Previous/current occupations(jobs): Golem-creator, salesman
  8. Gallus

    The Dust Devils

    Let's do this.
  9. This could be interesting Yeah, I'll be nominating Nattypie for the time she built a beautiful trollish village for me.
  10. not having a good time with mah bros @drez @bertram
  11. Skype: You have it Character Name: Ill'draes Nightshadow Character Class: Fel-sworn, Demon Hunter
  12. Gallus

    Ban Incandessa

    fuuuuuuck it's so catchy